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Hello and welcome to “Just Nita”. In this blog I will be giving a daily positive push, because isn’t that what we all need to get thru life’s ups and downs. I started this blog in order to share my positive energy with those who could use it. I thank you for visiting and being a part of my journey and welcome you to come back every day for your dose of Just Nita.


Keep Fighting.

Another Sunday Morning. What A Wonderful Day. Every Problem Or Issues You’re Having Today.

If You Can’t Fix The Problem. Find Something Positive And Good  To Replace The Hurt, The Pain, Loneliness, Depressing.

It’s Truly About What Your Going To Do, While You’re Going Through These Things.

You May Feel You Can’t Go On. The Pressure Is Just To Much. Believe Me I Understand. We All Have Been In The Same Position.

But Look At All Of Us Now. Look Where We Are. That Means We Didn’t Give Up. We Kept Fighting. We Had More Strength And Power Than We Knew.

We Got Through All Those Things. And We Shall Get Through All These Things.

Never Give Up On Yourself. You’re All You Have. “Keep Fighting”. Because You Were Born A Fighter.

Don’t Look For Others To Save You. You Have The Power To Save Yourself. You Just Don’t Know It Yet.

You Are That Amazing Person. There Are People Who Love And Care About You. Never Forget That. Have A Awesome Sunday Everybody.

And If No One Has Told You Today. Let Me Be The First. Nita Loves You. I’m Able To Love You, Because I Love And Appreciate Myself.

Love And Compassion Are

Truly Always Needed.



Beautiful Day.

Hello And Good Early Saturday Morning To Everyone.

Hope You Rested Well On Last Night. And Woke With A Peace Of Mind.

It A “Beautiful Day” We’ve Lived To Experience Another Chance At Life. To Get Things Right. To Recognize Our Faults And Learn From Our Mistakes.

No One Is Perfect. No One Has It All Together. So Let’s Stop Judging Each Other On Our Short Comings.

On This Earth We’re In Human Form. And We Will Experience Human Life. So Don’t Be So Tough On Yourself. It’s Okay. Forgive Yourself And Move On.

Today Is Most Definitely A Beautiful Day. Because We Lived To See It. Be Grateful For Life, Your Family, Home, Job And This Air We Breath, That Most People Tend To Forget About.

Think Of All The Things You Have. And The Things You’re Working On.

Be Thankful. Have A Awesome Day Everybody.


Hey Hey Everybody. Good Morning To You.

If You’re Reading This, You’ve Made It Another Day. What More Could We Really Ask For. But That’s My Perspective Of My Life.

It Comes A Time In Your Life, As You Get Older. You Just Want Peace And Happiness.

You Dont Want To Be Worrying And Stressing About Anything. Especially Other People And Their Problems.

We All Live Our Lives. And What Others Do With Theirs, Has Nothing To Do With Us. It’s Truly Best If We Mine Our On Business.

What People Don’t Realize Is That Most Times We Cause Our Own Problems. We Don’t Know How To Be Quiet. Or Mine Our Business.

We Bring Issues Into Our Lives. Then Have To Fight Them. Only If We Learn To Control Our Minds And Thoughts. We Could Be Easy Sailing. And Have A Stress Free Life.

Were Things Don’t Concern Us. Just Let It Be.

Use That Energy For Yourself. That Positive Energy And Positive Thinking Of Course.

Spend Your Days Enjoying Yourself And The People You Love. You Will Gain More Happiness In The Process.

You Deserve To Smile And Enjoy And Be Blissful For The Rest Of Your Life.

So Think About The Things That Aren’t Bringing Happiness Into Your Life. And Make A Decision. Because At The End Of The Day, It’s Truly Up Too You.

You Guys And Gals Have A Wonderful Day. And Remember Your Reality Of Life, Is Your Life. So See Everything As Positive And Beautiful. So You Can Live That Positive And Beautiful Life.

Things To Be Thankful For.

Good Early (a.m.) To You Everybody. Hopefully You Had A Well Rested Night .

Then Awakening With Peace.

Its So Important To Start Your Days Off With Good Thoughts. Positive Thoughts And Reflection.

So Here’s A List Of Things To Be Thankful For.

You Opened Your Eye’s.

Good Health.


Freedom Of Religion.

Your Parents.


The Weekends.

Learning From Your Mistakes.


Having A Home.

Healthy Children.

An Ability To Read.


A Bed To Sleep In.




Clean Water.




Expressing Gratitude.

Food On The Table.

Feeling Of Acceptance.

A Nice Hot Shower.

The Sound Of A Song You Love.

The Smell Of Cookies Baking.




Respect From Others.


Being Able To Walk. Speak. Hear. See Etc.

And There Are Tons More Things To Be Thankful For.

Just Remember Someone Out There. Doesn’t Have A Lot Of Theses Things.

Be Grateful For What You Have. And Stop Complaining So Much. Before It Becomes What You Had.

You Guys And Gals Enjoy Your Saturday. Today Is My Movie Day. So I Will Be At The Theatre Most Of The Day.




Well It’s 4:17a.m. I’m Up A Little Earlier Than Any Other Day.

Not Doing To Much. Feeling Pretty Hunger. But I Don’t Want To Eat Anything To Heavy.

May Just Grab An Orange Or Two. I’m Really Falling In Love With The Infused Fruit Waters. Cucumber Water And Lemon Water Are My Two Favorites.

I’ve Noticed I Put Out More Urine When Drinking Those Waters.


Way I Make The Waters. I Take One Whole Lemon. Soak It In Himalayan Salt For About Five Minutes. To Remove Any Dirt Or Another Living Thing That Maybe On It.

Okay Moving Along. Rinse Well. Sliced The Lemon In Thin Slices. Put Those In Whatever Size Glass Or Cup You Prefer.

Fill Glass Or Cup With Clean Water, No Tap Water. I Use Alkaline Water. You Can Use Distilled, Spring, Whatever Kind You Like. But No Sparkling Water.

You Can Let It Sit For 30minutes Before Using. Or Allow It To Sit Over Night In The Refrigerator. Drink First Thing In The Morning. On An Empty Stomach.

Your Body Will Thank You. You Feel More Refresh And Even Gain More Energy. But You Can Keep Using That Lemon For About Three Days.

The Longer You Allow It To Sit. It Becomes Stronger In Taste Even Bitter. But Those Are The Properties. Pulling From The Peels Of The Lemon.

Lemon Water Is Great For Digestion.

Whatever Fruit You Like Make Fruit Water. Strawberries, Blueberries, Watermelon, Blackberries. There All Good To Me. You Can Even Add Mint Or Cinnamon Sticks To The Water.

I Prepare The Cucumbers The Same Way.

YouTube Have Many Videos On Infused Fruit Waters. Check Them Out.

Hope You All Like The Ones You Choose. Enjoy.


Recognizing Things.

Good Morning Everyone. Hope We All

Woke Up With A Smile On Our Faces And Gratefulness In Our Hearts, To See Another Day.

Millions Of People Didn’t Get This Opportunity This Morning. They Didn’t Get To See Their Love Ones Faces. But We Woke Up To Experience Them Once Again .

When I Heard The Birds Chirping. It Reminded Me, That I’m Alive. Tears Ran Down My Face. I Stared Out Into The Woods Behind My House. Saw All The Beauty That Nature Gives That We  Tend To Forget About.

The Trees, The Streams, The Grass. How Can We Forget All The Glorious Things That Makes Up This Earth.

I Don’t Know About You. But Ive Learn To Love Everything. When I Went Blind Some Years Back. I Prayed And Prayed To Gain My Vision Back. This Is Something You Will Never Understand Unless You’ve Been Blind Better.

I Was At My Lowest Point In My Life. Couldn’t See My Way Out Of It. I Sat In Darkness 16 Months. My Mind Stop Working, I Became Silent, I Remember My Mom Telling Me. If You Want To Speak To Me, You Had To Touch Me In Order To Get My Attention. I’m Sorry Tears Flowing Right Now. My Heart Is Racing. I Remember Those Times Y’all.

I Remember Not Being Able To Get Any Sleep. My Mind Was Moving 100 Miles Per Hours. All I Wanted Was A Little Rest.

I Remember The Enemy Crypt Into My Mind. Telling Me It Was Okay To Rest And Showing Me The Wrong Way To Do.

I  Succumb To These Words. I Was Ending This, I Couldn’t Take Anymore, All Hope, Faith, Beliefs Were Gone. And So Was I.

Sitting In My Room. I’m Ready. No Second Guesses. Took Me Hours To Find What I Need To End My Life.

Have It In My Hand. I Hear A Tap On The Door. It’s My Mother. I Hear The Door Open. She Said, I Love You, And Begin To Encourage And Reassure Me That Everything Is Going To Be Okay.

I Begin To Scream And Cry. I Couldn’t Do It. I Couldn’t Take My Life After My Mother Words.

So This Is Why I’m Grateful For Life And Everything In It. I’m Able To See Now. I Wake Up Every Morning Looking To My Window To See Daylight. It Means So Much To Me Now. They Say You Don’t Miss Something Until It’s Gone. It’s True Y’all. You Don’t.

Be Thankful For What You Have. Everything Is A Blessing In My Eyes.

Have Awesome Day Everybody. Love You. Sending My Love And Compassion Unto You.



Resting Time.

Through The Day, Our Energy Gets Low. The Body And Mind Feels Tired. We Keep Pushing Sometimes. Until We Can’t Push Anymore.

Well It’s Resting Time. Gain The Calmness Of Your Mind And Resting Unto Your Soul. Dream Blissfully Dreams And Awake Refresh Here We Go. Goodnight Everybody.

Herbal Tea’s.

Good Morning Everybody.  Hope You All Started Your Day Off With Some Positive Thoughts And Energy.

To Be Honest With You. My Days Aren’t Always Blissful And Joyous. I Have Bad Day As Well. But I Have Learned To Turn Those Bad Days Around With Positive Thinking.

You Always Have The Power To Create Your Good Days. If You Don’t Try. Then They Want Be Turned Around.

I Want Share So Information On Herbal Tea’s. I Never Use To Like Herbal Tea’s So Much. But Once I Started Doing Some Research On Natural Herbs. I Found Out Herbal Tea’s Have Great Benefits.

The One’s I Really Love Are. Chamomile, Peppermint, Turmeric, Green Tea’s.

Herbal Tea’s Are Some Of The Healthiest Things You Can Drink.

They Have Vitamins, Minerals, And Antioxidants Found In Many.

These Tea’s Provide Short And Long Term Health Benefits.

Herbal Tea’s Are Not Actually Made From The Tea Plant. Instead They Are Made By Steeping Herbs, Flowers And Roots.

There Are Hundred Different Herbal Tea’s You Can Drink.

These BenfiBen Can Range From Treating A Cold, Stress, Anti-aging Properties, Digestion Improvement, Boost Immune System, Reduce Inflammation, Anxiety, Lowers Blood Pressure,Skin Health And Much More.

So Do Some Research On Herbal Tea’s And Drink The One’s That Will Help With Your Health The Most.

Alright Guys You All Have A Pleasant Day.


No Meat Or Dairy.

Hey Hey Everybody. Good A.M. To You. Hope You’re Enjoying Your Morning.

I’m Home Drinking Some Warm Green Tea On This Cold But Beautiful Morning.

Wanted To Chat About My Journey Without Meat Or Dairy For A Year. My Year Was January 20th 2019. The Best Decision I’ve Made To Improve My Health.

I’ve Had Digestive Issues Since I Was 24. I Was Unable To Have A Bowel Movement On My Own. Ive Always Had To Take Stool Softener.

I Know Many That Don’t Like To Touch On Subjects Like This. But This Is Real Life And There Are Others Out There That Were Just Like Me.

It’s A Serious Matter And So Uncomfortable. The Pain Is Endless, Night And Day. I Couldn’t Stand To Smell Food Cooking, Perfumes Or Air Freshners.

It Would Make Me So Sick At The Stomack. Wanting To Vomit. Not A Good Feeling. Couldn’t Bend Over, Couldn’t Walk To Long The Pain Was Just To Bad.

So I Finally Had To Go To The Hospital Nothing Was Working For Me. So Embrassing. He Pushed Around In My Stomach, Can’t Remember If I Got An Xray Or Not. But He Said My Colon Was Expanding. So He Order Some Liquid Medication. I Drunk It. In Less Than Five Minutes. I Ran Down The Hall To The Restroom.

I Truly Felt Like I Won The Lottery Lol.

But I’m Saying All This To Say. Whatever Your Putting In This Body Unhealthy And Not Eating Correctly There Are Consequences.

Your Colon Plays A Huge Roll In Your Life. We’re Eating Foods And There Just Sitting In Our Colons And Rotting.

We’re Not Having Enough Bowel Movements A Day. Youre Suppose To Be Going At Least Two To Three Times A Day. We’re Not Detoxing The Colon To Get Rid Of Old Waste And Toxins.

If Your Bowels Are Smelling Like Green Swamp Water

. It’s Full Of Toxins And Old Waste. In Other Words. Old Poop That’s Just Been Sitting There From Food That Can’t Pass.

Being Constipated Is A Sign Of Clogged Colon. Your Colon Is Over 20 Feet Long. And Everything Isn’t Coming Out Of You. The Only Thing Moving Is The Large Intestines. The Small Intestines Aren’t Being Cleans Deeply.

This Is Where Detoxing Can Improve That. Eating Only Fruits And Drinking Water For 21 Days And Adding In Some Herbs. Even Adding Lemon To The Water Helps Alot.

The Colon Is Where All Diseases Form. If Your Eating Unhealthy. You Can Form Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Cancers, Heart Problems, Inflammation And Much More.

Many People Think That Sickness Just Come To Us From Family Members And It’s Passed Down. We All Ate The Same Way That Why We All Have The Same Diseases.

It’s Time To Wake Up And Become Conscious And Aware Of What’s Going On. We’re Losing To Many Family Members And Friends From Sicknesses.

So I Made A Decision Last Year. To Change My Life. I Woke Up. I Said This Is It, I Can’t Take This Pain Anymore. Took All My Meats And Dairy Products And Gave Them Away. No Chicken, Beef, Ham, Seafood, Pork. Nothing That Has Eyes And Bleeds. No Ice Cream, Cheese, Sour Cream, Eggs. Nothing. I Made This Change. It Changed My Life. I Feel So Much Better. No More Stomach Pain, No Vomiting. Lost 43lb. Without Exercise. I’ve Come Off Three Of My Medications. And Working On This Last One. This Insulin. I Have A Long Way To Go. But I’ve Come So Far, There Is No Turning Around.

Let’s Take Care Of Ourselves. Because No One Else Will. More Fruits And Vegetables. Less Meat And Dairy And Processed Food.