Welcome to Nita’s World

Hello and welcome to “Just Nita”. In this blog I will be giving a daily positive push, because isn’t that what we all need to get thru life’s ups and downs. I started this blog in order to share my positive energy with those who could use it. I thank you for visiting and being a part of my journey and welcome you to come back every day for your dose of Just Nita.


Saturday Morning.

Good Morning To The World.

And What A Great Morning It Is. I’m Just Thankful For Life.

Thankful For Being Able To Experience Wind On My Skin, The Sun Shining,  Happy To Be Able To Correct Things And Learn From Them.

Happy To Gain More Knowledge In A Day. By Reading And Reserching Things.

Not Putting Limits On Myself. We Have So Many Opportunities That We Forget To Take Them.

Building Your Mindset To Only See The Good And To Appreciate Everything. Your Life Will Begin To Change.

Being Positive Gives You, What You Need To Change Your Life. Have A Open Mind About It. Things Will Change.

I Don’t Have Good Days Everyday. But I Have A Mindset That Redirect My Focus To Better Things.

That’s The Great Thing About The Mind. It’s Truly Powerful.

Great Saturday Morning To You And Make Sure You Enjoy Your Day.

Every Four Month Detox.

Hey Guys And Gals. Hope This Sunday Afternoon Is Going Well For You. And If It’s Not, Let’s Work On Turning Things Around.

The Good Thing About Positive Thinking. You Can Take Something Bad Or Upsetting And Turn It Into Something More Pleasant.

I Wanted To Talk Shortly About Detoxing The Body.

Well It’s My “Every Four Months Detox” Cleans. I Eat No Cooked Food For Two Weeks. Completely Raw.

Drink Plenty Of Lime Water And Lemon Water And Herbal Teas. Tons Of Fruits And Salads. And Hitting The Gym.

Also Taking My Ulimate Cleans Herbal Capsules. Along With Blake Walnut Hulls, Activated Charcoal For A Deeper Cleans. We Usually Just Empty The Large Intestines. No One Focus On The Small Intestines. Where Most Of The Old Fecal Matter, Toxins, Completely Just Backed Up Waste And Chemicals Are Stored.

You May Wonder Why You’re So Constipated Or Have Excessive Gas Or Even Just One Bowel Movement A Day Or Once A Week.

The Digestive System Isn’t Working Correctly. So This Is Why We’re So Tired And Groggy, No Energy.

Detoxing Is A Must. And Eating Well Is To. Lets Learn Our Bodies. Gain As Much Knowledge As We Can. Our Organs Are Important And They Play A Huge Part Of Us Living Our Lives.

Eating Well To Live A Healthier Long Life.

We Have To Change How We Think. In Order To Change Our Lives. Have A Wonderful Day Everybody.

Hope You Had A Wonderful Day.

Hey, Hey Everyone. How Did This Day Treat You?

I Hope You Smiled And Smiled. I Hope You Laughed Until You Cried, I Hope Your Heart Felt Blissfulness. And That You Really Enjoyed Your Day.

I Wonder If You Put A Smile On Someone Else’s Face Or Encouraged Them, Or Gave Them A Hug Or Even Supported Their Goals Or Ideas?

Sharing Your Love And Compassion Is A Wonderful Feeling.

It’s Amazing, When People Can Experience The Love And Compassion With You.

So You Guys And Gals Enjoy The Rest Of Your Evening.



Morning To You.

Good Morning. New Day.

If You’re Reading This, We Lived To See A New Day. What A Wonderful Blessing.

Woke Up To Rain Hitting My Window At 4a.m. Got Up, Made Myself Some Pineapple Tea With A Little Honey.

For Some Reason, Start Thinking About All My Family And Friends That Aren’t Here With Us Anymore.

How Most Of Them Didn’t Live Pass 50 Years Old. But Each One Of Them I Remember So Well, Their Character, Their Funniest, Braveness, Their Love And Kind Ways. I Will Never Forget.

A Friend Of Mine Passed Away Last Year. In The Middle Of His Conversation. So Quickly. I’m Still Shocked. Seabrooks Was 45.

The Most Loving Person I Have Every Meet. He Would Buy Roses And Just Give Them Out To Different Women.

He Did That For As Long As I Could Remember. He Helped Everybody, Very Loving Man. I Miss My Friend.

But He Was Very Sick. And I Tried Ever Chance I Got, I Told Him, Seabrooks You Have To Take Care Of Yourself. Because No One Else Will.

He Always Said, God Take Care Of Me Nita. And I Would Always Say. You Have To Do Your Part As Well.

Threw All His Sickness. He Still Smiled. One Thing He Taught Me. If You Can Help Someone, Do It.

His Mother And I Still Have Lunch Dates. And Go Shopping. She Really Misses Her Baby.

Your Energy Lives On My Friend.

Remember Your Love Ones And Friends. And Remember All The Great Things About Them Today.



Good Day.

Hey,Hey Everybody. Hope Everybody Enjoyed Their Day.

I Had A “Good Day ” Got A lot Of Research Done. Did My Encouragement Video On Facebook. Organized My Notebooks, Went Grocery Shopping, Came Home And Made Vegan Taco’s. Yayyyy. They Were Delicious.

Now Im

Sitting In The Living Room Watching Big Bang Theory And Im Stuffed Lol.

What Did You All Do Today? Do Tell, I Would Love To Hear.

Good And Bad People.

Here’s That New Morning Again. It Comes Everyday, Whether We’re Here Or Not.

So Appreciate Everyday, You Experience.

This Topic Here Is Very Interesting To Me. Because Everybody Has Their Views And What They Think Or Believe Is Right.

Everyone Is Entitled To Their Opinions. So What Does Good People And Bad People Mean To You?

Well To Me. Who Is Truly Good Everyday? No One. We Fluctuate Back And Forth.We Have Our Attitude Days, Frustrated Days, Pissed Off Days. And It Goes On. We Also Have Happy Days, Blissful Days, Joyous Days.

We As People Think. Oh We’re Good Because I Do This Or I Do That. And If Others Aren’t Doing What Im Doing Then Their Bad Or Wrong.

Wow!!!! Isn’t That Something. You’re Saying Your Good Because You’re Comparing Yourself To Others. The Sun Shines On All Of Us. It’s Never Been Judgemental To Anyone. It Makes All Of Us Feel Good.

The Moment We Think We’re Good, We Always Destroy Others. And What You Think Is Goodness. It’s Decided By You.

We Have To Deal With All Type Of People. And Not Allow Them To Change Who We Are. And Most Definitely Not To Be Judgemental.

Who A Person Is Will Never Meet Your Qualifications To The Fullest.

So Let’s Take It Easy On Who You Think Is Good Or Bad. We’ve All Done Things And We’re Far From Perfect.

Accept People For Who They Are. Stop Trying To Change Them. There’s Somethings That Needs To Be Changed About You As Well.

-Remember That.




Negative Thoughts Behind.

Hello Everybody. I’m Excited For This New Day

That’s Called Life. Grateful And Most Definitely Thankful.

I Know You All Are Staying Positive Right?If Not, Its Okay. Its Hard Training Your Mind New Things. It Takes Awhile.

Plus. Anything That You Have Learned. You Can Unlearn. So Those Negative Thinking Minds Can Be Taught. A New Positive Mindset.

When Dealing With A Negative Mindset. We Draw From All Happinesses, Joy, Blissfulness, Excitements From Our Lives. We Really Cheat Ourselves Of A Happy Life.

When Being Negative. Everything Can Be A Issue For You And With Everything Around You.

Especially Complaining About Everything. Examples, Why The Sun Shining Its To Hot, I Wish Those Birds Shut Up, Its Raining To Much, Stop Turning That Water On, This Light Taking To Long To Change, Why Is Everybody So Slow, This Line To Long, My Thighs To Big, I Dont Like My Nose, Im Losing My Hair, I’ve Heard Them All. Lol.

Its No Point In Negative Speaking. All It Does Is Upset Us, Makes Us Miserable, And Ruins Our Whole Day.

When You Finding Yourself Becoming Negative About Things. Change Your Mindset Immediately.

Think Of Something Good. This Is The Beginning To Changing How We Think.

Begin To Speak Positive Things In Your Life Like, My Attitude Want Destroy Me, These Negative Thoughts Will Not Take Over My Life Anymore, I Will Be A Happy Person, I Trust In Me, I Trust My Abilities, I Think Clearly, I Trust In My Decisions, I Create My Reality. Speak Life Into You, Not Death.

More Positive. Less Negative. Have Wonderful Day Guys.

No Judgement.

Who Could Complain About This Day?

Questions I Asked Myself This Morning. Then Came Back To Reality. Many People Are.

That’s The Thing About Life. Everybody Has Their Own Reality. What They Think And What They Believe.

Everybody Isn’t The Same And Most Definitely Don’t Think The Same. And That’s Okay. But We Have To Be Who We Think We Are.

Most Times We Just Aren’t Sure Of Who We Are. We Listen To People, Pastor, Parents About Who They Think We Are.

This Is Something You Have To Learn About Yourself. You Have To Learn Your Like And Dislikes, What Makes You Comfortable, The Pureness Of Your Heart Etc.

You Really Have To Pay Attention To You, In Order To Learn You. And You’re Never To Old To Find Your True Self. Just Be Willing.

We All Have Been Through¬† Things In Our Lives. But Those Things Doesn’t Defines Us.

We All Become Weak, Sad, Frustrated, Weary At Times. But We Bounce Back. Our Strength Will Carry Us Through.

Giving Up Isn’t An Option. We Have To Keep Fighting.

Make Sure We’re Not Judging Others. Because We Truly All Go Through Things.

Have A

Wonderful Day Everybody.