Welcome to Nita’s World

Hello and welcome to “Just Nita”. In this blog I will be giving a daily positive push, because isn’t that what we all need to get thru life’s ups and downs. I started this blog in order to share my positive energy with those who could use it. I thank you for visiting and being a part of my journey and welcome you to come back every day for your dose of Just Nita.


Personal Life.

Afternoon World. Sitting Home Watching Movies Today. Thinking About How Everything That Has Happened With Me.

I’ve Had A Long Stressful Two Weeks. Been Thinking About Things More Than I Really Wanted Too.

Trying To Stay Positive About Everything. But Confused About A Lot.

The Things I’m Going Through, I Caused Them. And I Know That I Did. So Now I Have To Fix Them.

I Do Blame Myself. And It’s My Fault. But I Have Forgiving Me. And Learned From This.

When We Make Mistakes, We Tend To Drag Ourselves Down And It Isn’t Okay To Do This. We’re Not Perfect, And It’s Okay If We Mess Up.

Just Make Sure We Learn From It. Your Not Going To Do Things Right Always. Believe Me I Know. Lol.

I Want To Say Happy Father’s Day. To All The Father’s Around The World.

You All Have A Amazing Day.


Good Morning Everybody. Haven’t Been On In Awhile.

But I’m Back To Share Some Exciting News.

I Will Be Speaking On BlakCrownRadio Today, About Positive Thinking And How It Can Change Your Life.

If You Know You Want Change And Just Not Sure How To Start The Process.

You May Want To Change. Your Attitude, Health, Eating Habits, Even Just Simple Exercising Habits.

Everything Truly Does Start With The Way You Think. In Order To Get What You Want.

So Feel Free To Tune In Today At 2:30 Eastern Time. I Will Put The Link Down Below.


And Thanks Everybody. Enjoy Your Day.

Your Emotions.

Great Morning To You. It’s Nothing Like A New Day Of Life. Another Opportunity To Learn And Gain More Knowledge And Learning From Our Mistakes.

Let’s Talk Shortly About These Emotions Of Ours.

They Control Our Whole Mindset. And If We’re Not Careful With Them .They Can Control Our Lives.

We Can Get Really Sensitive About A lot Of Things. Our Minds Can Start To Wonder, And We Can Even Make Ourselves Upset Just From A Thought.

We Can Sit And Think About Things From Our Past And Begin To Cry, Because We Remember How Someone May Have Treated Us.

We Can Allow People To Upset Us. They Can Piss Us Off Whenever They Like And We Allow This To Happen All The Time.

It’s Truly About Controlling Your Thoughts And Emotions. Not Allowing People To Switch Us Off And On Whenever They Like.

Start Training Your Mind To Let Things Go And Not Be Bothered By Things.

If You’re In Your Emotions All The Time. That Means Anything Can Control You And How You Feel.

Break Through. Become Stronger In The Mind. So People Want Be Able To Control Your Emotions At Any Giving Time.

Alright Everybody Have An Amazing Day.

2:00 A. M.

2:00 a. m. And Sleep Will Not Come. My Mind Is Clear, I’m Not Stressing Or Worrying About Anything.

I’m Not To Sure Why I’m Up. But Since Im Up, I Got A lot Of Reading Done And Even Wrote Two Speeches, Cleaned Out My Closet, And Organized A lot Of Papers I Have.

Well I Guess I Will Stay On Up. I Usually Get Up Around Five A.M. This Will Be A Head Start On Today For Me.

When You All Awake. Make Sure You Start Your Day With Some Positive Thoughts.

Have A Awesome Day Everybody.


Motivating Ourselves.

Hey Everybody. Hope You’re Enjoying This Sunny Day, On This Outstanding Sunday.

Lets Rant About “Motivating Ourselves”

Believe Me, I Know About Lack Of Motivating. How You Can’t Seem To Get Started.

We Know What We Have To Do. But We’re Not Doing It. We Will Sit On The Couch For Hours, Lay In Bed, Watch TV Or Even Playing On Our Phones.

We Have Great Ideas And Plans. We Just Need To Get Started.

So Here Are Some Great Ways, That Helped Me To Become Motivated.

*We Have To Get Moving First.

(((FORCE))) Yourself To Get Up And Do Something.

Seek Inspiration. Find A Motivational Speaker, There Are Plenty On YouTube. There Are Tons Of Books To Read About Inspiration And Uplifting Yourself.

Eliminate Negativity. Focus On Life Style Changes, Find Things That Make You Happy, Dream About Your Success Coming True, Become A Better Person We All Can Improve Ourselves, Smile More From Within. Keep A Positive Attitude.

Find You A Buddy. Someone That Helps Push You.

Take Pride In What Your Becoming. This Also Helps With Motivation And Self-esteem.

Get Yourself To A Happier State Of Mind, This Will Keep You Moving Forward On A Consistent Basis.

Work Your Hardest To Live Your Purpose. You Deserve That.

Enjoy The Rest Of Your Sunday.





Here’s Night Time.

Here’s Night Time, That Calm Night Has Inched In. Your Body Has Relaxed, oh And How Your Mind Has Slowed Down.

The Moon Has Lit The Sky. The Birds Are Asleep In Their Nest. We Want Hear Them Again Until Sunrise.

So Get In Your Comfy Beds. Close Your Eyes And Dream About Paradise.

Goodnight All.

If You Own A Business. Any Tips Are Welcomed. Thank You.

Good Morning Positive Speaking People. I Hope You’re Speaking Positive Things.

I Know That There Are Millions Of People Out There,

That Are Successful In The Business World.

And Even For The People That Are New Beginners. I Would Love To Hear Your Advice. Your Do’s And Dont’s Are Important.

Thanks Everyone. Enjoy Your Day.

Cayenne Pepper, No Meat, No Dairy. Healthier Life.

Good Morning World. I Hope You Were Able To Awake With An Appreciation Of Living To See A New Day.

Wanted To Talk Shortly About ” Cayenne Pepper’s “. And The Reason For That. Is Because I’ve Been Taking It For A Few Months Now.

Last Year I Started Doing Some Research On Natural Herbs From The Earth. And They Really Do Work, Especially If Your Eating Health And Drinking Water.

I Was Having A lot Of Health Issues. From Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Nerve Damages In One Of My Hands Do To Having Diabetes, Over Weight, Skin Issues, Just To Many Issues. That I Caused Myself.

From Not Taking Care Of Me And Eating Whatever I Wanted. When You Think You Will Be Ok. Your Body And Health Will Show You Differently.

What We’re Eating, Are Truly Causing Our Health Problems.

I Hear Tons Of People Saying. Well Health Problems Runs In My Family. My Uncle Has Diabetes, My Mom Has High Blood Pressure. That’s Why I Have It.

Have You Ever Thought. Well All Of Us Do Eat The Same Way. That’s Why All Of Us Are Sick. No You Probably Haven’t. Because I Never Did.

Each Family Have The Same Issues You Have. So If Everyone Has The Same Health Issues And You Never Meet These People Or Has No Family Blood Line That Connects You All. I Wonder What Could It Be.

Hmmmm.I know ((((FOOD))). Doctors Tells Us It’s Hereditary Why We’re Sick And Unhealthy.

Well, Let Me Just Tell You My Story. Most Hear What I Say. But Don’t Feel Like They Should Change Their Eating Habit’s. And Its Okay. Because I Didn’t Listen Either. I Avoided My Warning Signs To.

Out Of Everything That Was Wrong With Me. I Still Ate What I Wanted. And Suffered Everyday With My Health Problems. Then I Was Left To Fight Them. And I Wasn’t Winning. They Were Destroying Me.

Started Having Lots Of Digestion Problems. Couldnt Pass My Bowels. This Was The Worst Pain Ever. Not Being Able To Move

My Bowels In A Month. I Was So Sick Y’all. Everything I Took Wasn’t Working.

Here Is Where I Just Couldn’t Take It Anymore. I Was Tired Of Being Sick. For 15 Years Pain In My Colon.

I Woke Up January 20th 2018. That’s It. I’m Done With Meat And Dairy. Because Those Truly Were The Causes Of My Health Issues.

Seven Months Into Not Eating Animal Produce. My Health Begin To Improve. I Was Completely Shocked.

Went And Saw My Doctor. He Did My Blood Work. Came Back For My Results. He Says. Well Ms. Murphy. Some Of Your Health Issues Has Turned Around. But I Want To Keep A Check On Them.

Your Numbers Are Fine. But For Now Don’t Take Your Cholesterol, Water Pill Or Aspirin. And Only Take One Of Your Blood Pressure Medication. I Said Ok.

Came Back In A Month Did Another Test. Got The Result. Same Thing. Came Back Two Month Same Result.

So That Last Blood Test. Alright. We Have To Change Some Things. I’m Taking You Off One Of The Blood Pressure Pills. And Only Take Half Of The Second One. Don’t Talk The Water Pill, Aspirin or Cholesterol Pill. And Your Insulin. Take Only 12 units In The Morning And 14 units At Bed Time. That Only 26 units A Day. I Was Taking 40units A Day.

I Was So Proud Of Myself. For Fighting My Urges. It Was Hard. I Mean Hard. I’m Still Taking The Same Amount Of Insulin. And My Other Blood Pressure Pill Has Lowered Again. I’m Still Fight To Come Off Those Last Two Medications. And Also Has Lost 43lb. I Want To Lose More So I’ve Joined The Gym.

I Didn’t Forget About The Cayenne Peppers. They’ve Helped With Circulation In My Hand A lot.

But Here Are Some Other Things Cayenne Pepper Assist In.

Boost Your Metabolism, Helps Reduce Hungry, Lowers Blood Pressure, Digestive Health, Relieves Pain, Psoriasis, Reduce Cancer Risk, Burns Calories,Relieves Congestion, Colds, Flu And Much More.

You Also Can Use Cayenne Pepper, Lemon Juice And Water To Do A Body Detox.

Read Up On It Everyone. Eat Health And Let’s Heal Ourselves. Pharmaceuticals Prefer You To Be Sick.

Use Those Brilliant Minds And Just Think For Yourself Sometimes. Your Brain Really Does Work.

Have A Great Y’all.





Afternoon Guys And Gals.

How Is Your Saturday Going? Mines Very Relaxing. I Didn’t Do Anything Today.

I Got Some Much Needed Rest. Watching Movies Now. One Of My Favorite Things To Do.

I’m Watching. What Lies Beneath. With Harrison Ford And Michelle Pfeiffer. I’ve Always Love This Movie. I Know I’ve Probably Watched It About 20 Times Through The Years.

Next I Will Watch. I,Robot With Will Smith. Great Movie As Well. Lots Of Future Information In There. I Think.

Not Really Hungry. So No Cooking Today. I Will Just Eat Some Fruit. And Drink Some Lemon Water.

Just Wanted To See How Everyone Is Doing Today. Tell Me About Your Day, If You Like.

Don’t Cause Your Own Problems.

Hello And Good Morning To Some Amazing People.

What A Blessing It Is To See A New Day. I’m Grateful For Another Day Of Life,That Wasn’t Promised To Any Of Us.

I Had A Conversation With A Friend Of Mine About. Causing Your Own Problems. She Really Wasn’t Sure About What I Was Talking About.

The Example I Gave Her Was.

Getting So Upset That You Say Things You Regret Later. And How You Hurt People With Your Words.

These Issues Causing Problems In Your Relationship And Friendships. And With You Losing Control And Your Emotions Taking Over.

You Hurt Your Loves Ones. And They Remember How You Made Them Feel. So It Makes Them Want To Detach From You Or Only Deal With You When Have Too.

You All May Have Had A Good Relationship. But Because Of You Not Having Your Emotions Under Control. It Can Cause Things Between You All To Be Different.

This Goes For Marriage’s, Friendship’s, Daughter’s, Mother’s, Son’s, Coworker’s Relationship’s.

Slow Down And Think Before You Speak. So You Don’t Cause Your Own Problems. Then Have To Fight Them, To Make Them Right.

Most Time The Damage Is Already Done. And Most People Want Look At You The Same Or Respect You.

I’ve Had My Share In Messing Up Things. Because Of My Mouth In The Past.

I Said Whatever Came To My Mind. And That Was A Horrible Thing To Do. But I’ve Learned My Lesson. I’ve Got My Emotions And Feeling Under Control.

That It Self. Changed My Life. Only If We As People, Could Tone Our Talking Down By 50%. We Truly Would Stop A Lot Of Issues And Problem Causes Down In Our Lives.

But People Just Don’t Know How To Be Quite. We Always Have To Make A Point, We Have To Prove We’re Right, We Want People To Know,That We Know What We’re Talking About.

Its Really All Pointless. It Causes Arguments And Disappointment. Because We’re Fighting For What We Believe In Or What We Think Is Right.

We’re All Different. And Have Different Opinions. It Doesn’t Mean They All Have To Be Discussed Amongst Each Other.

What You Believe And Feel. Its For You. This Is A Reason Why I Never Discuss Religion With People. It Totally Gets Blown Out Of Hand. We’re All Trying To Defend What We Believe.

We Have To Become Mature Enough To Realize Everyone Will Never Agree With You Totally About Everything. That’s Why We’re All Different.

Can You Image What The World Would Be Like If We All Thought The Same, Felt The Same. Lol. Crazy Right.

But Let’s Just Be More Mindful About What We Say To Others. Because Words Do Hurt.

Whoever Said Sticks And Stone Will Break Your Body’s, But Words Will Never Hurt You. Couldn’t Have Been A Human Being.

Just My Opinion. Lol. I’ve Cried Many Times Over What A Person Has Said To Me.

Let’s Not Cause Our Own Problems. Because Of Us Not Knowing How To Be Quite.

Have A Great Everybody.