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Hello and welcome to “Just Nita”. In this blog I will be giving a daily positive push, because isn’t that what we all need to get thru life’s ups and downs. I started this blog in order to share my positive energy with those who could use it. I thank you for visiting and being a part of my journey and welcome you to come back every day for your dose of Just Nita.



Appreciating Small Things.

Another Great Morning. Another Learning Opportunity. Take Advantage Of It. Learn What Life Gives Us. Appreciate Everything, That’s The Key.

I Know That Everyone, Has Their Day To Day Busy Schedules. Work, School, Children, Grocery Shopping And More. Most Times,We Can’t Tell If We’re Coming Or Going. Life Can Get Really Hectic.

But We Do Have To Slow Down, And Take A Breath. Realizing What We Have. Because When We’re So Busy, We Forget About The Simple Things In Life.

We Forget The Air, We Have To Breathe. Which Goes Into Our Lungs and We Get Oxygen From It. There Are So Many People That Has Lungs Issues And Can’t Breath Without An Oxygen Tank. And We Take Advantage Of That.

Start Appreciating Life More. When The Simple Things Like Walking, And Using Your Hands, Breathing, Thinking Clearly Is Gone, You Will Miss It.

Everything In Life Is Truly A Blessing. When People Complain All The Time, They Don’t Know What They Have.

So I Hope Everyone Has A Wonderful Day And Make Sure You’re Enjoying Your Life. Staying Positive Is A Must.


Everything In Life Has A Cycle.

Good Morning. I’ve Been Having Problems With Logging On To WordPress, For The Last Few Days. My Apologies To My Readers And Followers.

Hope Everyone, Has Been Having Some Great Days. As For Me, I Have. Just Appreciating Life, Nature, Understanding Myself. And Loving Me.

Wanted To Talk Shortly About, How. “Everything In Life Has A Cycle”.

From Human Life Cycle To Animals And Plant Cycles. Everything In Life Has A Starting Point And A Ending Point. It’s Truly The Circle Of Life. When I Said That, It Reminded Me Of The “Lion King”. The Theme Song.

The Lyrics Are So Amazing. But Here Are Some Examples Of Cycles.

Human Starting Point. It Start With The Egg, Then The Embyro, Baby, Child, Teen, Adult, Elderly, Then Complete Cycle Ending, In Death.

Then There Is Plant Cycle. Seeds, Cotyledon, Seedling, Adult Plant, Flower.

Then There Is Butterflies. Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis, Adult Butterfly.

Last But No Least,. The frog, Egg, Embryo, Tadpole, Tadpole With Two Legs, Tadpole With Four Legs, The Frog.

All Of Them Have Similar Cycles To Go Through. This Really Gives Me More Understand About Life.

Begin To Learn More About Life, Nature, And How Things Are Ran. Because We’re Truly Connected And Are One.

Have A Great Day Everyone. Stay Positive.



Uplifting You.

Good Morning And What A Great Morning It Is. I Hope You Think So As Well.

Lets Chat For A Minute About “Up Lifting You.”  It’s Been Time For You To Celebrate You And Up Lift You For Once.

The Encouragement, You Will Get Or Need Will Most Time Comes From Yourself.  So Begin To Speak Positive Things In Your Life. Learn To Compliment Yourself. If You Didn’t Do Well, In A Area Of Your Life, Say To Yourself, That Was A Great Experience For You And  Learn From it. No One Is Perfect, Everyone Makes Mistakes.

Be Proud Of Yourself, Whether Its Because Of A Small Accomplishment Or Just In Life In General. You Have To Believe In Yourself. That’s A Must, In Order To Achieve Anything.

Talk To Yourself, I Know It Sounds Crazy. But You Have To Tell Yourself. I Know It’s Hard, But You Can Make It. Keep A Good Sense Of Humor About Everything, And Make Sure Your Laughing In Life.

Surround Yourself Around People, That Can Encourage You And Show You The Happiness About Life. Listen To Music That Will Uplift You.

Start Your Life Over, With A New Begin, That You, Know You Need. Stay Positive About it, It Will Happen, If You Want it.

Have A Awesome Day Everyone.

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Good Morning. New Day, New Beginning. What Will You Do, With This Day? Lets Talk About Water.

The Importance’s Of Drinking Water. I Hope That You Know, Without Water, Your Body Want Function Properly. So Again “Are You Drinking Enough Water”? Did You Know That You Also Could Get Water Through Fruits And Water As Well. So Eat Them Everyday.

With Drinking Plenty Of Water, You Can Reverse Your Bad Health, Along With A Health  Eating Diet. Because Your Cells Needs Half Of The Water You Take In. To Repair It Self.

The Water From Your Kitchen Sink Is (((NO))) Good. The Water Is Treated With A Large Number Of Chemicals, In Order To Kill Bacteria. The Water Contains. Toxic Metal Salt, Hormones And Pesticides, Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Perchlorate, And Many More, Just To Name A Few.

The Top Water To Drink Is A Bit Expensive, It’s Alkaline Water. Then Other Good Ones Are, Crystal Geyser, Fiji. There Are Others Out There, You Just Have Test Them. Alkaline Water Is Great When, Reversing Health Issues Along With A Health Diet.

The Average Amount Of Water, In The Human Body Ranges From 60% To 80%.

Your Blood Is 90% Water, Heart 79%, Lungs 80%, Kidney Is 82%, Bones 22% and Brain 83% Of Water. And Can You Believe Some People Don’t Drink Water. Can You Imagine What Their Body Is Going Through. Wow!. Let Me Tell You What Could Happen, If You’re Not Drinking Enough Water. Your Energy Drops, You Lose Focus, Risk Of Stroke Increases, Headaches, Bad Skin, Heart And Kidney  Function Poorly, Urine Becomes Dark Yellow. Less Bathroom Breaks, Bad Breath, Muscle Cramps, No Sweating In Hot Weather.

So Let’s Make Sure We’re Getting This Water In. Its So Important.



Why Should You Stay?

Here It Is 9:55 P.M. I Haven’t Written Anything For, Four Days Now. Wow, I Think That’s The Longest, I Have Went Without Writing Anything In My Blog.

It’s Because, I’ve Been Trying To Finish Up Writing My Book. It’s Long Over Due.

So Here I Am, Back In The Flesh. Now About This Topic. “Why Should You Stay” I Asked A Friend Of Mines, The Other Day This Questions.

“Why Should You Stay”? Her Answer Shocked Me. She Said, No One Else Wants Me.

My Reply. “This Is What You Have To Do” First Off, You Have To Learn To Love Yourself. You Have To Know You’re Important, And That Your A Beautiful Women. Because What You Just Said Was Non Sense.

She Has A Guy, She’s Been In A Relationship With For Nine Years. He Hasn’t Worked In Three Years. Every Job, He Gets, He’s Fired Because Of Not Coming In When Scheduled. Plus He Has A Temper. Always Fighting On The Job. Remind You Is Man Is 44 Years Old, He Has Three Children With My Friend And Two By Another. Oh, And Has One On The Way, By Another Women. So You See Why I Asked Her, “Why Should You Stay”

She’s Totally Stressed Out. Her Hair Is Falling Out, Dropping Pound Like Crazy. The Kids Aren’t Doing Well Either.

This Has To Stop. It’s Affecting The Kids To. Enough Is Enough. I’ve Been In Love Before, I Understand That It’s Hard For Women To Leave. But Women And Men. If Someone Is Mistreating You. Or Hurting You. You Have To Love Yourself More. Because If Someone Loved You, They Wouldn’t Treat You Badly.

If Their Not Helping You With The Children, Their Sitting Home All Day. They Have No Clue Or No Plans To Try And Help Better The Family Lives. No Real Women Or Man, Will Sit Home And Not Help To Provide.

See We Get It Twisted. Just Because We Love Someone. We Think We’re Suppose To Allow These Things To Happen, Just Because You Love Them. If They Loved You, They Wouldn’t Allow You To Take On Everything Alone.

Begin To Learn Your Worth And Value, Women And Men. You Deserve Love That Makes You Happy. So Know Yourself, Its Important. Your All You Have.

Understanding Soul Ties.

Another Great Day, I Hope You Can Agree. Let’s Chat About Soul Ties Today.

Let Me Guess, You’re Thinking, What Exactly Is Soul Tie? Well, Soul Ties Are Of Two Parts, The Good Ties And The Bad Ties. The Good One’s Are Joining Together With The Same Purpose Or Heart.

The Bad Soul Ties Are, When You’re In A Relationship That Brings You Into Bondage, Robs You Of Your Will, Its Harmful To You. You Also Have Sexual Intimacy, The More You’re Sexual Involved With The Person, The Closer You Become To Them, And You Can’t Break Free From Their Sex.

If You’re In A Physically Or Emotionally, Abusive Relationship, You Feel So Attached To Them That You Want Leave. That’s A Bad Soul Tie. If You Have Left A Relationship, But You Can’t Stop Thinking Of Them Or Wanting To Know What Their Doing Or You Want To Call To Make Sure Their Okay. If You Begin To Take On Their Negative Traits, You Were In A Bad Soul Tie Relationship.

It’s Really Not Easy To Get Over People, That You Have Been with For Many Years. Or People That You Really Enjoyed Being With. People Tell You To Get Over It. But It’s Easier Said Than Done. I’ve For One, Have Dealt With Bad Soul Ties. I Was Confused All The Time, I Couldn’t Find Peace, I Was Miserable, I Didn’t Feel Valued, I Had To Ask Myself, Why Did I Want To Still, Be With A Person That Treated Me Badly.

I Had To Realize, I Deserve Better. I Had To Learn, My Value As A Woman. That I Was Important, That I Loved Myself. And That No One, Will Be Allowed To Treat Me Like That Ever Again.

So There Is Hope. You Can Break Free From Those People. This How You Do It. You Have Go Into A Quiet Place, No Children, No T.v. Etc. Take Deep Breaths, Relax.

-First. You Acknowledge, There Is A Problem, With The Person You Was In Relationship With Or In A Present Relationship Now. Think Of All The Things That They Put You Through, All The Pain Etc. You Will Become Emotional. It’s Okay To Cry. That’s The Beginning Of The Releasing Process.

-Second. Confess That The Person Is Attached To You.

-Third. Forgive The Person, For What They Have Done To You. (Forgiving Is A Must, In Order To Move On). Then You Have To Forgive Yourself, For Allowing You To Continue In A Bad Relationship.

-Fourth. Break Free And Move On. Speak Out Loud. That You Release The Person From Your Mind,Heart, And Soul.

Begin A New Life And Don’t Look Back. You’re Free.

Enjoy The New You.

Believe In You.

   Afternoon Everyone, Here’s Another Wednesday. A New Time, A New Level Of Life, A New Way Of Thinking. Start Preparing For It. So You Can Receive It.

We As People,We Tend To Want Everyone To Believe In Our Goals And Dreams. We Want Everyone’s Support, When it Comes To Something That We Want. We Never Really Believe In Our Own Dreams.

Life Is About Support From Our Families And Friends, But We Have To Believe In Ourselves As Well.

People Want Always , Be There For You. That’s Just Apart Of Life. So Begin To Trust In Yourself, Know That Your An Amazing Person,You Can Do Anything With Hard Work. Your Dreams Will Come To Past, You Have To Believe,

Begin To Say To Yourself.

-I Think Clearly.

-I Trust My Intuition.

-I Trust My Decision.

-I Know The Answer.

-I Create My Reality.

-I Trust In Myself.

-I Trust In My Abilities.

Repeat Those Things, Over And Over To Yourself Everyday. Get Them Deep In Your Heart. That Will Be Your New Part Of Life, Just By Believing In Those Words.

Slow Down, Enjoy Life.

   Hello, Welcome Back. To Just Nita’s Blog. Good A.M. To You. Hope Your Finding Time To Enjoy, Your Sunday Morning.

Let’s Jump Right Into The Topic.” Slow Down And Enjoy Life.”

We As People, We Don’t Allow Ourselves To Enjoy The Simple Things In Life. We’re Constantly Moving. And Don’t Take The Time To Slow Down. We Have The Family We’re Taking Care Of, We’re Neck Deep In Work, We Have Forgotten How To Live For The Moment.

We Rush Through Tasks, Trying To Get Them Done, As Quickly As Possible, Finishing As Much As We Can Each Day. So Once The Day Comes To An End, We’re Totally Exhausted And Stressed Out. We Seem To Never Make Time, For What’s Important To Us.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Like That, Its Possible To Live A Simple Life. Most Of Our Stress Comes From Our Lives Being Overbooked. It’s Impossible To Do Everything That’s On Our Calendar. (Key Note).Be Careful With Our Children, So That They Don’t Become Overbooked With Things. Their Tiny Brains Can’t Handle All The Stress.

Here Are A Few Thing To Remember.

-Learn To Do Less Everyday. Your Not A Super Hero.

-Get In A Habit Of Doing. Single Task, Instead Of Multi-Tasking.

-Make Time For Simple Pleasures.

– Live In The Moment.

-Take Walks Enjoy Nature.

-Enjoy The Time You Have With Your Children. I Know They Miss You.

So Take Advantage Of This One Life, That You Have, Enjoy It. Have A Wonderful Day.


Laws Of Attraction.

     Morning Everybody. Hope You All Are, Taking Advantage Of This New Opportunity. To Bring On New Change In Your Life.

Laws Of Attraction, Is A Must Know. When Your Mindset Has Changed And Your Working On Being Positive. Laws Of Attractions Will Play A Great Role In Your Life.

I Will Give You, A Idea Of, Laws Of Attraction, That I Picked Up In The Article. They Are Truly Important. But On Your Free Time, Look It Up. It’s Very Helpful.

So First Know This.

-The Universe Cannot Stop Delivering To You!

-Don’t Worry About “How” Your Manifestation Will Happen.

-Be Clear And Concise About What You Want.

-Write Down What You Want With Details.

-Offer Gratitude!

-You Must Feel As Though It’s Already Yours.

-Feeling Is The Secret!

-Become A Good Receiver.

-Make Your Actions Match What You Expect To Receive.

-See The Abundance In Everything.

It’s About Believing, And Knowing What You Want, Will Come To You, Along With Hard Work.

Let’s Make These Changes, In Order To Continue, To Move Up In Life. Staying Still Isn’t An Option Anymore.




What Type Of Seeds, Are You Planting?

   Good Morning, Are You Thankful For This Great Day, That We Have Lived To See? I Know That I am.

Let’s Chat About The Type Of Seeds, You’re Planting. I’m Talking About, The Reaping, What You Sow Type Seeds. The Way You Treat Others. Lots Of People Wonder Why They Have So Many Issues That Comes In And Out Of Their Lives.

Most Times, It’s How You Have Lived Your Life. How You Have Treated People. This All Play Apart In Your Reaping Time. If You Sow Good Seeds, You Will Reap Good Seeds, If You Sow Bad Seeds, You Will Reap Bad Seeds.

The Things You Do In Life, Will Follow You. The Decisions You Make, The Choices You Take. Be Careful When Choosing. Because You Could Keep Making Mistakes.

Everyone Is Responsible, For Their Own Actions. So When Its Time To Reap. You Can Be Happy About Your Choice Or Be Up-Set About It. You Choose.

If Someone Is Treating You Badly, Then That’s Their Reaping, That’s  Will Come Back To Them. In Life You Can Make The Wrong Decision, And It Can Follow You The Rest Of Your Life.

If You Choose Not To Learn From Your Mistakes, Life Will Continue To Teach You. So Keep Your Mind Only On The Good In Life, The Positive Things. And Knowing How To Treat Others, And Making Good Decisions. I Know We’re Not Perfect. But We Do Choose, What We Like To Take Part In.

Have A Wonderful Everybody.