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Hello and welcome to “Just Nita”. In this blog I will be giving a daily positive push, because isn’t that what we all need to get thru life’s ups and downs. I started this blog in order to share my positive energy with those who could use it. I thank you for visiting and being a part of my journey and welcome you to come back every day for your dose of Just Nita.



Never Give Up.

Another Pretty, Sunday Morning.

The Orange Energy, From The Sun, Fills Me With Strength, Showing Me I Can Move Forward, With All My Goals And Dreams.

Never To Give Up. As Long, As Your Alive, Anything Is Possible. The Only Limit You Have, Is The One That You Set For Yourself. A Positive Attitude, Will Take You A Long Way.

Its Time To Learn From Our Mistakes, So We Don’t Keep, Going In A Circle. We’re Wanting Different Results, But We’re Doing The Same Things, Over And Over, That’s Insanity.

Push Yourself, People These Days, Want Support From Others, But Most Times, People Aren’t There. Motivate Yourself, Count On You, If You Let You Down, You Can Always Try Again.

Never Let Your Past, Affect Your Future, Stop Holding Things, Over Your Head, From The Past. Learn To Embrace Change, If You Want To, Work On Developing, The Right Mindset, For Not Giving Up.

When It Comes To Change, You Have To Be Patient, It’s Not Going, To Happen Over Night. Build Your Confidence. Work On You, Know Yourself, Be Realistic, Prove Yourself, Believe In Your Dreams, And Most Of All, You Deserve To Be Happy. Have A Wonderful.


Listening To The Sound Of Birds.

Good Afternoon. Have You Ever Just Stop And Listened To The Sound Of Birds.

What A Beautiful Sound. So Calming, Brings So Much Peace. Once I, Begin To Realize How Amazing, This Earth Truly Is. How Everything Around Us Is Important. Everything Works Together.

With My Mind Saying On Positive Things, How Can, I Not, Enjoy Life. It Let’s Me Know, I’m Still Blessed, For There Are, So Many People, Who Will Never Get To Enjoy, The Sound Of Birds Singing.

We Have To Be, Thankful For The Small Things, They Truly Matter.

Birds, Brings Relaxation, I Can Sit, On My Porch, For Hours And Fall Into A Peaceful Place. Plus With The Sun Shining On My Face, I’m In Paradise. People Don’t Know, What Their Missing. Their So Busy, They Can’t Acknowledge Life. Or Appreciate Small Things.

Don’t Be One Of Those People. Enjoy Life, So You Can Enjoy Self.

Why Do, We Believe?

Good Afternoon Everyone, Why Do We Believe? It’s A Question, That I Asked Myself The Other Day.

This Is Just, My Thoughts On It. Nothing Is Proven. I Think We Believe In Things, Because That’s What We, We’re Taught To Do. When I Was A Child, I Was Told To Believe In Myself, And That, If I Believed In Myself, I Could Do Anything, That I Put My Mind To. That Ended Up, Being For Everything, In My Life.

It Also, Goes Back To The Bible, Having Faith. Faith Is To, Believe In Something Or Someone To Fully Trust. To Be Confident That You, Base Your Actions On What You Believe.

People Believe In Things, Even When We Don’t, Have Solid Proof.

But I Also Realized, That You Can’t See Oxygen, Wind, Air Or Love, You Can’t See Pain, Or Depressing. Doesn’t Mean It’s Not There. Life Is Unexplainable. But I Love It.

We Have To Stop, Trying So Hard, To Understand Everything And Just Live. This Earth As Been Here, Long Before You And Will Be Here, Long After You. And Doesn’t Have To Prove Anything To Anyone.

There Are, Many Things In Life, You Can’t See, But You Know, Are There. It Makes Life A Lot More interesting.

So Many Unexplained Things, In The World Today From.






-Psychic Powers



People Truly Have Heated Discussions. About All Those Unexplained Things.

To Cut Down On, Becoming Angry, From A Discussion, Believe What You Believe. Have Your On Thoughts On It, Live Your Life. We Just Have To Face, We Will Never Know.

Enjoy Your Life, Be Happy. That’s What’s Important. And Most Of All stay Positive. Have A Amazing Day Everyone.

Increasing Mind Strength.

Hello, Good Morning To You. Tell Me How Your Day Started? I Hope Well.

“Increasing Mind Strength”. Let’s Talk About it.

In Some Cases, People’s Mind Function’s Begins To Change, Due To Stress, Doing To Many Things At One Time, Being Depressed, Bipolar Disorder, Dementia. And Much More.

Some People Feel, At Time’s Their Losing Their Minds. Their Usually Over Worked And Sleep Deprived. It Feels Like That, When You Don’t Get Any Rest. Stress Also Plays, A Huge Part In Mind Strength.

If A Person, Was Losing Their Mind, Their Thoughts Would Have Changed Drastically Or Their Emotions Have Reached A Peak, Of Just Pure Insanity.

So Its Important, That We Relax And Take Breaks, From The Life Of Stress, We Have To Learn How To, Take Some Rest Days, And Relax Our Brains, You’re A Human, Not A Battery Built-In Machine. The Energizer Bunny. Keep Going And Going Lol. Not You.

Let’s Stop Wasting, Our Brain Power On Things, We Can’t Control. Replace Negative Thoughts, With Positive Thoughts. Face Your Discomfort, So You Can Release Some Stress.

Ways To Build A Strong Mind.

-Read Daily. A Novel, Something Funny, Just To Get Your Mind, Off Of The Stress Of The World.

-Try And Learn, Something Need, Every Week.

-Be Around, More Positive People.

-Challenge Yourself, By Doing Things, You Think You Can’t Pull Off.

-Exercise Your Mind Regularly, Being Consistent, With Brain Exercise, Is More Important Than The Intensity Of A Workout.

-Studies Show That, Doing To Many Things At One Time, That We Can Become, Poorer Students, Workers, And Less Effective.

Let’s Get This Stress And Worrying Under Control. So We, Can Enjoy This Stress Free Life, Like We’re Suppose To Have. Stay Positive And You Truly, Can Do All Things, Believe In Yourself. The Only Thing, That’s Holding You Back, Is You.

Have A Amazing Day Everyone.





People, Just Live Your Life.

Another Great Day. Staying Positive, In All Things. Can Make You Have A Wonderful Day. Try It.

I Just Wanted To Talk, A Little Today About. Living Your Life, According To You. We Tend, To Have Everyone, Telling Us How To Live Our Lives. But Did You Ever Think, To Wonderful.

Those Same People, Who’s Trying To Tell You, How To Live Your Life, Never Listen To Anyone, Who’s Telling Them, How To Live Theirs.  You Don’t Need Everyone, In Put. Your An Adult, Just Like Them.

Our Minds, Have Been So Programmed. That The World, Has UsThinking, That We’re Supposed To Be Stressed Out, Over Work, Husbands, Wives, Children, Sickness.

And That Not, How It Suppose To Be. You’re Suppose To Happy, You’re Suppose To Be Enjoying, Your Life. Appreciating Nature, The Tree’s, Grass, The Flowers, And The Sunshine.

We Lose Focus, Of The Small Things In Life. You Have To Start Appreciating Us, Loving Ourselves, Showing More Love To Others.

The World Has Truly, Become Cold, Uncaring, Lots Of Hate, Violence. No One Seems To Care. This Is Because, Most People, Don’t Even Care About Themselves. How Can You, Expect Someone Else To Love You, And They Don’t Even Love Themselves.

The Best Thing We Can Do, Is To Correct Ourselves, Improve The Things, That You Can Do For Yourself. Its Starts, With Us. Then Maybe, It Can Spread To Others Around Us.

We Have To Stop, Looking At What, We Don’t Have. And Look At, What We Do Have. We Have To Accept That,We Can’t Fix Everything And Everyone. We Have To Let, Things Go. That Are Out Of Our Control.

Stop Listening, To Everyone, About What You Should Do. Make Your Own Decisions, Your An Adult. You Know The Answer. What People, Don’t Do, Isn’t Any Of Your Business.

You Have The Right To Think. You Have A Right To Question Things. Question, Things That Needs To Be Questioned.

Take The Time Out, For People Who Matters To You, Show Them You Care. And Don’t Say. He Or She Knows, I Care About Them. (((NO))). Do Something, Nice For Them, Buy A Card, Flowers, Take Them On A Date, Just Express Yourself To Them. Everyone, Needs To Be Shown. Not Just Told.

Stop Trying To, Prove Your Worth To People. You Know Your Special, Give Yourself To People, Who Wants You. We’re Just Stressing Over, To Many Small Things. Be Thankful For Your Life. You Could, Have Not, Woken Up This Morning. But You Did.

If You Don’t Love Something, Or A Person. Don’t  Force It. Because In The End. You Make Yourself Unhappy.







Happy Day.

Hello, We Made It, To See Another Day. Now I’m Excited About That. Hope You Are As Well.

When Was The Last Time, You Had A “Happy Day”? When Was The Last Time, You Just Relaxed? I Know, It’s Been Awhile Lol.

You Deserve, A Happy Day. A Day. To Just Do What You Like All Day. It Will Be Hard, For Most People. Trying To Do That, With Everything Else, That’s Going On In Your Life. But You Have To Make, Some Time For Yourself. Before You Go Nuts.

Please, Try And Make, At Least One Day Out Of The Month, To Relax, Your Brain Needs It, As Well, As Your Body.

I Hear A lot Of People Say, I Will Sleep, When I Die. That Is The Most, Foolish Thing, I Have Ever Heard, When It Come To Getting Sleep. That’s My Opinion Of Course.

Your Not A Machine. Your A Human. Remember That.

Relaxing Is Easier, Said Than Done. I Know. You Have To Learn Relaxation, You Have To Learn, How To Take Breaks. Relaxing Is Hard Work, Because Your Not Use To It.

But Relaxing Is Extremely, Important For Your Health And Well Being. Do You Know, How Many People Are Stressed Out. Let Me Tell You.

The U.S. Stress Statistics Shows, That 33% Of People, Say Their Living With Extreme Stress. 48% Of People Feel, Their Stress Has Increased Over The Past Five Years.

Oh Wow. That’s A Lot Of Stress Going On. With That Being Said, We Actually Have To Learn And Practice How To Relax, Because We Have No Clue How To.

The One’s That Are Constantly Stressed, Are Workaholics, The Don’t Have A Off Switch.

It Seem Like Relaxing, Is Something Everyone Should Be Able To Do. But Its Not That Simple For Others.

So Lets Try Our Hardest, And Try To Relax. Have A Great Day.

Your Opinion Matters.

Good Afternoon To You, On This Beautiful Sunday.

Someone May Not Think, Its A Beautiful Sunday. That’s The Beauty Of Having An Opinion. What Others Think, Can’t Affect You. Unless You Let It.

Everyone Has An Opinion, Some Of Us, Have No Problem with Sharing, How We Think Or Feel With Others. Sometimes, Two Very Different Opinions, Can Collide And All Hell Can Break Loose.

Its Nothing Wrong, With Having An Opinion. Having An Opinion Is Healthy. It Indicates A Progressive Nature, It Shows, That We Are Improving To Be Better Educated, More Knowledgeable People.

Because Everyone Has An Opinion. Everyone Thinks, They Deserving Of Being Heard. This Is Where People Will Have Fights, Trolls, Insults, Provoke And Lies To Turn Their Opinion Into The Common Truth.

It Doesn’t Mean, You Have To Stop, Having An Opinion. But We Do Have To Address Things, When It Comes To Opinions.

We Have To Know, The Difference Between Facts And Opinions. Facts Are Facts, And Opinions Are Opinions. Don’t Mix Up The Two.

Your Opinion Can Change, And Comes Back To Haunt You. So Be Careful About What You May Say.  Peoples Opinions Can Be Wrong, Then You Have To Face It, And Correct Whatever You May Have Spoken On.

But That’s Life, You Live And You Learn. So Don’t Stop Voicing Your Opinions. Even Though Some Time, We Could Be Wrong, Just Faces It, Know Your Not Always Going To Be Right.

So Everyone, Enjoy Your Sunday.




Hello, Hope Your Enjoying, Your Thursday Afternoon.

Lets Talk About Responsibilities. When Will You Take Responsibilities, For All Your Actions.

Why Is It, That No One Wants To Take, Responsibilities, Of The Things, That They Have Done, Or Said? Or Have Not Done.

People Blame Things On Others, So They Don’t Have To Face Their Problems. We Tend To Blame Others For Our Lateness For Work, School, Church, Taking Care Of Our Children Properly. Paying Rent Or Bills.

A Person Must Fully Understand, Their Responsibility, In Order To Satisfy It.

The Fact Of Being Responsible, Answerable, Or Accountable For Something Within One’s Power, Control, Or Management.

This Life Is About Learning, And Taking Care Of Your Own Business. People Can’t Handle Everything For You. You’re Not A Child. Learn From Your Mistakes, And Keep Moving Forward In Life.

I Know, It Makes You Feel Comfortable, To Blame Others, For Your Mistakes. Be An Adult, Take Charge And Ownership Of What You Have Done. Say Sorry, Forgive Yourself And Make That Your Learning Lesson.

If Your Living With Someone, Or Roommates. Clean Up, After Yourself Without Being Asked.

Be Consistent, With What You Do. Find Solutions, For Issues Instead Of Casting Blame. Think Before You Speak, To Show you Care, Plan Your Time, Take Care Of Your Task, Before Having Fun. And Learn To Set Goals For Yourself.

Start Now. Make That Change. Sooner The Later.  Have A Awesome Day.





Removing Mucus, From The Body.

On This Rainy Sunday Afternoon. It’s Still Beautiful, Life Is Still Amazing. Lets Be Thankful For All Things. Lets Keep A Positive Mindset. That Is Truly, What It Is, All About.

The Way You Think, Can Have A Positive Or Negative Outlook On Life. And How You View Things.

Even When It Comes, To Our Health. Its Important To Learn Much As We Can, About Our Bodies. Having Knowledge Of Things, Comes In Handy.

People All Over The World, Are Suffering From All Kinds Of Sickness And Diseases. From Asthma, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Migraines, Liver Disease, Arthritis, And Tons More.

A Huge Part Of The Problems, We Have, Are From Excessive Amount Of Mucus In Our Bodies. Our Bodies Carries Good Mucus. And It Also Carries Bad Mucus, If You Become Sick. The Greenish, Yellowish Kind. It Also Has A Foul Smelly Odor, That Can Come Through Your Nose Or Mouth.

I Know, It’s Disgusting To Read About. But It’s Our Bodies. We Must Learn About It. We’ve Been Living With Our Bodies For Many Many Years. Some People,Can’t Tell You Anything About Their Body And How It Works.

Now Back To This Mucus. The Good Mucus, Helps Keep You Healthy. Your Nose And Throat Glands,  Makes Up To 2 Quarts Of Mucus Everyday. Mucus Helps Shield Your Lungs From Dust, Bacteria, Viruses, Pollution, Smoke, Chemicals.

Mucus Can Be Found In (Various)  Body Organs, Such As, The Nose, Lungs, Intestines, Digestive System, Throat, Urinary Tract, And Other Body Tissues. Excessive Amount Of Mucus, Causes Your Organs Not To Function Properly.

So When You, Go To Your Doctor, About An Issue Your Having. They Give You Medications, Instead Of Telling You. You Have A Large Amount Of Mucus Stored Up. And Its Around Your Organs. It’s Causing Your Organs, Not To Function As They Should.

The Truth Is, Your Mucus Membrane, Has Been Compromised, Every Time Your Eating Foods Your Not Suppose To Eat.

So When You Remove All Mucus, You Will Remove All Diseases. Along With Eating A Health Diet, And Exercise.

To Much Mucus In The Nostrils, They Call It Sinusitis, Bronchial Tube Its Called, Bronchitis, Mucus In The Lungs Its Called. Pneumonia, Prostate Glands To Much Mucus, Its Called, Prostatitis, Uterus With Mucus Its Called, Endometriosis, Or Vaginal Discharge Or Yeast Infection.

Ways To Improve The Large Amount Of Mucus, Is To Eat And Drink Herds Tea, To Decrease The Amount Of Mucus.

Boil Any Of These Teas And Drink, As Much As You Can.

-Chickweed Tea


-Burdock Root

-Blue Vervain

If You Can’t Get Your Hand On These Teas. Use What You Have In Your Kitchen, Honey, Lemon Juice, Turmeric, Ginger, Onion, Cloves.

If You Suffer From Too Much Mucus, You May Experience. Chronis Cough, That Want Go Away, You Wake Up With Puffy And Crusty Eyes, Bad Breath Through Out The Day, (Even After Brushing Your Teeth). Constant Stuffy Nose, Your Senses Are Dulled.( You Add Salt To Your Food). For More Favor.

Foods That Causes Excessive Amount Of Mucus Are. Dairy, Wheat, Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Ice Cream, Butter, Ghee, Eggs, Sugary Treats, (Cookies, Cake, Pies, Pastries, Pretzels, Buns, Bagels, Muffins, Deep Fried Food, All Soy Products, Safflower, Sun Flower Oil, Jams, Jellies, Meat, Alcohol, Caffeine, Corn.

I Know, Your Saying Wow, What Can I Eat? Its True, Do Your Research, I Want To Look It Up. So You Can Know For Yourself.

But There Are, Still Great Food You Can Eat. Here Are Some Foods To Eliminate Mucus.

Leafy Green Lettuce, Herbs, Radishes, Asparagus, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Citrus Fruit, Pineapples, Berries, Hot Pepper.

So Lets Get On Board, So That We Can, Live A Healthier, Longer Life. Most Of All Stay Positive, In Everything You Do.