Welcome to Nita’s World

Hello and welcome to “Just Nita”. In this blog I will be giving a daily positive push, because isn’t that what we all need to get thru life’s ups and downs. I started this blog in order to share my positive energy with those who could use it. I thank you for visiting and being a part of my journey and welcome you to come back every day for your dose of Just Nita.


Awesome Morning.

Awesome Morning Everyone.

Hope You All Woke Up To A Great Morning. If Not, Just Start Over.

Add That Positive Thinking And That Positive Energy To Help You Through The Day.

Speak Your Day. Remind Yourself, You’re Not Going To Allow Anyone To Upset You Or Ruin Your Day.

This Is Your Day.  You Were Blessed To See Another Day. And Why Should You Allow Anyone To Destroy That.

You Deserve To Be Happy Every Day. Regardless Of What’s Going On Around You.

This Should Be Your Attitude Everyday. So Make That Possible. By Changing The Way You Think. Open Your Eyes To Better Outcomes And Enjoy Your Life.

You All Have A Wonderful Day. Talk With You Later. (Smile) Why Not?

Last Day Of The Week.

Good Morning Everyone. Its A Sunday Morning Here In Georgia.

Seems Like Everything Is Still. Sitting Here Looking Out My Rooms Window.

Looking At The Big Beautiful Tree’s. I Can Smell Those Sweet Smelling Honeysuckles, So Far I’ve Seen Two Baby Rabbits, Red Birds And A Few Butterflies.

I Can Hear The Baby Birds. But Haven’t Seen Any Flying Around, The Sky Is Really Blue Today, Some Clouds Surrounding It, I Can’t Hear The Running Water Of The Creek.

Oh And How Could I Forget This Bright Sun. Giving Light Unto Everything.

Just Enjoying The View This Morning And Being Thankful For Another Awesome Day.

What Are You All Thankful For On This Sunday Morning?




Look at the clock. 12:47a.m.

Look at the clock 12:55a.m.

Look at the clock 1:43a.m.

I really dislike being sick right now. I don’t know anyone that likes being sick. Lol.

Head Is Pounding. Even Laying Still Is Torture. And Don’t Let Me Mention This Sinus Pressure.

I’m Freezing And I Had To Change My Shirt From Sweating. I Have A Heating Pad On My Feet. Im So Confused Right Now.

Good Thing Is, I Don’t Have A Fever. Been Eating Plenty Of Fruit And Drinking Pineapple Juice And Water.

I’ve Had This Cold For Three Days To Long. I Really Need Some Sleep. During The Day. I Feel Better Than At Night.

I Took A Hour Nap Yesterday. That Was Needed. It’s Just These Nights. Up And Down All Night. Coughing, Sneezing, Blowing My Nose, Mouth Dry, Sore Throat. Drinking Warm Teas, I Don’t Know What Else To Do.

Guess I Have No Choice, But To Let It Run It Course. What I Read, It Said It Takes 7 Days For A Cold To Go Away.

I Can’t Even Remember When I Had A Cold Last. Its Been Some Years I Know. Guess I Will Watch Some Movies, Until The Sun Comes Up.

I Couldn’t Sleep. So I Said Let Me Write Something. So You All Have A Wonderful Night And Sleep Well.

Night. Night


Monday Afternoon.

Hey World. How’s It Going For You Today?

I’m Always Talking. Laughing To Myself.

Let Me Hear, Whats On Your Mind? I Would Love To Hear About It. Don’t Be Shy. Let’s Chat.

I Would Like To Know, About You All More. Meeting New People Is


Fun, We May Have Some Things In Common.

I’ll Go First. Here It Is. I’m Nita, No Children, Turned 39 This Year, I’m A Speaker. And Of Course, I Talk A lot. Lol.

I’m A Huge Movie Fan. I Go To The Movies At Least 3 Times A Month.

I Eat No Meat Or Dairy. I Love Pineapple Juice. My Favorite Beans Are Kidney Beans. I Make A Mean Veggie Burger With Them. I Don’t Eat Out Much.

I Like Playing Uno. And I Sleep About Five Hours A Night. Really Never Take Naps Unless I’m Sick. I’m Always Doing Research On How To Become A Better Speaker.

I Have To Read Something Everyday. From How The Organs Work, To Staying Positive.

I Have Two Facebook Pages And A “Positive Push” Under Nita Murphy.

A Instagram Page Under Nita_Positive_Flow.

A YouTube Channel Under Nita Murphy

Come On Over. Check Them Out. I Do Appreciate It. Request To Be My Friend. I’m More, One On One On Those Pages.

So Who’s Next? It Doesn’t Have To Be That Long.



It Feels Great.

Wow!! Another Sunday Morning We’ve Gotten To Experience.

I’ve Experienced Life For 39 Years Now.

I Remember All The Things I’ve Been Through. I Bet You Can As Well? Some Great Times And Some Times, I Was Just About To Lose My Mind.

But We’re Still Here To Experience More Things. And To Enjoy Life, Enjoy Our Families, Doing The Things We Love, Smiling More, Improving Us.

We’re Suppose To Be Enjoying Life. Not Stressing And Worrying About Every Little Thing That Shows Up.

We Have To Build And Reprogram The Mind To Look At Things In A Different Way.

Everything That We’ve Learned Was Taught To Us By Parents, Relatives, Schools, Society, Friends, Religion And So On.

Do We Really Have Our On Thoughts? Can You Come Up With Any New Thoughts Right Now? Go Ahead, Try It.

Everything We Learned, Already Exists. Things Advance Over Time. There Is Nothing New Under The Sun.

If You Have An Idea About A Car. The Car Already Exist. You Can Only Improve Something With It. The Same For Microwave, Irons, Clothes, Shoes, Etc.

But What We Can Change. Is The Way We Think, In Terms Of Being Positive.

We’re So Us To Negative Thoughts. That They Just Followed Us Our Whole Lives. And We Really Don’t Know Much About Positive Thinking

Believe Me, I Understand. I Was The Biggest Negative Thinker There Was. That’s What I Grew Up With.

No One Taught Me To Love Me, To Not Down Talk Myself, To Be Positive.

I Was Shown A Mother Taking Care Of Her Children Alone, Her Working Two Jobs, A Mother Becoming Sick, Having To Go To Dialysis. Having Treatment Three Times A Week.

A Father Going To Prison For 10 Years. Going To Visit Him In This Crime Lab Of Different People.

So Young. Not Understanding Why My Daddy Is Here. And When Will He Come Home.

Remembering When Visitation Time Was Up. Crying And Holding On To My Dad, Because I Didn’t Want To Leave.

Can You Imagine, What This Did To A Nine Year Old Child?

But I Didn’t Understand. My Daddy Was There Because, He Caused His Own Problems. He Didn’t Think About His Children While He Committed That Useless Crime.

He Put Us Thorough A lot. Because Of His Mistakes And Was No Longer Able To Be There. He Missed 10 Years Of Us. And it Caused Us Pain.

Out Of Everything I’ve Been Through. I’ve Never Been This Calm And Peaceful In My Life. Until I Learned About

Positive Thinking And Being Able To Control My Emotions.

So Let’s Change Our lives And Become Better. We Truly Deserve That.

You All Have A Wonderful Sunday.


Saturday Morning.

Good Morning Everybody. Hope You All Are Doing Well.

Just Wanted To Talk About An Exciting Day For Me Today. May Not Be Exciting To You All. Lol.

Well, My Niece Came Home, From College For The Summer. But It’s Time For Her To Go Back.

We Really Didn’t Get To Spend, That Much Time Together Over The Summer Break. She Was Working A Lot.

So When She Was Off, She Was Sleeping. Poor Kid. I Would Have Too, If I Work 10 to 12 Hours A Day.

But She Had Some Plans, And She Wanted To Work To Make Her Own Money. 19 Years Old. And Really Has Become Responsible. I Love That Child. Lol.

But Anyway. Today Is Shopping For Dishes, Pots And Pans.

Her And Her Friends Are Moving In Their Apartment, When She Goes Back To College.

She Excited About It. If She Likes It. I Love It.

So Today Will Be, Well Enjoyed. Just Spending Time And Having Those Deep Conversations As Well As Laughs.

I Really Do Miss Those Times, When She’s Away At School. But Every Phone Call And Text We Have, Are Memorable.

I Said This To Say That. No Matter Where Anyone Is. Stay In Touch. Let Them Know You Care And Distance Mean Nothing When You Love Someone.

Have A Wonderful Day Everybody ❣️



What A Morning.

Early Start This Morning, Not Really Feeling Like Doing Anything, Hair Just Out Of Control, Can You Say Bad Hair Day.

A Knock On The Door. Guess Who. My Neighbor. I Keep Laying There. She Continues To Knocks.

I Sit Up. Scratching My Head. Knowing Last Night, I Should Have Put The Rosemary Oil On My Scalp, After Washing It.

But Anyway. This Lady Still Knocking. Grab My Housecoat, Walking Through The House.

Saying Who Is It? Like I Didn’t Know Who It Was. She’s The Only One That Knocks On The Door.

I Hear. It’s Your Neighbor. I Look Out The Window To See If She’s Alone. Before I Open The Door. I Don’t Trust People.

I Open The Door. Hey, You Sleep? My Response. Yes!! Well, Can You Take Me To The Store.

I Laugh. Im Like Really, I’m Asleep. Maybe Later. I Will Talk To You Later. And Close The Door.

Back To My Bed. But I Can’t Go Back To Sleep. Im Just Realizing. I Only Had Three Hours Of Sleep. I Went To Bed Late. Once I Get Up .I’m Up.

Phone Rings. I Answer, Hello. Hey Nita, You Sleep? No! Can You Take Me To Work? I’m Really Just Getting Up. Not Today.

Laying Across The Bed. Another Call. Good Morning Nita. How Are You?

Good Morning. I’m Doing Okay. How Are You? Im Having A Not So Good Day.  What’s Wrong?

My Tire Flat. I Don’t Get Paid Until Monday. Do You Have Forty Dallors I Can Borrow.

Sorry Girl. My Niece Go Back To College Next Week. What I Have, Is For Her. Ok, Thanks Anyway.

Moral Of This Story. Things Will Happen All Around Us Daily. Don’t Allow It To Bother You. Lol.

Good Night Everyone.




How Do You Feel About Life?

Hey, Hey Everybody. Hope You’re Enjoying Your Wednesday.

I Asked This Question To A Friend On Social Media.

“How Do You Feel About Life”?

His Response. No One Is Ever There For You, Family Treats You Worse Than Strangers, I Never Have Money, I’m Only Happy When I’m Eating, Women Always Cheat On Me, That List Goes On.

I Had To Remind Him Of Some Things. I Said Your Still Alive, You’re Children Are Healthy, You Have You’re Own Place, A Job, You’re Able To Walk, Speak, Hear.

If You Still Don’t Think Your Blessed. Go Down To Your Nearest Hospital. Where People Are Fighting To Live. Or Better Yet, Visit The Hospice Center Where People Have Cancers And Have Days To Weeks To Live.

Remember We Can Always Find Some Good, When We Think Bad Things Are Near.

Think Of Every Breath You Take. Every Second Is Truly A Blessing. You Breathe Out And Could Never Breathe In Again. Be Grateful.

Focus More On What You Have And Less On What You Don’t Have.

Have A Wonderful Day 😘😘😘❣️❣️❣️




Can’t Sleep. 12:58a.m.

Well I’m Up. Not Really Sleepy. But Hungry.

In Bed, Total Darkness. I Hear Nothing But The A/C Running. Getting Pretty Cold In Here.

Where Is My Heating Pad? I Will Lay This At The Foot Of My Bed, To Warm My Feet.

I’m Really Thinking About What I Will Speak About On Sunday, At The Radio Station.

A Huge  Shout To Javerick Boyce. For Allowing Me To Do, What I Love The Most. On His Radio Show Each Sunday. BlakCrownRadio.

Speaking Is A Passion And Most Definitely My Gift. Helping To Open Others Eye’s. And To Realize How Important The Small Things Really Are.

Giving Appreciation To Everything. Sharing Love And Compassion To Everyone.

Life Is Truly A Blessing. Living Is A Great Opportunity, To Experience All Things.

People Only Think That Materialistic Things Are Blessing.

Being Able To Open Your Eyes Every Morning Is A Blessing. Having Healthy

Children, Having A Job, Having The Ability To Walk, See, Hear, Talk, Touch, Taste. And So Much More .

If You Lost One Of Those Things. It Would Affect You In Such A Tremendous Way.

So Be Thankful  For All You Have. And Complain About Nothing.

Alright Y’all. Have A Great Night.


If I Could Fly.

Let Me Spread My Wings And Fly.

Allow Me To Enjoy This Sky.

The Blue Of Water, That I Only Remember As Wet.

But This Blue In The Sky, I Remember It As Dry.

Oh How Amazing It Feels, To See Cotton Balls In The Sky.

The Sun So Warm And The Breeze Came In Right On Time.

It So Amazing To Be Free. Gliding Through The Air And Appreciate Everything.

You May Not Have Wings To Fly. But You Have A Mind To Dream.

Enjoy Life.