Welcome to Nita’s World

Hello and welcome to “Just Nita”. In this blog I will be giving a daily positive push, because isn’t that what we all need to get thru life’s ups and downs. I started this blog in order to share my positive energy with those who could use it. I thank you for visiting and being a part of my journey and welcome you to come back every day for your dose of Just Nita.


Just Checking On You.

Good Morning Everybody. Hope You All Slept Well, Have The Energy You Need To Start Your Day.

Also Hope You Have The Positive Energy, To Go Along With Your Day. Letting Nothing Or Anyone To Change How You Feel.

Have A Amazing Day Everyone. Just Checking On You Awesome People.

Just Because Of Today.

Hey Hey, Good Saturday Morning To You. For Some, It May Even Be Sunday Morning.

Whatever Day It Is. You’ve Lived To See It. That’s What Makes Life So Amazing. There Is Nothing Else Like Life.

Having The Mindset Of Only Seeing The Positivity In Things, Makes Life More Peaceful. It’s Time To Appreciate Everything, That Everyone Else Takes For Granted.

So “Just Because Of Today” Let Appreciate The Small Things, Like.

-Breakfast In Bed.

-A Smile From A Stranger.

-Children Playing.

-People Showing You Kindness.

-Your Favorite Music.

-Opportunity To Be Creative.

-Your Favorite Food.

-The Beauty Of The Sunrise And Sunset.

-Extra Sleep.

-A Massage.

-Your Pets.

-Holding Your Lover Hand.

-Flowers Or a Gift.

-Warm, Sunny Days.

-Long Hot Baths.

-Dancing Around The House.

-Extra Money In Your Pocket.

-Doing Things You Love.

-Clean Sheets.

-The Sound Of Rain.

The Smell Of Cookies Baking.

Its All About The Small Things, Recognize Them Before They Become What You Had. And Most Of All Appreciate Them, They Count As Well.

Have A Awesome Day Everybody.


Learning New Things About Your Children.

Good Morning Everybody. We’re Here Another Day To Experience Life. Get Things Right And Show Love.

This Topic Here Is For Our Babies. I Call All Children Babies, No Matter How Old They Are. They All Are So Amazing In Their Own Way.

We Have To Start Recognizing Them More. And Showing Them How Much We Love Them. If Their Not Getting It From Us. Then Who Will They Get It From. We Are Their Support System. They Need Us.

I Know They Worry Us, Or Their Just Not Doing Right. You Dislike The Way They Dress Or Their Hair Styles. But At The End Of The Day. Their Still Your Children, And They Need You.

We Think We Know Our Children, But We Don’t Know As Much As We Think. Let’s Learn More About Them And Try To Understand Them More. Remember We We’re Once Children To.

So Here Are Some Questions, You Can Ask Your Babies, Even The Little Ones If They Can Speak.

-The Foods You Like And Dislike.

-Who Is Your Best Friend?

-What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

-What Embarrasses You Most About Our Family?

-What Do You Fear Most?

-What Do You Enjoy Doing?

-What Kind Of Music You Like?

-What’s You’re Favorite Song?

-What Makes You Angry?

-What Do You Appreciate The Most About Each Member In Our Family?

-Who Is Your Favorite Super Hero?

-What Is Your Favorite Color?

-What Is Your Happiest Memory?

-What Can Mommy Or Daddy Do To Become a Better Parent?

-Are You Afraid Of Anything?

-What Is Your Favorite Animal?

-When You Grow Up, Who You Like To Get Married Or Have Children?

-What’s Your Favorite Holiday?

-Are You Excited To Live Your Life?

We Truly Have To Learn Them And The Things That They Go Through. People Think Children Don’t Battle With Things. They Have Emotions That They Don’t Understand And Don’t Know How To Deal With Them.

This Is Where The Parents Step In And Show Them, The Ways To Deal With Things. Its All About Support And Love When It Comes To Our Babies. And Stop Thinking They Should Know Something And You Haven’t Taught Them.

Support, Support, Support. Have A Awesome Day Everybody.

Being Joyful.

Good A.M. To The Bunch Of Amazing People. Are You Prepared For The Day? No Matter What Issues Comes Your Way, Defeat Them With A Positive Attitude.

Quick Question. How Joyful Are You? Does Situations Or People Ruin Your Day Often?

I Noticed That People Really Think, That They Have Large Issues. But When You Pay Attention, They’re Really Not That Big. Some People Are Fighting For Their Lives, Trying To Heal From Sicknesses, Over Come Death In Their Families.

Most Of The Large Issues, People Are So Down About And Stressing Over Are.

-What Job Should I Take.

-Should I Marry Him Or Her.


-Their Roommate Sucks.

-Credit Card Issues.

-Friends And Family That Don’t Support Us.

Those Are Little Things In Your Life, When Compared To Something Much More Serious. It’s All About, What We Make Out Of Them.

Out Of Every Experience In Life, We Can Make A Good Experience Or a Curse Experience. It’s Truly All Up To You.

It’s Nothing Wrong With This Or That. We Just Make Misery Out Of Everything. This Is The Problem.

We Have To Find Away Not To Make Misery Out Of Everything. Then We Will Be Fine. We Have To Start, Seeing The Beauty In Life And Becoming More Positive And Not Allowing Things To Turn Us Off and On. One Minute We’re Happy, The Next We’re Mad. We Have To Get Our Emotions Under Control.

Happiness Isn’t Just A State Of Mind, It’s The Basic Of Quality Of Life You Live Here. (Sadhguru Said That) This Is So True For Me. I’ve Learned To Live In That World.

It’s Time For A Change. So Let’s Change The Way We Think. So Our Lives Can Change. Without Change We Stay The Same.




Smiling More.

Afternoon Everybody. How’s Everyone Feeling Today. I Hope Wonderful.

Let’s Chat A Minute About “Smiling More”. Let’s First Define The Word Smile. Well A Smile Is A Powerful Chemical Reaction In The Brain. That Can Make You Feel Happier.

Smiling And Laughing Can Lift Your Mood, Lower Stress, Boost Your Immune System. It Makes You Look Attractive, Your

Smile Also Says a Great Deal About You. Smiling Helps You Make A Better Impression.

It Also Make You More Approachable, More Confident. Smiling Spreads Joy, Smiling Attracts More Positive Energy, Makes You More Youthful. We All Need That Huh? Lol. Your Smile Can Lighten The Mood Of Any Situation You Find Yourself In.

Here Are A Few Quotes I Like About Smiling.

-Thank You For Being The Reason I Smile.

-I Fall For Your Smile Every Single Time.

-You Are Someone Reason To Smile.

-You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile.

-A Smile Is The Best Make Up, Any Girl Can Wear. (((My Favorite Quote)))

Let’s Smile More And Most Of All, Your Smile Is Important, No Matter How Many Other People Are Smiling. Have A Awesome Day Everybody.



Speaking Positive Words To Yourself.

Good Morning. It’s Another Day We Have Lived To Experience.

Hope All Is Well With Everyone Today. If It’s Not, Let’s Get Back On Track. Recreate Your Day With Your Positive Mind.

Let’s Speak Life Into Us Today. “Speaking Positive Words To Yourself”

-I’m Beautiful.

-I’m Handsome.

-I Can Do What It Takes, To Get To Where I Want To Be.

-I’m Smart.

-I Will Create A Better Life For My Family And I.

-I Want Give Up.

-I Can Eat Healthier And I Will.

-I Want Let Nothing Stop Me.

-I Can Show Love Ans Compassion Unto Others.

-I Want Hold Myself Back This Time.

-I Appreciate My Life.

-I Care About Me.

-I Choose To Win.

-Negative Thinking Want Take Over My Life.

Your Brain Is Willing To Learn New Things. It’s Up To You, To Teach It.

Have A Awesome Day Everyone.

Enjoying Your Day.

Good Afternoon. Just Checking On Everyone. Hope You’re “Enjoying Your Day” Hope You’re Smiling And Most Of All Thinking Positive. What You Think About The Most, Is What You Attract.

So If You’re Constantly Thinking. I’m Always Broke, I Never Have Money. Then You Have A Poverty Mindset.Then Guess What. You’re Subconscious Mind Thinks That’s Who You Are. You Will Never Have Money And That’s What You Attract.

So Think Positive And Think Wealthy. So That You Will Attract That Into Your Life. What You Think About The Most, That’s What You Attract Into You’re Life.

So Change You’re Thoughts. It Will Change What Is Stored In Your Subconscious.



Learning To Become Happier.

Well Hello To A Bunch Of Awesome People, All Over The World.

We Have To Stop Comparing Ourselves To Others, We’re All Amazing. In My Opinion.

But What I Really Wanted To Talk About Shortly. Is “Learning To Become Happier” There Are So Many People, That Aren’t Happy. They Can’t Find It. Their Worrying And Stressing So Much. This Isn’t How Life Suppose To Be.

We’ve Gotten In A Pattern Of Just Working Hard And Never Enjoying Anything. We’re So Serious And Don’t Have Time To Laugh. We’re Aging Faster, Hair Turning Gray, Bones And Joints Constantly Hurting, Not Eating Healthy, Not Spending Time With The Family, Kids Are Tired Of Your Angry And Complaining. So What Are You Going To Do?

Do You Honestly Think Life Is Suppose To Be Like This? If Yes, Then News Flash Its Not.

You Have To Learn To Enjoy Every Second That You Breath. Because It Isn’t Promise To You. The Same Death That Millions Of People Experience, You Could One Day As Well. So Be Thankful For Life.

Stop Being So Serious About Everything. Your The Only One Think Your Seriousness Is Important. Let Your Hair Done And Relax, Most Of All (((Smile))).

Let’s Improve Our Happiness By Doing These Simple Things.

-Give Yourself A Confidence Boost.

-Learn How To Feel Better About Yourself.

-Create Balance In Your Life.

-Stop Having Burnouts.

-Learn To Leave The Office Early Sometimes.

-Spend More Time With The Kids And Family.

-Express Your Love To Someone More.

-Let Others Know You Appreciate Them.

-Think Positive.

-Be Kind And Nice To Yourself.

-Enjoy Your Days Off.

-Don’t Bring Your Work Home.

-Slowly Remove Negative Thoughts And Patterns.

-Find Clarity.

-Pay Attention To The Good

-Be Yourself, Never Pretend.

Let’s Be Happy You All. We Deserve It.



Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Good Morning. Hope You All Have An Amazing Thanksgiving. Enjoy Your Family And Friends. Show All Of Your Love And Compassion And Understanding To All. Most Of All Stay Positive.

Let Me Know What Your Thankful For.

I’m Thankful For, Life And Every Second That I Breath. I’m Thankful For My Family And Friends. Thankful I’m Able To Laugh, Love, Thankful For People That Are Positive In My Life, Roof Over My Head, My Health, Great Friends, The Sun Shine, Waking Up This Morning, My Eye Sight. And Much Much More.

So Let Me Know What Your Thankful For.


The Mind.

Hello To Everyone. Good Afternoon To You. Hope You All Started Your Day Off With Positive Thoughts. If Not, It’s Not to Late.

I’ve Been Sitting And Thinking About How Our Minds Work. Even Did Some Research On The Mine And Brain.

Read A Lot Of Interesting Things. But Still Not To Clear About How It Works. But What I Did Read About.

The Mind Is Of Consciousness, Perception, Thinking, Judgement, Language And Memory.

When You First Open Your Eye’s, And You Hear The Birds Chirping Or Feeling The Fresh Morning Air On Your Face, All It Means Is Your Conscious, You’re Aware What’s Happening.

When We’re Conscious Like This, We Understand What’s Going On.

That’s Why We Live In The Past So Much. Our Memory Is To Thank For That.Everything We Learn It’s From Reading Or Hearing. The Mind Is Like A Huge Recorder.

Have You Ever Wonder Why, You Can’t Stay Focused On One Thing. Your Sitting In A Class Or A Meeting, And The Mind Is Wondering All Over┬áThe Place.In The Past In The Future. It Just Want Sit Still.

Just Think For A Minute, Out Of An 8 Hour Work Day. How Many Hours Do You Really Work? And How Many Hours, You’re Thinking About Something Else. The Mind Will Work, Even If You Don’t Want It To.

You May Be Wondering What’s The Difference Between The Mind And The Brain. I Know I Did.

Well It’s Stated That The Mind Is Part Of the Invisible Transcendent World. Which Is Of Thought, Feelings, Attitude, Belief And Imagination.

And The Brain Is The Physical Organ Most Associated With Mind And Consciousness. But The Mind Is Not Confined To The Brain.

Guess I Will Be Checking Out Some Book On The Mind And Brain. To Get A Better Understanding.

But If Someone Else, Can Explain It More To Me. I Would Love To Hear More About It. And Thank In Advanced.