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Hello and welcome to “Just Nita”. In this blog I will be giving a daily positive push, because isn’t that what we all need to get thru life’s ups and downs. I started this blog in order to share my positive energy with those who could use it. I thank you for visiting and being a part of my journey and welcome you to come back every day for your dose of Just Nita.



Fruits And Vegetables.

Here We Are Again, Another Day. Hope You All Had A Great Weekend.

Let’s Jump Right Into It.

The Foods We Eat, Plays A Huge Part In How We Feel. If You’re Packing Your Body With. Ice Cream, Cakes, Cookies, Chips And Pizza Everyday. You’re Not Going To Feel So Well.

Your Body Will Start To React, To These Unhealthy Foods. If You Like Feeling Sick Or Even Having Low Energy, Continue To Eat This Way. And This Is All You Will Feel. Its Not About You, Not Getting Enough Sleep, Lots Of People Blame, Their Tiredness On Lack Of Sleep. It’s What Your Putting In Your Body All The Time, That’s Causes You To Have Low Energy.

All The Sugar That You Consume, Its Attack The Brain. High Fructose Diet Harms The Brain as Well As The Body. High Sugar Consumption Has Long Been Linked To Weight Gain And The Development Of Obesity And Life Style Diseases, Such As Heart Disease And Diabetes. Sugar Can Also Induce Memory Problems.

Starting Today, We Have To Start Eating Healthier. The Things We’re Eating. Are Causing All Of Our Problems. It Truly Start In The Colon. All Those Foods, Are Sitting There In The Colon, Not Being Evacuated. We’re Not Giving The Body, Enough Time To Digest Our Food. By The Time, It’s Starting To, We’re Eating Something Else. We’re Packing It On And On.

It Takes The Body 6 To 8 Hours To Digest The Foods We Eat. And Much Longer If It’s Beef. Beef Is The Hardest To Digest. Your Body Works Super Hard To Digest It, That’s Why People Get So Sleep After Eating Meat. Its Taking All Your Energy To Digest It.

But There Is A Healthier Alternative, That We Can Take, To Improve Our Health.

That’s Eating More Fruit And Vegetables, They Provide Health Benefits. The Nutrients In Fruits And Vegetables Are Vital For Health And Maintenance Of Your Body.

Eating A Diet High In Fruits And Vegetables, May Reduce The Risk For Stroke, Cancer, Heart Disease And Type-2 Diabetes.

Fruits And Vegetables Are Our Friends. All That Junk Food, (((It’s Not))). It Only Destroys Our Bodies Over Time. Let’s Live A Long Health Life. We Deserve It.

Here Are Some Foods That Helps With Gaining Vitamin (A)(B)(C).

Vitamin (C) Tomatoes, Green Leafy Vegetables, Parsley, Cabbage, Avocados.

Vitamin (A) Carrots, Apricots, Sweet Potatoes, Yellow Squash, Watercress.

Vitamin(B) Dark Green Leafy Vegetables, Legumes. Whole Grains, Nuts, Seeds.

Just To Name A Few.

Let’s Make A Healthier Choice Today.






Self Confidence.

Good Morning. I Hope You’re Staying Positive, In Everything You’re Doing Today. It Doesn’t Matter What’s Happening Around You. Just Make Sure You’re Happy Today.

Mmmmm. “Self Confidence.” Something That Is Looked Over Often. People Not Realizing This Is Truly Needed In Our Lives.

Not Having Self Confidence Holds Us Back. From Our Dreams, Goals And Talents. It Has Us Fearing To Fail. We All Face It, I Think.

Question Is. How Do We Over Come It? We Have To Work On Our Self Esteem.  Once You’ve Worked On It, Fear May Still Be There, But Now You Know How To Beat It.

There Are Things You Can Do To Boost Your Self Confidence.

-Always Look Your Best.

-Shave, Fix Your Hair, Iron Your Clothes Etc.

-Think Positive About You And Your Life.

-Don’t Allow Any Negative Talk To Leave Your Mouth.

-Don’t Just Think Positive, Put It Into Auction.

-Get Prepared.

-Change Small Habits. Quit Smoking, Write Things Down, Wake Up Ten Minutes Earlier, Drink A Glass Of Water First Thing In The Morning. Do This For One Month, When You’ve Accomplished It. You’ll Feel Like A Million Dollars.

-Smile More.

-Empower Yourself With Knowledge. This For Sure Will Build Your Confidence.

-Do Things You Been Procrastinating With.

-Clear Junk From Your Home And Work Desk. It May Seem Small, And It Might Not To Others. It’s Actually Getting Little Piece’s Of Your Life Under Control.

Try These Things. Be Positive About It, And Put In Hard Work. Hopefully It Works For You. So Everyone Have A Great Day. Its Up To You, If You Will Or Not.



Showing People You Care.

Afternoon. I See We All Have Made It Another Day. I’m Grateful For That. Hope You Are As Well? For There Were So Many, Who Didn’t Wake This Morning. My Condolence To Their Families.

I Wanted To Talk Shortly About. “Showing People You Care.”

It’s Something, When A Person Shows You How Much They Care. It Means So Much To Me. Because People Really Don’t Have To. When A Person, Takes Out Time From Their Busy Life. Just To Call And Check On Me Or Send A Sweet Text Message, Or Even To Take Me To Lunch.

Those Things Makes Me Smile. I Truly Appreciate Them. And Most Definitely I Show My Love Back.

Caring Is Just. Someone Or Something That Shows Kindness And Concern For Others. That’s What Googles Definition Was.

My Definition Is. Giving Out The Same Love You Want Back. Compassion And Love Is A Must.

It’s Time The World, Starts Back Caring By.

-Asking A Person About There Day.

-Do Favor For People.

-Check On People.

-Remember Details About People’s Lives.

-Smile, The Most Simple Effort Can Go A Long Way.

-Give Someone A Hug.

-Send A Encourage Text Message.

-Bake Them A Special Treat.

-Call Them.

-Take The Time To Actually Hang Out With Someone.

-Tell Them, I Love You.

-Tell Them How Important They Are.

-Always Be Honest.

-Say Thank You Often.

-If You Can’t Express How You Feel Out Loud. Send A Letter.

-Tell Them Their Beautiful Or Handsome.

-Say You’re Sorry, When You Wrong.


Running The World.

Hello Everyone. Hope Everything Is Well With You, And That You’re Having A Awesome Day. Keep Smiling And Knowing You’re Amazing All Day Everyday.

Let’s Talk About The Importance Of People “Running The World”.

Have You Every Thought, How The World Would Be, If Everyone Would Stop Everything That Their Doing At This Very Second. I Did Earlier This Morning. And I Was Shocked.

Could You Image If Everyone, That’s Working Right Now, Quit Their Jobs. The World Would Just Shut Down Immediately.

There Would Be. No Stores, Schools, Garbage Dump, Power, Phones, Internet, Cable, Police, Jail, Hospital, Truck Drivers To Deliver What We Need, Airport Service. We Tend To Take All Of That For Granted.

In Order For Things To Keep Moving And Working. People Play A Huge Part In That. We Keep Economy Flowing. The Moment We Stop Working, The Moment Our Country Loses. Everything Fails.

No Matter How Rich You Are. Everyone Will Feel This Pain.

We Have To Start Realizing, That We Are Blessed. Be Thanking For The Things, You Think Are Small. But In Reality,

Nothing Is Small When It Comes To Living.



Hello And Good A.M. To You. Hope You’re Making Your Day, Full Of Positive Energy And Great Memories. 

I Never Really Knew What B-12 Was. Until I Became Vegan Eight Months Ago. I’m In A Vegan Group On Facebook, Where Everyone Share’s Every Detail About Their Journey On Health Eating.

From Skin Issues, Energy Levels, Digestion Etc. I Really Enjoy The Group And I’ve Learned So Many Things.

I’ve Heard A lot Of People Talking About B-12 Deficiency, And How Vegan Lack B-12.

I Found Out That B-12 Is A Nutrient That Helps Keep The Body’s Nerve And Blood Cells Healthy. It Helps Make DNA, The Genetic Material In All Cells. It’s A Type Of Anemia, That Makes People Tired And Weak.

The Body Requires B-12 To Work Properly.  B-12 Can Be Found In Foods Such As Meat, Fish, And Dairy.

B-12 Can Be Taking For Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s, Slows Down Aging, And Boost Mood, Energy, Concentration, Mental Function And The Immune System. Its Also Used For Heart Disease, Clogged Arteries, Diabetic Nerve Damaged In The Hands And Feet, Sleep Disorder, Depression, Mental Disorder, Weak Bones, Aids, Inflammatory Bowl Disease, Diarrhea, Asthma, Allergies, Skin Disease And The List Goes On.

There Are Signs For B-12 Deficiency. So Pay Attention To Your Body.

-Extreme Fatigue

-Lack Of Energy

-Lack Of Appetite



-Ringing In The Ears

-Feeling Out Of Breath



Yellow Skin

We’re With Our Bodies Our Whole Life, And Know Nothing About It. Learn About How The Heart, Kidney, Liver, Lungs, Brain, Bladder, Stomach, Intestines, Pancreas All Works. Its Important. Most Of All. Stay Positive In Everything You Do.

We’ve All Heard Of Inflammation.

Its That Special Day Again. That Day We Have Lived To See. I’m So Thankful For It. Hope You Are To.

Lets Talk About Inflammation, It’s A Physical Condition, In Which Part Of The Body Becomes Reddened, Swollen, Hot And Often Painful. Especially As A Reaction To injury Or Infection.

I Didn’t Know That The Word Inflammation Traces Back To The Latin For “Set Afire” Chronic Inflammation Is Seen In Many Diseases And Condition.

Inflammation Are Seen In Type 2 Diabetes, Which It Makes It Harder For The Body To Use Insulin. Inflamed Arteries Are Common Among People With Heart Disease. Chronic Brain Inflammation Is Often Seen In People With Dementia.

Inflammation Can Show Up, When The Body Is Fighting Off Infection. And The Foods You Eat Affects How Much Inflammation You Have As Well.

But There Are Ways To Fight Inflammation. It Starts With Our Diet And Being Active.

Here Are A List Of Foods That Help Fight Inflammation.





-Avocado Oil






-Flaxseed Oil

-Cumin Seeds



-Coconut Oil

-Bell Pepper








-Brown Rice






-Sweet Potatoes














-Cayenne Pepper

Improving Our Health, Is The Best Thing We Could Have Ever Done. Let’s Stay Positive About It, And With Hard Work. We Will Win.

Appreciate The Mom’s.

Good Morning To A Bunch Of Amazing People. Its Raining On My Side Of The World  But Its Still A Beautiful Day.

Let’s Talk About All The Wonderful Mother’s. The Mother’s That Keep Everything Together, Running Smoothly, Taking Care Of The Children, The Home, The Husbands. And Working. You All Literally Are Some Super Mother’s. Wow! If No One Else, Has Told You Today That They Appreciate You. I Do. Your Doing A Great Job.

Words From My Mom. At This Very Second, Her Thoughts On Mother Hood. Shout Out To My Mom, Ms. Murphy.

Motherhood Is A Consistent Job Which Never Ends. Picture Taking Care Of Yourself, Which Will Entail How You Take Care Of Your Children. You Have To Be Strong, Trustworthy, Compassion, And Have Understanding, And Be Supportive. Most Of All A Loving Mother Is Always There. ( My Mom Has Always, Been There For My Brother And Sister And I ) We Can Always Count On Her. We Love You Momma.

I Know There Is A Lot Of People Out There, That Love Their Mom’s As Much As I Do. But Some Times We Get So Wrapped Up In Work And Our Own Children, That We Sometimes Forget To Show Her.

It Really Doesn’t, Take Much To Show Them, How Much We Love Them. Time Means Everything To Them. Well It Does For My Mom. Make Sure To Express How You Feel About Her. Tell Her How Much You Love Her.

Don’t Just Show Love On Mother’s Day, Or Her Birthday. She’s Special Everyday. Thank Her For All Her Advice Over The Years. Do Something Special For Her Often. She Deserve It.

Bring Her Flowers, Wash Her Car, Go To Her House And Make Breakfast, Take Her Out To Dinner, Give Her Chocolates, (Not If She’s Diabetic Though)img_20180506_173449.

Where Would We Be Without Our Mother’s? I Don’t Even Want To Imagine. Have A Awesome Day. Call Or Drop By Your Mom’s House Today. She Will Love It.




Is There A Definition To Love.

Good Afternoon Awesome People, Of Every Part Of The World. You Truly Matter, Don’t Ever Forget That.

Let’s Look Into Some Things About Love. I Use To Wonder About The Word Love. Wasn’t To Sure What It Meant To Me. Never Knew How To Explain It.

Use To Believe That Love Was Suppose To Hurt. Due To My Ex-Husband. Thought He Knew Best, Because He Was Seven Years Older Than I. What A Dumb Thought.

I Was Twenty Three When We We’re Married. I Had No Clue About Anything At That Age. I Should Have Never Been Married. I Know It May Have Worked Out With Some People, But For Me, Huge Mistake.

When You Really Take At Look At Love, It Means Different Things For Everyone. Well My Opinion, Love Is Viewed Many Ways.

You Have A Person’s Love, Material Love, Friend Love, Family Love, Romantic Love, Love For Junk Food, Love For Clothing, Shoe’s, Jewelry.  It Can Go On And On.

Love Has Such Great Importance To People. We Are Taught From A Young Age, About Love. Love Is When You Really, Really Like Something. See The Tricky Thing About Love, Is That Its, A One Main Word, That is Used To Cover Such A Diversity Of Meaning.

When We Say  “I Love You” Do We Have Any Idea Of What We Are Actually Saying. Or Are We Just Saying Words That We’ve, Been Conditioned To Say, Since We Were Little Kids. Mmmmm. Think About It.

You Do Know That Love, Is Constantly Changing Depending On The Situation Or Person. Mmmmm. Think About It.

But I Do Think That Love, Is An Abstract Emotion Or Feelings That Is Profoundly Tender And Passionate. Love Can Be A Personal Affection Or Attachment Of Sort.

Love Is What Everyone, Really Wants To Experience With Others. Some People Love Someone, Due To How They Look, Carry Themselves, Their Eye’s, Shoulders, Their Cute Butt, Hips, Thighs, Small Waist, Long Hair, And The List Goes On.

If You’re Married Or Have A GF/BF. Why Do You Love Them?  Male And Female Are Constantly Trying To Come Together, At The Same Time.

Do You Know Why? I Think It Has To Do With The Physical, Touch, Smell, Trying To Become One. Trying To Feel A Connection. But They Really Don’t Have Anything In Common.

The Only Thing They Have,  Is That Their Opposites. Most Of The Times There Is No Similarities. No Common Ground, But The Attraction Of The Opposite Is Always There. That’s The Sexual Part.

Who Doesn’t Enjoy The Sexual Part Of The Relationship. Most Times Its Only That. But Some Old People, Don’t Rely On Sex Like Most. They Just Enjoy The Company And Conversation.

It’s Just The Opposite, Are Making An Attempt To Become One. Just The Pleasure, So We Try To Find Things, That Both Of You Like. We Like The Same Kind Of Ice Cream, The Same Color, Music, Football Team. But So Does You And Millions Of Other People.

Their We Go Again, Trying To Find Common Ground. There Is No Common Ground, You Just Have To Learn To Enjoy The Opposite As It Is. Be Happy And Know That Person Will Make You Upset Sometimes, You Will Bump Heads. And Other Times, You Will Be So Lovely Toward Each Other.

World Facts.

Good A.M. Awesome People. Have You Found How Great You Are Today. If Not, Keep Looking.

Lets Talk About Some “World Facts.”

Did You Know That A Person Dies, Of Hungry Every Ten Seconds.

Or Going Without Water May Take Up To A Week To Ten Days To Reach Death, But If In Extremely Hot Dry Areas,This May Occur Far Faster.

Starvation Will Take Much Longer, It Will Take About 30-40 Days On Average.

This Was The Most Shocking To Me. That Babies Are Born Every Second. Wow. 361,481 Babies Are Born Each Day Around The World. That’s 251 Babies Born World Wide Per Minute. Isn’t That Awesome.

Or That Every Year The Flu Kills 12,000 To 56,000 People And Send As Many As 70,000 To The Hospital.

Its Very Heartbreaking To Know That, 21% Of Teen Drivers Are Involved In Fatal Accidents. And That They Were Distracted By Their Cell Phones. My Love And Compassion Goes Out To The Families, That Have Lost Their Children In These Horrible Accidents.

Just A Couple More World Facts.

I Think Most People Know This, But If Not, Here You Go. There Are Seven Continents.

Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America And South America.

There Are One Hundred Billion Galaxies According To The Best Astronomers. And That We Have Eight Planets In The Solar System.









All Of The Things Mentioned Plays A Huge Part In Our World Today. Knowing Little Facts, That Are  Never Spoken About Does Matter To.


Learning (You).

10:44 A.M. Over My Way. Nice Bright Sunday Morning. Hope You All Are Enjoying Your Part Of The World As Well.

I Have Several Friends And Family Members, That Just Don’t Know Who They Are. They Don’t Understand Life, Peace, What They Stand For, What They Believe Or Believe In.

I Know That, There Are Other People Out There, That Just Don’t Know As Well. It’s Okay It’s Not The End Of The World. It Takes Some Longer To Find Themselves, Than Others.

Your Still Awesome. You Just Don’t Understand You Yet. I Remember Going Back And Forward With Myself In My Early 20’s Trying To Understand Nita. And What I Stood For.

I Just Had Some Flash Backs, On How I Use To Allow People To Treat Me. It Was Horrible. I Can Believe I Let It Happened. Back Then, I Didn’t Love And Care About Myself At All. What Everybody Else Thought Mattered, I Was Living For People.

But Today. I Be Damned, If I Ever Take That Life Back. My Life Is More Meaningful, Determined, Has Value And Worth, Definition. I Love Me. That’s The Best Part Of It.

When You Don’t Love Yourself, You Allow People, To Treat You The Way They Want To. When You Cherish You. You Show Them How To Treat You. You Have To Stand Up For Yourself, You Have To Know What You Deserve.

So Here Are Some Ways To Learn You. Get In A Quiet Place, Several Times A Week. Think Of All The Bad Times,  You Allowed Someone To Mistreat You. Find The Reason Why You Allowed It. Then Think Of The New Reasons Why You Will Never Allow People To Mistreat You Again.

Think Of Things That Make You Happy, And Know That Your Suppose To Be. All The People You Love, Reach Out To Them, Tell Them How Much You Love Them. In Return You Will Feel Happy About It.

Learn How To Turn Negative Into A Positive. Because Positive Is Never To Far Away. Think Of Ways To Improve, What You Dislike About Yourself. Everything Is About Change When Your Trying To Improve You.

Take Responsibility For Your Actions. Learn More, Read More. Learn About Your False Beliefs, The Teaching That You Gain From Others About Superstitious.

Step On A Crack Break Your Mama’s Back. You Know The Once’s. Erase Those Things From Your Mind. There Only Holding You Back.

Look At Your Strength And Weaknesses. Examine Your Priorities, Notice How You Talk About Yourself, Let Go Of Your Defensiveness, Always Be Honest With Yourself, Listen To You, Experience Life, Have Fun You Deserve It. Most Of All Stay Positive. Have A Amazing Day.