Welcome to Nita’s World

Hello and welcome to “Just Nita”. In this blog I will be giving a daily positive push, because isn’t that what we all need to get thru life’s ups and downs. I started this blog in order to share my positive energy with those who could use it. I thank you for visiting and being a part of my journey and welcome you to come back every day for your dose of Just Nita.



Loving Yourself

New Day. New Love For Yourself. To Be Beautiful It Means To Be Yourself. You Don’t Need To Be Accepted By Others. You Need To Accept Yourself.

There Are Ways To Build Love For Yourself.

Begin Your Day With Positive Speaking. Tell Yourself, Your Beautiful Inside and Out.

Don’t Start Your Day With (Technology) Start it with Love. Talk Yourself Happy. Be Honest With Yourself.

Let Your Mind, Allow you To Love. Accept Who You Are. If You dislike Who You Are.  You Have The Power To Change That.

Forgive Yourself. Move On To A New And Improved You. You Deserve It.

Only Seeing The Bad

Good A.M. Everybody.

So Many Bad Things Goes On Around Us. In Our Families and Friends Lives, On Our Jobs. In The News.

Its a Constant Reminder, That Bad things Will Exist In This World.

We Have To Start Building Peace Within Ourselves. Stop Looking at The Bad That’s Surround Us.

Begin To Look At The Beauty In Life. We Never See The Good Anymore. We Don’t Appreciate The Small Things Like. Air, Water, Food, The Sun, Family, Health.

There are People in the World who would Love Clean Running Water, Food To Eat On A Daily, To Have Love One’s Back Who Passed away, To Regain a Health Life Again. We Take All Those Things For Granted. But When There Gone. You Will Miss Them.

Appreciate What You Have. Be Thankful. Stop Complaining so Much. Your Situation Could Be Worse.

Enjoy Your Day.

When Changing Your Life

Good A.M. To Everyone. We Have Lived To See An Incredible Day. It’s a New Day. Old Things Has Passed Away. New Attitude, Strength, Courage and Faith For Today.

What You Couldn’t Accomplish On Yesterday. You Have Today To Start Over. Never Give Up On Yourself. Your The Only One That Can Make Things Better for You.

Do You Really Know How Amazing You Are? Your So Amazing, You Can Create Your Own Happiness. Now How Amazing Is That? Pretty Amazing To Me.

What Would You Think, If I Told You, That You Could Change Your Life For The Better. Would You Believe me? We All Want Change. But We All Don’t Want To Change. That’s Part Of The Secret. We Have To Change. And Change The Way We Think. In Order To Change Our Lives.

Question Is. Do You Want To Change?

The Steps To Take In Order to Change Are.

-Time & Patience’s

-You Have To Train Your Mind To Only Think Positive.

-A Daily Routine of Speaking Good Things To Yourself.

-Believe In You, and What Your Trying To Accomplish.

No Self Hate.





Your Dreams and Goals

     Good And Bright Morning To You all. Well The Sun Isn’t Shining In My Neck Of The Woods. But its Shining In My Heart For Sure.

Being Thankful For What I Have. And What I Don’t Have, It Will Surely Come. Always Keep A Positive Mindset. And Work Hard At What You Want.

What Are Your Dreams And Goals For Your Life. As For Me. I’m Working Hard Gaining  The Information On Becoming Motivational Speaker. It’s Not Easy To Speak In Front Of People. Especially If You Don’t Know What To Say.

There’s A lot Of Information To Study, On Other Motivational Speakers.  Lot’s Of Ideas You Need To Come Up With, In Order To Inspire Others. At This Moment I’m Not Ready To Step Out There Just Yet. Still Trying To Prepare Myself.

My Goal Was Set For A Year Of Preparing. After That, I Will Step Out There. And Take On The Challenge.

I Would Love To Hear About Your Dreams And Goals. Tell Me About Them.


Friday Night

Well It’s Friday Night. I Have Nothing To Do. Can’t See My Man. Can’t Lay Up And Cuddle, Can’t Look at Television Together. Can’t Go Out To Dinner. I just Need Some Q.T. Time.

I’m A Taurus. and we Just Need So Much Quality time. And to Know That The Other Person Love Us Just As Much.

Guess I will Get In The Bed and Watch A Couple of Scary Movies and eat Some Of My favorite Junk Food. Pretzels And Twizzlers.

What Are You All Doing Tonight?



Trying to Stay Focused

I Would like To Express my Feeling Today On.

Trying to Stay Focused. I have My Daily Routine That I’m Trying To Stay On. So Far Its Working.(Doing My Happy Dance). Some Days I do Get Started Late On Writing On My Blog. Sometimes I Write Early Just To Make Sure I Get It In.

When Retraining Your Mindset To Better Your Life. It Gets A Little Hard. It’s Difficult To Dismiss That Old Way Of Thinking.

Your Mindset Is The Sum of Your Knowledge, Including Beliefs and Thoughts about The World and Yourself in It.

It’s Your Filter For Information You Get In And Out. So It Determines How You Receive And React To Information.

You Have to Use Your Mindset To Make a Positive Change.

Shape Your Mind With Visions And Goals.

To Go Where You’ve Never Been Before. You Have To Change The Way Your Thinking.


How To Develop The “Wealth Mindset”

A Person Can Be Wealthy, Not Only In Money. But in Love, Compassion, Goodness, Strength, Energy, Knowledge, Wisdom.

I’m Learning To Develop My Mindset of Wealth as Well. Our Old Ways Won’t Open new Doors.

The Mind Has To Be Cleared from it’s Wrong Concept About Wealth. Before It Can Start To Manifest.

Anyone Can Chase Money. But With The Mindset of Wealth, You Can Let Money Chase You.

 By Having This Type of Mindset. You Will Create Money Out Of Thin Air. Believe That You Deserve Wealth.

Begin To Ask Yourself, How Can You Add More Value To People’s Lives. The More You Serve People, The More Wealth You Will Achieve.

I Read Something, That Stayed In My Mind. Successful People. They Continuously learn New Things.

Unsuccessful People, They Think They Know It All.

Enjoy Your Day Everyone.

Bad Start

Another Raining Morning. But Still A Awesome Day.

Woke This Morning, Feeling Not So Good. But Its A New Day, it Will Go On With Or Without Me. So Pulling Myself Out Of Bed. Trying To Encourage Myself. I have Things To Do. Studying To Be Done. And Writing In My Blog its a MUST.

Phone Rings. (Hello). How Are You? Sound From The Other End.

I’m Well Thanks.

Conversation Quickly Ran Down Sound. Very! DISRESPECTFUL PERSON. Been Knowing the Person A Little While. Never Felt I Would Hear Them Talking Like This To Me.

WOW! I’m Thinking to Myself. So I Hung Up. Phone Rings Back. I’m Not Answering That. Saying this fool Crazy.

Most Times We Have To Let People Be Who They Are. When A Person Shows You Who They Are. You Believe that. In Time, Time will Show you Everything about Them.



Stop Disliking Yourself

Its A Rainy Day In Georgia. But Today Is Still Beautiful. Start Learning How To See The Good In a bad Situations.

We Have To Look At Ourselves, and Begin To See The Good And The Greatness In Us. You May Not Like Something About Yourself. But You Can Find Some Good Within You.

We Have To Stop Trying To Hold Ourselves To A Standard of Perfection. Which Will Only Result In A Spirals of Self-Loathing.

If You Want To Stop Hating Yourself. Abandon this Way Of Thinking as Soon As Possible.

Stop Comparing Yourself To People You See On Television.

Compare Yourself to Yourself, Not To Others. Its Hard Trying To Be Someone Else. But A Breeze When You’re , Yourself.

Let’s Start Loving Who We Are. Have Amazing Day. Remember You Are Important and You Will Always Matter.

Knowing How Grateful You Are.

Good Day To You. Hope Your Doing Well.

Just Realize How Blessed We Are. If Your Reading This. That Means Your Alive This Morning. For There Were So Many Who Passed Away Over Night And On Yesterday.

I Was  Reading a Article This Morning on how Many Deaths Happens A Day.

As Of 2014, The Number of Deaths per Day are (155,520) Based On The Number of Death Per Year, Per (1,000) People. Meaning There Are (108) Deaths Every Minute. Or (1.8) Deaths Per Second.

This Was Very Shocking To Me And Knowing Some Of My Love Ones And Friends Are Apart Of Those Numbers.

Then I Ran Across Some Good News About The Living.

There are Approximately (370,000) Babies Born Everyday. And Currently (7Billion) People who Are Alive Today.

The United Nations Estimates It Will Further Increase to (11.2Billion) In The Year 2100.

So Let’s Take This Time To Be Thankful,To Be Among the Living Today. For There Were So Many Who Didn’t Wake This Morning And  Had Intentions To. So Live Your Life To The Fullest.