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Hello and welcome to “Just Nita”. In this blog I will be giving a daily positive push, because isn’t that what we all need to get thru life’s ups and downs. I started this blog in order to share my positive energy with those who could use it. I thank you for visiting and being a part of my journey and welcome you to come back every day for your dose of Just Nita.



It’s Just Something About Compassion.

Good A.M. World. Hope You All Are Doing Well. Most Of All Building Your Positive Life With Positive Thinking And Living.

 Let’s Just Jump Right Into This. This Is A Word That I Really Love, I Express It Everywhere I’am. This Word Is A Daily Part Of My Life.

I Think I Love It So Much, Due To The Hurt And Stress I Went Through While I Was Married. I Never Knew How It Felt To Be Comfort Or Shown That Someone Cared.

Even With My Parents. They Never Were The Parents To Express Their Love To Me Verbally Or Gives Hugs. I Got My First Huge From My Mom Three Months Ago. I’m 38 Years Old.

Can You Image Not Being Hugged Or Shown Affection, I Was So Shocked. But It Was Just What I Needed At That Moment.

So I Know What It Feels Like To Need, Those Sweet Words, Or Just Some Love, Even That Huge. Those Things Truly Do Go A Long Way.

Compassion. It’s A Must With Me, I’ve Seen How It Has Changed Me And Gave Me A New Viewing About Life, People And Even Myself.

The Key Was It Started With Me. I Had To Recognize The Love And Understanding The Love I Had Inside. See Love Is Already Inside Of Us.  People Just Help Bring It Forward.

They Can Show You Different Things About Love. That’s The Awesome Thing About People That I Love. We All Know Different Levels Of Love When Becoming Older.

All Compassion Is, Is Showing Kindness, Care, And Giving Support. Its Something You Can Practice Everyday To Enhance It.

Compassion Reduces Suffering And Contributes To The Well Being Of The Whole Making The World A Better Place.

Compassion Opens Your Heart, It Enlarges Your Perspective And Identity, It Increasing Your Happiness. It Enables You To Understand Yourself, And Others More.

It Increases Peace From Within. Now This Is What I Love Most. Its Contagious And Spreads Outward. It Truly Can Motivate Others.

So Lets Get In The Habit Of Showing Compassion. That’s What Its All About.

My First Love And Compassion Goes Out To Everyone Here On The Internet. When You Need A Huge, I’m Here, When You Need To Talk, I’m Here.

I Understand We All Go Through Things And It Seem Like Life Is Just To Hard, We Get To Where We Want To Give Up. You Can’t. You’ve Been Fighting To Long, Give Me Your Hand And Lets Fight Just A Little While Longer.

Have A Amazing Day Everyone.




A Little Positive Energy.

Hello And Good Morning.

Hope We All Can Enjoy, This Awesome Day Today. Life Is Here And Waiting On You To Express Your Love And Compassion, For Living To See A New Day.

Giving Honor And Appreciation For Still Being Alive. The Greatest Gift I Know.

Live Life, Laugh, Smile, Tell A Joke. Take Your Serious Coat Off For Once. Stay Positive And Know That Your Reality You Must Create It. Have A Wonderful Day Everyone.


The Gift Of Life.

Hello To A Bunch Of Amazing People Out There. If You’re Feeling Down, Stressing Or Worrying Today. It Happens To The Best Of Us Sometimes.So Pull Deep Inside.Bring That Positive Thinking Forward, And Smile.

Life Is Still Wonderful, If You Woke This Morning And All Of Your Love Ones And Friends Are Alive. That’s The Best Thing That Has Happened Today.

Life Is Truly A Gift. But Most People Don’t Open Their Gift Until It’s To Late. Never Realizing That Life Is One Inside The Other. What’s Big And Small Is Truly Your Idea. Its Not Reality.

How We View People Through Likes And Dislike, It Distort Our Perception. So We Really Never Get To Understand Or Appreciate People Fully.

If You’re Unable To See Things, As They Are. You Can Never Handle Life The Way It Should Be.

People Always Separate Everything. And That Isn’t Life. Once You Separate Things You Have Failed, Conscious Mind Doesn’t Separate. It Find Ways To Pull Things And People Together To Form Love And Compassion To Heal.

If You’re Living Each Day In Anger, And Being Out Of Control. Anger Never Leads To Well Being. You Could Be Using Those Days To Smile And Enjoying This One Life.

Be Happy, Don’t You Know Everyone Knows How To Dwell In Sadness. Don’t Be Apart Of That Group.

Hope You All Have A Awesome Day. You Deserve It.



What Are You Thankful For?

Good Morning Everyone. Long Time No Hear. I Haven’t Written Anything For A Few Days Now.

I Finally Have My Positive Thinking T-Shirts Done. Just Working On Things I Needed To Get Done. Feels Pretty Good To Accomplish Goals.

I Hope Everyone Is Staying And Thinking Positive. Its A Must. So Let’s Get It Done.

I Wanted To Talk Shortly About “What Are You Thankful For”?

Life Can Really Get Unappreciated By Human Beings. We Tend To Not Realize That The Small Things, Are Really Big When It Comes To Life And Living.

I Heard Sadhguru Say, The World Has One Problem. Its The Humans. Wow! Could You Imagine The Earth And How Peaceful It Would Be, Without Human Life. No Complaining, No Problems, No Killing, No Stealing.

Things To Be Thankful For,

-Waking Up Today. (Most Important)

-Good Health.

-Good Friends.

-Your Parents.


-Your Eyesight.

-Being Able To Walk.

-To Hear.

-The Sunsets.

-Moon And Stars.

-Your Children.

-People Willing To Teach.



























-Good News.





-Growing Up.



-Safe Landing.


-Quality Time.


-Running Water.





-Freedom Of Speech.




-A Car To Drive.

– A Home To Live In.

-The Sunshine.


-A Bed To Sleep In.

-The Ability To Read.

-Learning From Mistakes.

So Many Things To Be Thankful For. We Just Never Stop And Think About It. Have A Awesome Day Everyone. Remember Positive Thinking Brings On.

A Positive View Of Life.







Quotes That Will Makes You Smile.

“Quotes That Will Makes You Smile”

The First One Was One Of My Favorites.

-You! Yes, You. The One Reading This, You Are Beautiful, Talented, Amazing And Let’s Not Forget Awesome.

-Smile Happiness Looks Gorgeous On You.

-If You Don’t Have A Smile, I’ll Give You One Of Mines.

-That Smile Of Yours Drives Me Crazy.

-I Promise To Always Do, Whatever I Can To Make You Smile.

-By The Way, I’m Wearing The Smile You Gave Me.

-So Many Of My Smiles, Begin With You.

-Because Of Your Smile, You Make Life More Beautiful.

-Make Someone Smile Everyday, But Never Forget You Are Someone Too.

-Every Smile You Have, Makes You A Day Younger.

Truly I Think All Of Those Are Awesome. I Will Be Using Some To Make Someone Smile. Which One Did You Like?




Ways To Alkalize Your Body.

It’s An Amazing Morning, If You Woke Up And Everyone Around You Are Alive.   Someone Family Member Or Friend Didn’t Wake This Morning.

My Heart Goes Out To You, And Only Remember The Great Memories You All Shared.

Wanted To Talk Shortly About, “Ways To Alkalize The Body” Read A Nice Story This Morning About Alkaline Foods And Drinks.

So What Does Alkaline Mean? Well, A Ph Level Measures How Acid Or Alkaline Something Is. A Ph Of 0 Is Totally Acidic , While A Ph Of 14 Is Alkaline .

You Can Alkaline For 30 Days To Help Your Body Refresh And Recharge For The Year Ahead.

Here Are Some Way To Begin That Alkaline Journey.

Drink Lemon Water First Thing In The Morning, To Flush Out Your System. Eat Large Portion Of Green Salad Tossed In Lemon Juice(FRESH) With Olive Oil.

Green Vegetables Or Fruit Are The best Source Of Alkaline Minerals. Eating Raw Unsalted Almonds, Almond Milk, Coconut Water, Herbal Teas, Spinach Juiced, Kale Juiced, Alkaline Water With Fresh Lemon. The Alkaline Water Can Be Expensive. But It’s Worth It.

Make Sure To Add Exercise,breath Deeply, Reduce Acidic Foods, No Meat, Eggs, Refined Sugars, And White Flour And Dairy. No Alcohol, Seek Balance Because Stress Contribute To Acid Build Ups.

If You Do Decide To Go Alkaline Take It Slow. You Will Begin To Feel Better And Your Life Will Change.


So Everybody Stay Positive In Everything You Do. And Have An Amazing Day.




Interesting Things.

Hello, Good Morning Awesome People. I’m Running Off Of Four Hours Of Sleep This Morning. But I’m Happy To Be Alive.

Hope Your Day Is Going Well And That You’re Staying Positive About Everything.

On Yesterday, I Was Reading An Article On, World Of Facts. I Was Blown Away By Some Of The Things I Read. We Never Realize A lot Of Things. But I’m Glad That I Read These “Interesting Things”.

So Here Is A List Of Things I Gained Knowledge On.

-The Smell Of An Orange Relieves Stress, Even Eating One Can Reduce Stress By Over 70%.

-Adolf Hitler Wanted To Be A Priest.

-Butterflies Was Originally Called Flutter flies.

-Charles Darwin Ate Almost Every Animal He Discovered.

-Sir Isaac Newton  At 19 Threatened To Burn His Parents Alive.

-Two Actors Have Died While Playing Judas, In Live Biblical Plays By Accidentally Hanging Themselves For Real During The Death Scene.

-For Every Human, There Are 1.6 Million Ants In The World.

-There Are More Life Form, Living On Your Skin Than There Are People On The Planet.

-Otters Sleep Holding Hands.

Leonardo DaVinci, Could Write With One Hand And Draw With The Other At The Same Time.

-There Are Over 200 Corpses On Mount Everest And They Are Used As Way Points For Climbers.

-Two-Thirds Of The People On Earth, Have Never Seen Snow.

-A Humming Bird Weighs Less Than A Penny.

-There Are More Vacant Houses, Than Homeless People In The United States.

-The Average American Drinks About 600 Sodas a Year. (((WOW))) That’s Crazy.

-The Average Person Walks, The Equivalent Of Three Times Around The World In A Life Time.

-A Jelly Fish Is 95% Water.

-You Are 1% Shorter In The Evening Than In The Morning. (((REALLY)))

-It Would Take A 1,000 Years To Watch Every Video On YouTube.

-Last But Not Lease. The Tongue Is The Strongest Muscle In The Human Body. (((SHOCKED)))

They All Were Pretty Interesting. Whether We Believe Them Are Not. What Do You Think About Them? I Would Love To Hear Your Feed Back. Thanks Everyone.





The Little Things That Matters.

Good Morning Everybody. Today Is A New Day, Live This Day With A Smile And With A Positive Attitude, You Deserve It.

Have You Ever Just Sat Back And Thought About. “The Little Things That Matters”

We Take So Many Things For Granted. Never Realizing That If Those Things Were Taken Away, How We Would Feel About It. Not Giving A Second Thought About Losing Anything.

So Let’s Be Thankful About Everything, And Complain About Nothing.  So Here Are Some Things, We Forget To Be Thankful For.


-Walking Bare Foot On The Grass.

-Listening To Music.

-Being Able To Hear Birds Chirping.


-Having A Hot Bath Or Shower.

-Having Access To Clean Water 24/7.

-Appreciating The Beauty Of Flowers.

-Sleeping Late Sometimes.

-Admiring And Enjoying The Sunrise And Sunset.

-Having A Long Conversation With A Friend.

-Taking A Good Stretch Or Having A Massage.

-Doing Something Fun You Enjoy Doing.

-Watching Your Favorite T.v. Show.

-Laughing Out Loud And Enjoying The Feeling.

-Count Your Blessing No Matter What They Are.

-The Things That Make Your Day Beautiful.

-Good Hair Days Lol. (I’m Thanking For Those Days)

-And That Perfect Cup Of Coffee Or Tea.

-The Sun Shining.

-Having A Home To Live In.

-Your Family Is Safe.

-You Have A Job To Go To.

-Your Not Sick In The Hospital.

-The List Goes On And On.

Be Thankful Your Alive And Well.

Have A Awesome Day Everyone.


Unhealthy Colons.

Good Afternoon Great People. Your Life Is Your Reality. Is That A Happy Healthy Life Or A Sad Unhealthy Life? Only You Would Know That.

Wanted To Talk Shortly About The Importance Of Our Health. I’ve Been Learning So Much About My Body, My Organs, My Digestive System And Still Learning.

I’ve Had Years Of An Unhealthy Body And Organs. It Started Taking Over Me. High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes.

I Went Blind Some Years Back. But I’ve Had Several Surgeries To Correct My Vision With Both Of My Eye’s. But I’m Still Blind In My Left Eye. That  Was A Long Journey For Me.

But Now When I Look Back Over My Life. I Blame Myself. I Caused My Own Problems And Issues, By Not Eating Correctly And Taking My Medications. Only If I Would Have, I Wouldn’t Have Went Through That Devastation.

We Have To Start Taking Care Of Ourselves. Who Do We Think Is Going To Do It?

So Many People Have Health Issues. And It’s Due To The Way We’re Eating. Our Colons Just Can’t Take All The Poisoning Foods Anymore. That’s Why It’s Important To Eat Good Clean Foods. What I Mean When I Say That Is, Fruit And Vegetables And Plenty Of Water.

We”re Eating Everything Unhealthy That Passes By Us. Pizza, Ice Cream, Pies, Cakes, Chips, Sodas And You Know The Rest. How Do You Expect To Feel Good And Have Tons Of Junk Foods, Meats, Cheese Piled Up In Your Colons.

Most People Aren’t Even Pooping Enough. To Evacuate The Waste From The Body. I Know No Wants To Talk About Poop. But It’s Very Important.

If Your Eating Three Times A Day. And Only Pooping Once A Day. That Means You Still Have Two Meals Left In Your Stomach That’s Just Sitting There. Then The Next Day Three Meals. One Pop. Two Still There. So Now You Have Four Meals Left In The Stomach.

And This Goes On The Whole Month. The Body Can’t Digest The Food. And We Wonder Why We’re Having Health Problems. The Waste Is Sitting There Toooo Lonnngggg. Now Its Causing Cancers, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Over Weight.

You Can Always Tell When A Person, Has Waste Sitting In Their Colons. Their Bellies Poke Out. It’s Being Filled And Filled, But Nothings Coming Out.

Have You Ever Wondered, Why Your Poop Smells So Bad Like Swamp Water? It’s Because It’s Just Sitting In The Colon Rotting. Can’t Come Out Because Most People Are Constipated. Your Having Digestion Issues. Weight Equals Waste.

But There Is A Solution. Changing The Way We Eat. So We Can Improve Our Health.

We Have To Start With A Cleans First. Only Fruit And Water. I Know It Will Be Hard, I Had To Do It. I First Started Out Not Eating No Meat Or Dairy Or Bread And I Loved Myself Some Cheese Eggs.

But I’ve Been Eating This Way For 9 Months Now. I Have No Desire To Return Back. My Health Has Turned Around, I’ve Lost 30lbs. I Feel Great.

So This Fruit And Water I Was Talking About. If You Can Do It For 10 To 21 Days That Would Do A Great Deal On Your Colon. Because You Have To Get It Cleaned Out.

No I’m Not A Doctor. I’m Just Speaking About What I Did To Improve My Health. I Don’t Know Your Condition Or Your Problems. Do Your Own Research And Listen To Your Body. You Already Know What’s Right Anyway.

If You’ve Been Eating This Unhealthy Diet, And There Is Nothing But Sickness That’s Keep Developing In Your Body. What Other Sign Do You Need, To Let You Know Its How You Eat.

We’re On Our Phones With Everything Else, Take Out Some Time To Research Your Body And The Causes That Unhealthy Foods Does To It. We Live With This Same Body Day After Day, And Know Nothing About It.

We’re Expecting This Body To Carry Us, Into Old Age. And We’re Not Taking Care Of It. That’s Insane.

So Lets Turn This Bodies Around For The Good. We Can Do It. Just Believe And Do The Work. We Take Our Jobs So Serious. We Put In Good Long Work Hours. Then Give Our Bodies Less Work.

Stay Positive About What Your Doing And You Will Get Your Results.





Just Because You’re You.

You And I, Have Won The Best Prize Ever. We Have Lived To See Another Day. Now That’s Truly Amazing To Me.

Didn’t You Know That You’re Great “Just Because You’re You”? You Alone Tells The Story Of Your Life. Your Strength Gives You Strength, To Live Another Day In This Cruel Unloving World We Live In.

Your Presents Is Always Needed, As Wells As Your Thoughts. Your Kind Words Helps Someone Through The Day.

You Are Great, “Just Because You’re You” There Is No One Like You. Its Time For People To Understand And Know, The Power They Hold Inside.

You’re Able To Accomplish  Anything That You Want. With Positive Thinking And Hard Work. The Only Person That’s Holding You Back Is You.

It Starts With Removing All Negative Thoughts. Reprogramming The Mind And Your Level Of Thinking To Become More Positive. Begin To Look At Everything In Life As Beauty.

New Opportunity Waits For You. Will You Crawl Or Run For It? How Bad Do You It? How Often Do You Think About It? Its Time To Get In Gear And Get What We Want. Its Already Yours. You Just Haven’t Claimed It Yet.

The Sky Is The Limit. And The Only Limit We Have, Is The One We Hold Ourselves To.