This Morning.

Good Morning To Everyone. If You’re Reading This You’ve Made It Another Day.

I’m Thankful For This Day. But This Morning Was Different For Me. I Always Wake Up At Five A M. No Matter What Time I Go To Sleep The Night Before.

I Usually Get Up. Grab My Pen And Paper And Begin To Write. That’s When My Mind Is Clearest.

I Will Write About Anything. I’ve Written Several Short Stories. Things About My Life And Family. Plays, I’ve Been Writing A Book For Twelve Years Now. Not Straight. Just Off And On. My Plans Are To Be Finished May 6. My Birthday.

But Back To My Different Morning. I Didn’t Grab My Pen And Paper. I Laid In Bed Going Over My Life. From As Young As I Could Remember. Which Was About Six Years Old. All The Places We Lived, All The Schools I Went To. Going Through Elementary, Middle And High School. Didn’t Go To College. Not Sure If I Regret Now.

Really Didn’t Get The Importance Of College In My House Hold. Didn’t Get Taught A Lot Of Things. As I Got Older Life Got Rough. Got Married. Got Torn Down, Verbally, Mentally Abused In That Marriage. Never Had Children. Went Blind Due To Diabetes. But I Had Several Surgeries Im Able To See Out Of One Eye. Im So  Grateful For That. Wow!!!! I Really Had A Not So inspiring Life .


Most Of The Things I Went Through. I Caused Them By The Decisions I Made. I’ve Faced That Years Ago. And Acknowledged And Have Accepted My Wrongs. I Forgave Me And Released All The Pain From My Life.

Now Here Iam. Ive Learned So Much About Me. I Even Start Loving Myself. My Life Has Changed. Because I Have A New Way Of Thinking . And By Staying Positive. My Views Of Life Maybe Different From Others. But I’ve Been Through So Much I Can Only See This Positive Life My Way.

I Know Many People Out There Are Going Through So Many Things. We Have To Stop And Think. Is This Because Of Me Or Someone Else. You Have The Authority To Change Things. It’s All Up To You.

You Have More Strength And Power Than You Know. Build Your Mind To Become Stronger. And Change The Way You Think. And You Can Change Your Life. I’m A Witness. I Did It.



6 thoughts on “This Morning.

  1. heatherpfeifle says:

    Thanks for sharing. Sometimes it is hard to stay positive. I know I went to sleep last night worried my ex may have changed jobs without telling me and it will affect child support. I worry about my oldest child who is a year away from adulthood but is also Autistic. I worry about not getting my writing career off the ground fast enough to be able to put my other two kids through college. So many things to worry about. But then I stop to think about all the other things that are good and positive. I think about how worrying just makes me miserable but doesn’t really solve anything. Being happy has so much to do with how I decide to see my day. Thanks again for sharing. This was a much needed reminder!

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    • justnitablog says:

      You’re So Welcome. Believe Me I Totally Understand The Worrying And Stress. Positive Thinking Comes With Reprogramming Our Minds. It Takes Time And Practice. Everyday Isn’t Positive For Me. I’m Still Human. I Have To Make Those Rough Days Become My Positive Day. It Just How To View Life And Your Right . Worrying Doesn’t Change Anything . Keep Pushing And Get Done What You Need To Get Done. Everything Will Work Out.

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  2. Ash says:

    I read this in the morning. I was feeling a little heavy this morning but you’ve just pulled me back to centre. I am in control you’re so right. Thank you ❤

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