Night Time.

Here We Are, Another Night Has Begun. So Our Night Has Started. Let’s All Stay Warm. Rest Well All Through The Night. Getting Ready For The Next Morning Light. Oh How I’m Excited For This Next Morning To Come. Goodnight.

-Nita M.



Good Afternoon Everyone.

Well Hello To A Bunch Of Awesome People.

I’m Home Relaxing Today. Watching Cowboy Movies And Karate Movies. My Paw Paw And Grannie Loved Cowboy Movies. They Started Me Watching Them Many Years Ago. And The Karate Movies Are My Daddy’s Fault. He Started Me Watching Those When I Was About 13 Years Old.

And I Can Truly Say. I Enjoy Them Both. Lol.

But I Hope Everyone Is Having A Pleasant Day. Just Wanted To Say Hello And Check On Everyone. See You Later.

Your Choice.

Hey Hey Everybody. Hope You’re Having A Awesome Day. And If You’re Not. It’s Okay. Start Over Now. Change Your Attitude, Find The Good In Everything, Be Thankful And Grateful For What You Have.

We All Have A Choice, In How We Would Like To Spend Our Days.

First Choices.

-Happy, Loving, Caring, Understanding, Thoughtful, Joyous, Blistful, Peaceful, Compassionate.

Second Choices.

-Mean, Hateful, Unforgiven, Spiteful, Judgemental.

Choice Wisely. Because What You Choice That’s Truly Your Life.

Have A Great Day Y’all.


This Morning.

Good Morning To Everyone. If You’re Reading This You’ve Made It Another Day.

I’m Thankful For This Day. But This Morning Was Different For Me. I Always Wake Up At Five A M. No Matter What Time I Go To Sleep The Night Before.

I Usually Get Up. Grab My Pen And Paper And Begin To Write. That’s When My Mind Is Clearest.

I Will Write About Anything. I’ve Written Several Short Stories. Things About My Life And Family. Plays, I’ve Been Writing A Book For Twelve Years Now. Not Straight. Just Off And On. My Plans Are To Be Finished May 6. My Birthday.

But Back To My Different Morning. I Didn’t Grab My Pen And Paper. I Laid In Bed Going Over My Life. From As Young As I Could Remember. Which Was About Six Years Old. All The Places We Lived, All The Schools I Went To. Going Through Elementary, Middle And High School. Didn’t Go To College. Not Sure If I Regret Now.

Really Didn’t Get The Importance Of College In My House Hold. Didn’t Get Taught A Lot Of Things. As I Got Older Life Got Rough. Got Married. Got Torn Down, Verbally, Mentally Abused In That Marriage. Never Had Children. Went Blind Due To Diabetes. But I Had Several Surgeries Im Able To See Out Of One Eye. Im So  Grateful For That. Wow!!!! I Really Had A Not So inspiring Life .


Most Of The Things I Went Through. I Caused Them By The Decisions I Made. I’ve Faced That Years Ago. And Acknowledged And Have Accepted My Wrongs. I Forgave Me And Released All The Pain From My Life.

Now Here Iam. Ive Learned So Much About Me. I Even Start Loving Myself. My Life Has Changed. Because I Have A New Way Of Thinking . And By Staying Positive. My Views Of Life Maybe Different From Others. But I’ve Been Through So Much I Can Only See This Positive Life My Way.

I Know Many People Out There Are Going Through So Many Things. We Have To Stop And Think. Is This Because Of Me Or Someone Else. You Have The Authority To Change Things. It’s All Up To You.

You Have More Strength And Power Than You Know. Build Your Mind To Become Stronger. And Change The Way You Think. And You Can Change Your Life. I’m A Witness. I Did It.



Just Be Thankful.

Hey, Hey Everybody. It’s Another Day We’ve Lived To See. There Is So Much To Be Thankful For.

For Some Reason Or Another. People Have Forgotten About Life, Love, Understanding, Compassion And Much More.

Everyone Is So Busy With Nothing. Forgetting About Everything And Everybody.

No One Takes Time, Just To Pick Up The Phone And Say Hello To The People They Love. Don’t Have Time To Take The Kids To The Park Or Spend Some Time With Them.

We’re Not Thanking For The Air We Breath, Nor The Sun Shine That Warms Our Skin. The Food That Restores Our Bodies. The Conversation Of Others That Gives Our Hearts Hopes Of Better Days.

We Take So Much For Granted. And We Have Everything. Their Are Millions Of People That Don’t Have Running  Water, Food, Sick Family Members.

And We’re Complaining About Someone Stepping On Our Shoes. Dropping Something On Our Shirt. We’re Mad Because Someone Didn’t Pick Us Up On Time, And Much More.

Start Realizing What’s Important. And What’s Just Bickering And Being Unappreciative.

We Have So Much To Be Thankful For. But Society Keeps Reminding Us Of Negative Things We Should Be Upset About.

Value Life, Value Peace, Value Love Then You Can See What’s Really Important In Life.

Find The Good In Everything, Stay Positive. And Just Be You

Have A Great Day Everybody.

The Move Update.

Good Morning Everybody. I Hope You All Been Staying Positive And Enjoying Your Days.

I’ve Totally Missed Writing On My Blog. I Love To Inspire Others As Well As Myself.

Well We Finally Got Moved Into The New Place. It’s Great. We Love It. It’s So Calm And Peaceful. Compared To Where We Were Before. Having A Peace Of Mind Is So Well Worth It.

Still Waiting On The Cable Company For The Internet. So I Can’t Use The Computer Yet. But It’s Okay. I’m Using My Phone. So I’m Able To Write. That’s The Most Important Thing.

When I’m On Here. I Get Another Burst Of Life. I Smile The Whole Time I’m Writing. Lol. I Just Appreciate That Someone Out There Enjoys The Positive Out Look On Life I Try To Bring .

But I Hope Everything Has Been Going Well With Everyone These Last Few Weeks. And I Most Definitely Miss Reading Everyone Posts. You Guys And Gals Are Just Awesome. Keep Up The Wonderful Work Everyone.

The First Thing I Done When I Got On Here Was To Read Some Of You All Blogs. I Failed Back On Reading A Lot You All Blogs Because Of The Move.

I Want To Go Back And Read As Many As I Can. You All Inspire And Uplift Me As Well. Thanks For Always Sharing.

I Only Wanted To Come On And Do An Updated Version Of What’s Going On With The Move.  Like I Said We’re In And Unpacked. And Totally Loving It.

Remember Everybody. You’re The Greatest Just Because You Are. No Words Needed To Explain.

Stay Positive And Wonderful At The Same Time.  Have A Amazing Day.

I Really Dislike Moving.

Hey Hey Everybody. I’ve Been M.I.A For Awhile.

Been In The Process Of Moving Since Last Sunday Morning. And Still Not In Our New Place.

The Place Still Not Ready. So A Storage Our Things Had To Go In. $88.00 Such A Waste Of Money.

So I’m Writing This From My Cell Phone. Which I Really Dislike Doing.

But I Wanted To Write Something. Just In Case Anyone Was Wondering Where I Was . I’m Still Here. Just Haven’t Written Anything.

So Hopefully By Next Tuesday. The New Place Will Be Ready.

So I Hope You All Are Staying Positive. And Enjoying Your Days.

Talk With You All Later.