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Hello and welcome to “Just Nita”. In this blog I will be giving a daily positive push, because isn’t that what we all need to get thru life’s ups and downs. I started this blog in order to share my positive energy with those who could use it. I thank you for visiting and being a part of my journey and welcome you to come back every day for your dose of Just Nita.


Joyce is no longer here.

Beautiful afternoon world. My cousin is no longer here. She’s resting well, she is free from that sickness called cancer.

Cancer pulled her body to its limit. until she could no longer fight.

Hey Big Cousin. You Had a sweet service on yesterday. Everyone was there. You had white Roses And a beautiful picture of you, nice calming music playing.

People got up and express they’re love for you. Childhood experiences you all shared.

Momma spoke about the good times you all had as kids. She told funny memories of you Georgia and her.

We’re going to miss you. You started to improve I thought things were turning around for the good. You did so well. Doctors said you had few weeks to live. You stayed here 11 more months.

Your son is Hurting and trying to stay strong. We will continue to love on him and your grandkids share our compassion as a family.

I’m sending my love to Marlo, he was your only son. I can’t imagine what he’s going through without you.

Rest Well Joyce. We love you❤


Well It’s About That Time. Hoping You All Had A Wonderful Day.

Hope You Experienced All The Love, Peace And Joy Your Heart Could Desired. Because You Truly Deserve It.

Let Go Of Anything Malice And Strife You Have.

Prepare Your Mind For A New Day Tomorrow. Awake Up With A New Attitude And Know Your Day Will Be Great.

So Be Grateful For The Day. You Made It Through.

Night Night World.


Just Nita

Hope You’re Enjoying, Your Friday Afternoon, Good People All Over The World.

Humanity. Do You Ever, Just Sit Back And Think About That Word? The Human Race, Everyone On Earth. Human Beings Collectively. That’s So Amazing To Me.

You Have Different Race, Different Religions, Different Beliefs, But At The End Of The Day. We’re All Just One Big Bunch Of Wonderful Humans. Isn’t That Awesome.

We All Have The Same Opportunities, Choices, And A Life To Live. I Feel That, No One Is Better Than You. And That, All Lives Matters, Everyone Has Feelings, And That Everyone Needs A Chance.

Life Is About Love And Kindness. Its About Being Friendly, Generous And Considerate. You Can’t Have Kindness Without. Affection, Gentleness, Warmth, Concern Or Caring.

Kindness Is Demonstration Of Sympathy And Understanding.

In The World Today. People Have Become Self Centered, Narcissists Human Beings. People Only Involve Themselves Only, If They…

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You Are💛

Good Wonderful Afternoon Everyone.

Wanted to Stop By To Remind You.

That You’re Awesome, Wonderful And Truly Amazing. Allow No One To Treat You Less Than That.

And If You Don’t Believe That You Are, I Dare You To Speak Those Words To Yourself Everyday.

You Will Begin Live Like You Are Awesome, Wonderful And Amazing.

It Only Takes One Positive Word To Transform Your Mindset.

Give It A Try And Believe That You Are.

Have An Fantastic Day Y’all

Are You Ready For Change?

Good Evening World.

Quick Question. “Are you ready for Change”

What are you willing to give up, for this change you want?

How soon will you be ready to change?

How badly do you want it?

Seem like things aren’t going to change.

This Is where you have to step in. In order for change to come. You have to do your part. It’s not going to fall in your lap.

You have to prepare for this change that you want.

You have to make up in your mind, I’m not going to stop until I get what I want.

You have to continue to fight. Believe in yourself. Whatever you want to do. You can do.

Let me repeat that. Whatever you want to do. You can do.

Nothing Is impossible. The only limit you have is the one you give yourself.

So Continue to push forward. DON’T GIVE UP.

And THINK POSITIVE doing the process.

Good Night.


Wonderful Evening Everybody.

It Come A Time In Your Life, When Being Grateful Means Everything To You.

To Understand That Life Is A Gift And Not A Burden.

When You Live For You And Not Others.

When You Do What’s Best For You, At Any Given Time.

When You Know You’re, Important To Yourself.

When Sharing Your Love And Compassion Is Real To You.

When Playing Games With People Is Pointless.

When Knowing You’re Blessed And You’re Grateful.

You All Enjoy Your Evening. Because I Know I Will.

Positive Thoughts This Morning.

Just Nita

Awesome Morning Everybody. Hope You All Slept Well.

And Most Definitely, I Hope You Have A Positive Attitude About This Day.

Remember. You Deserve Everything That Is Good And Positive. You Deserve. Happiness, Peace, Joy, Blissfulness And To Smile And To Enjoy Your Life.

Let’s Not Focus On The Bad And Negative Anymore. Its Time For That New Mindset Of Thinking. Only To Think Of The Good And Positive Things Everyday.

Negativity Has Surrounded Us Long Enough. Its Time To Experience Something New.

Focus On What Makes You Happy. And Let Nothing Else Creep In.

If You Want Better. You Must Work On It To Get It.

You All Have A Awesome Day.

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Here We Are Again World.

Here Experiencing Life One More Time. Not Really Understanding How Blessed We Are.

Not Understanding That This Morning Could Have Been Different For Us.

We Could Have Woken Up To Bad News. But We Didn’t.

For All Who Are Having A Peace Of Mind This Morning. It’s The Best Feeling Ever.

For Those Who Haven’t Yet, Had This Feeling.

It’s Time To Remove Some Things, Stuff, And People From Your Life.

Whatever Is Causing You To Stress, To Be Depressed, Having You To Worry. It’s Time To Release It.

The More And More You Think About It. You Will Continue To Battle With Yourself In Your Mind.

Don’t Cause Your On Problems, Then Have To Fight Them.

Remember Its Time.


You Can Do It.

You All Have A Beautiful Day.


No Matter What.

Beautiful Morning World.

“No Matter What” You Still Can Turn Your Bad Days Around.

You Woke Up This Morning With Another Opportunity To Live Life, To See Your Kids Or Family. To A Job, Roof Over Your Head.

Always Give Thanks.

We All Have Not So Good Days. We Deal With More Things Than Others. But At The End Of The Day, This Is Life.

We Have To Learn, How To Turn These Complicated Days Around. So Here Are Some Great Ways On How Too.

First Step. Whatever You’re Focusing On Thats Negative. Find Something Positive To Turn It Around.

Second Step. Encourage Yourself, Don’t Waddle In The Negative.

Third Step. Understand That What You’re Going Through, You Will Get Through.

These Steps Are Some Wonderful Tools, To Change Our Out Look On Life.

It’s All About Finding New Ways, To Deal With The Not So Good Days.

You All Enjoy Your Day.