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Hello and welcome to “Just Nita”. In this blog I will be giving a daily positive push, because isn’t that what we all need to get thru life’s ups and downs. I started this blog in order to share my positive energy with those who could use it. I thank you for visiting and being a part of my journey and welcome you to come back every day for your dose of Just Nita.


This Joy That I Have.

Good Morning, Good Morning. “This Joy That I Have ” The World Didn’t Give It To Me And The World Can’t Take It Away.

Allow Me To Sprinkle A Little Secret Over Your Mind.

When You Gain Control Over Your Mind. When You Don’t Allow Negative Things Bother You.

When You Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, When People Can No Longer, Upset You.

When You Can Control Yourself And Your Thoughts.

When You No Longer Get Mad, When Your Order Is Wrong At A Restaurant.

When You No Longer Have Road Rage.

At That Moment. You Will Realize That You’re Growing Mentally.

Its All About Learning And Growing. And Not Allowing People And Things To Steal Your “” JOY””

You All Have A Blast Day, Enjoy.

The Power Of, “I am”.

Hey Hey Y’all. It Feels So Good To Be Back. I Had To Take A Break For Awhile.

After My Aunt Passed Away. I Was Doing A Lot Of Thinking About Life. What I Wanted To Improve About Myself.

I Wasn’t Focused. It Didn’t Happen. Failed At Some Things, But Through It All. I Stayed Positive About Everything.

Starting Over Monday. I Will Keep Fighting To Get What I Want.

The Important Thing I Wanted To Chat About Was. “I am”

I Had To Remember The Importance Of It. How It Changed My Life. When I Was Studying And Researching Positive Thinking.

I Ran Across “The Power Of I am” I Read That, People Are Unaware Of The Powers They Carry With Them, Through Their Words And How They Think.

Whatever You Speak Or Think Shall Come Forth. So Be Careful Of Your Words And Thoughts According To The Nature Of I am.

So Remember Whatever You Add To I am, You Become. It Will Be Added Unto You.

So If You’re Speaking. I am Stupid, Dumb, Broke, Lonely, Depressed. Thats What You Will Become.

So Only Speak Positive And Good Things In Your Life.

I am.




Taking Actions Today






Loving My Life




A Leader








Living A Great Life




Open To Receive Everything That’s Good And Positive.

If You Have Problems With Speaking Great Things Into Your Life. Do It Anyway. You Will Love The Results.

All The Word(s) I Mentioned. Write Them Down. Speak Them A Few Times Out The Day. Especially In The Mornings And At Bedtime. And Add Some Words Of Your Own, You Feel That You Need To.

Let’s Transform Our Minds For The Better. We Deserve That. You All Have A Fabulous Day.

Always Something To Be Grateful For.

Wonderful Morning World. That’s Truly What It Is.

I Rolled Out Of Bed. Giving Thanks For Another Day Of Life, Another Day To Experience Peace, Love, Compassion And Understanding.

Still Here To Love My Family And Friends. To Understand The Importance Of Others As Well As Myself.

To Appreciate Life, The Beauty It Brings. Looking At All Of God’s Creations. The Birds That Fills The Sky, The Sounds Of Their Chirps From Their Nest, The Blue Sky That Sits Still, The Clouds That’s Roams It, The Tree’s That Gives Off Beauty, And Then It’s Us. The Unappreciative Of It All.

We Don’t Realize The Things In Front Of Us. We Don’t Appreciate The Gift Of Life, Never Being Able To Give Thanks To Your Creator, Always Willing To Complain First, Never Having The Ability To Appreciate Anything.

Begin To Understand This Is Your Life, And You Are Truly Able To Appreciate It. Once You Open Your Eyes To Something New.

That New Thing Is. Being Positive About Everything And You Will See, Your Life Will Begin To Change.

You All Have An Amazing Day.

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Life And Death

Hello Everyone. Awesome Morning To You.

I Always Talk About Being Grateful Every Morning You Wake And All Your Family Is Here With You, To Experience Life Again Together.

That Didn’t Happen This Morning For My Family. A Little After 11p.m. Last Night. Got A Call My Great Aunt Passed Away At The Hospital.

She Had A Out Patient Surgery Last Week. She Got Home. Had To Go Back That Night. She Was On Life Support For A Few Days Up Until Last Night When She Passed Away.

Her Kidneys Begin To Fail And Her Heart Became Weak. She Was So Swollen, She Was Unrecognizable.

There Are Good Memories Of My Aunt. The One I Remember That Touched My Heart. Was Five Months Ago. My Uncle Had A BBQ. And My Aunt Danced And Danced. It Was So Funny. I’ve Never Seen Her Dance. So It Was A Shock To Me. I Remember Her Smiling And Just Enjoying Herself. That’s What I Will Always Remember.

You Can’t Have Life Without Death. And I’m Grateful To Have Experienced Her In My Life. Rest On Aunt Deenie. May Your Energy Live On

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The Mind

The Mind Is A Powerful Thing. It Can Use Itself Against You, If Your Not Careful.

It’s So Strong, It Can Remember Things From When You Were A Child.

Everything That We’ve Ever Learned Is Downloaded Into Your Subconscious, Whether It’s Good Or Bad.

Have You Ever Smelled Something Or Saw Something That Reminded You Of Your Childhood?

It’s Truly Amazing To Me.

The Thoughts We Have. Are Stored From Previous Information.

Every Time We Walk Out Into The Streets. Downloading Begins. From Seeing, Hearing, Touching, Tasting And Smelling.

All The Information You Have Gathered Is Not All By Choice.

The Type Of Information You Have. Determines The Type Of Thoughts And Emotions You Have.

Lots Of People Are Getting Thoughts Confused As Being You. And Who You Truly Are.

One Thing You Can’t Do, Is Stop Your Mind From Thinking. But You Can Redirect It To Be On What You Want. It Takes Time And Most Definitely Practice.

If You Wiped Out All The Information, You Have Ever Learned From Over Years And Years. Do You Think You Would Have Thoughts?

The Answer No! Because We Learned From Everything Around Us.

If You Were Born Deaf. How Would You Know How To Speak? And You’ve Never Heard Anything. I Love The Mind And It’s Strength. We’re Truly Capable Of So Many Things. We Just Put Limits On Ourselves. We Have A Gift, But We’re Scared To Open It. Live Not In Fear. Because Fear Has A Hold On Our Minds.

The Workshop Went Great.

Hello Everyone. Haven’t Had A Chance To Write Anything Lately.

I Do Hope Everyone Is Doing Well.

Just Wanted To Give An Update On How The “Positive Thinking” Workshop Went. On October 5th, 2019.

It Went Really Well. I’m Happy And Still Excited That I Was Able To Put Everything Together.

We Really Had A Wonderful Time. There Was A Lot Of Interacting With The Audience, Questions Asked, Games, Refreshments And Lots Of Laughs.

And Of Course. The Speaking. I Wrote A Speech Seven Weeks Before The Event. And Studied And Studied It. Got Up There And Absolutely Didn’t Speak On What I Wrote.

I Opened My Mouth. And My Heart Begin To Speak. After The Event, My Brother Ask Me, Did You Write That. I Said No. He Was Completely Shocked. He Said How Did You Do That? I Said, It Just Came From The Heart.

I Truly Know Now. I’m Suppose To Be A Speaker. I Love It, With All Of My Being. This Is My Passion And Most Definitely My Gift. I Will Continue Speaking And Sharing My Love And Compassion To The World. Because Someone Do Care, And That’s Someone Is Me.

Have A Awesome Day Everybody.

Good Afternoon.

Hello, Good Afternoon Everyone. Its 5:53 p.m. On My Side Of The Globe.

The Sun Is Still High. A Little Cool Breeze Flowing Through. Sitting In The Living Room, Every Window In The House Is Open.

Hearing My Neighbors Children Playing. Their Laughs Are So Contagious. I Can’t Help But To Laugh As Well. Not Even Sure What Their Laughing About. But Just Grateful To Be Able To Hear.

Today I’m Just More Grateful For Everything. Because I Remember A Time. I Didn’t Appreciate Anything.

Not Even The Ability To Walk, Speak, Hear, See, Touch, Absolutely Nothing. I Was So Selfish, Hateful, And Didn’t Care About My Life.

But Life Has A Way Of Showing You. The Importance Of It. It Will Knock You Down And Sit On You. Until You Realize The Importance Of It.

I’m So Happy That I Realized. That My Life Is Important And That I Always Mattered. Because I Never Did Think That I Was.

Everybody Doesn’t Always Get A Second Chance. So If You Do. Take That Chance And Become Better, For The Greatest Of You.

You All Enjoy Your Evening.