To See Wonders In Your Life.

Good Morning Amazing People From All Over The World. Today Is All About Growth And Becoming Aware.

You Know It’s Hard To Change, When You’re Not Aware That You Need To Change. That’s Why People Can Go 20,30,40 Years Staying The Same.

Seeing Nothing Wrong With Themselves, Their Behavior, Their Attitudes, Their Views About Life. But That’s How It Usually Goes. We Can See What Everyone Is Doing, But We Never Can Recognize The Things About Us.

We Can’t Make Anyone Change. We Can Only Change Ourselves, And Hope That Others Will Change.

But We Have To Become Aware, To Recognize Anything.

One Way That I Recognized Things. I Learned That I Was Mortal. I’m Subject To Death. I Want Live Forever. So Every Hour I’m Alive, I’m Thankful. I’m Thankful For My Family And Friends Who Are Still Alive With Me.

When Your Mortal, You Don’t Do Anything, That Doesn’t Mean Anything To You. You Only Do Things That Matter.

The Same Death That Is Happening To Millions Of Others People. It Could Happen To Us Tomorrow Morning. Life Isn’t Promised To Us.

We Have Limited Time On Earth. And We’re Living Like We Have Time For Everything.

We Have To Become Aware Of How We Treat Others, Or Will We Be Positive Or Negative About Life. We Tend To Struggle More With Life, When We’re Negative About Everything. Being Positive Have You Understanding All The Good In Life. And Appreciating Everything It Gives.

So Let’s Begin To See All The Great Wonders In Life. And Live Our Life, Until It Comes To A End. So Have A Great Day Everybody.


The Power Of Positive Thinking.

Good Morning. Hope Everyone Left Stress And Worrying With Yesterday.

Today Is A New Day, New Opportunity, A Day To Forgive, A Day To Move Forward And A New Day, For Living In This Present Moment. Thinking Positive, Will Have You Seeing The Possible, In The Impossible.

When Living In The Past, We Bring Up Old Emotions And Thoughts To The Present. How Can We Live Now? And Still Struggling With The Past.

Free Yourself You Deserve It.

I Read Something This Morning About “The Power Of Positive Thinking”

It Said That Scientific Studies Has Proving. That Positive Thinking Can Be Correlated With Both Better Mental And Physical Health.

Let No Negative Thought In Your Mind. Yes I Know Its Hard, We’re So Use To It. I’ve Been Training My Mind Now For 15 Months, To Only See The Good In Life. And I Still Fail At Times.

Once That Negative Thought Comes To My Mind, I Immediately Think Of Something Positive.

Let’s See The Good In Everything, Let’s Appreciate Life, Once We Do That, Bad Days Will No Longer Exist.

Hope Everybody Have An Amazing Day.



Happiness Or Sadness.

Good Early Morning Everyone. I Haven’t Written Anything In Awhile. Sorry For My Absents.

But I’m Back And Ready. I’ve Missed Reading Everyone’s Comments And Viewing Your Likes. I Truly Appreciate Them.  You Guys And Gals Are Awesome.

Let’s Talk Shortly About Two Emotions, We Deal With On A Daily.  “Happiness And Sadness”

Emotions Are Apart Of Being Human. Now The Question Is, What Type Of Emotion Do You Want To Have? “Happiness Or Sadness?’ Do You Want Your Emotions To Be Pleasant Or Unpleasant?

But Most Times, We Become Confused, Because We Don’t Know How To Manage Our Thoughts And Emotions. Then We’re Usually All Over The Place With Our Feelings. We Are Unhappy Because Things Aren’t Going Our Way. Then We’re Happy Because Things Are Going Our Way.

We’re Letting Things Determine Our Happiness. Its Like A Light Switch. This Makes Me Happy When It’s On, This Makes Me Sad, When It’s Off. We Have To Stop Letting Situations Controls Our Emotions.

Be Happy Because It’s A New Day, You Have Life, Your Family And Children Are Alive. Be Happy Just Because.

In This World Today, People Tend To Become Sad More Often. Due To Stress, Depression, Things We Don’t Have. Sometimes Stress Comes Up For No Apparent Reason, We Think. It Leads To Crying, Or Just Feeling Down.

Being Sad For A Long Period Of Time, Really Makes Life Hard. I Can Remember A Time In My Life, When I Was Always Sad. That’s A Place I Never Want To Be Again. We Deserve To Be Happy And Have Nothing Less Than That.

But It’s All Up To You. And How You Value Life. Determines Your “Happiness Or Sadness” While Your Here.

Sign That Sadness Has Taking Over Your Life.

-You’ve Stopped Seeing Your Family And Friends.

-You Become Angry Easily.

-You Get Emotional And Cry For No Reason.

-You’ve Stopped Caring About Stuff, That Used To Interest You.

-You’re Sleeping More Or Less Than You Use To.

-You’re Eating Less Or More Than You Use To.

-You’re Finding It Hard, To Do House Work Or Going To Work.

Ways That We Can Become Happier.

-Not Letting Situation Change Our Emotions.

-Give Yourself A Confidence Boost.

-Learn How To Feel Better About Yourself.

-Create Balance And Over Come Burnouts.

-Make Positive Memories.

-Take Breaks From Social Media.

-Slowly Remove Negative Thoughts And Patterns.

-Find Clarity.

-Pay Attention To The Good.

-Be Yourself, Never Pretend.

I Hope This Will Help Someone. There Are So Many Unhappy People. We All Deserve To Be Happy.

Your Passion Is Your Gift.

Good Morning, To Everyone From Around The World.

Never Allow Anyone To Stop Your Dreams. If Their Not Supporting You, Find New Supporters.

In The World Today. We Have People Who Wants To Make Money, And We Have People, Who Enjoy Changing Lives With Their Job Passion.

Some People Don’t Know What Their Gifts Are. Or How To Find It. Your Not Alone. I Didn’t Know Either.

When I Was A Child, I Wanted To Be A Singer. So As I Grew Up. I Was Singing All Over The Place. I Song In Two Teenage Groups. Song In Chorus From 6 Grade To 12 Grade, Song In The Choir At My Church For Many Years, And Talent Shows At School.

But As I Became An Adult. All That Went Away. I Don’t Enjoy It Anymore. I Will Sing Around The House Or In The Car. I’ve Been Invited To Sing At Places. But I Just Don’t Feel It Anymore.

So I Know Many People, May Feel Like This About Their Talents. But If You Don’t Have That Passion Anymore About Something. Don’t Force It. You’re Just Wasting Time.

It’s Time To Find Something New. It’s Not To Late, You’re Not To Old. Here Are Some Ways To Help You Find That New Passion.

-Work Out What You Hate Doing.

-Try Visualizations.

-Find The Things You’re Good At.

-Eliminate Money From The Equation.

-Ask Your Friends For Feedback.

-Think Of What You Enjoy That You Also Do Well.

Once You Find That Passion Again. Make Time, To Make It Happen. Discover Ways To Profit From Your Passion, But Also Be Realistic. Surround Yourself With Supportive People, Focus On Yourself, And Don’t Just Wait Around.

When You Do What You Love, It’s Not Work. Don’t Let Fear Or Insecurity Stop You From Trying New Things. Do What You Love And The Business Will Follow, Last But Not Least. Do What You Love, And You’ll Never Have Problems With Monday.

I Found Those Quotes On The Internet, I Love Them.

So Let’s Get In Gear And Live Our Passion. Have A Amazing Day Everyone. Remember Stay Positive In Everything You Do.



Conscious Of Things.

Hello Everyone. I Wanted To Talk Shortly About Being “Conscious Of Things”

Google Definition Says, The State Of Being And Aware Of One’s Surrounding.

Self Conscious, Conscious Of One’s Own Acts Or State As Be Longing To Or Originating In Oneself.

There Are Many Things To Become Conscious And Aware Of In This Life. Just A Reminder That Life Is Still Beautiful. Things We Can Do And Appreciate At The Same Time.

-Sitting In Silence For 10 Minutes Each Day, Just To Relax The Mind.

-First Thing In The Morning, Only Think Of Positive Things.

-Eat More Health Foods, Fruits And Vegetables.

-Try To At Least, Make Three People Smile Each Day.

-Drink Plenty Of Green Tea And Water.

-Don’t Waste Your Energy On Gossip, Issues Of The Past, Negative Thoughts, Or Things You Can’t Control.

-Invest Your Positive Energy On Present Moments.

-Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously.

-You Don’t Have To Win Every Argument.

-Make Peace With Your Past, So It Won’t Spoil The Present.

-Don’t Compare Your Life To Others.

-Your Job Won’t Take Care Of You, When Your Sick. Your Friends Will, So Stay In Touch.

-Envy Is A Waste Of Time.

-Be Thankful For Everything You Have.

– Share This With Your Friends And Family, To Help Them Live A Happier Life.

Have A Great Day Everyone.





“Loving Our Earth Again.”

“Loving Our Earth Again”.Wow! Sound Great To Me. So Many People Never Think Twice About How Important The Earth Is.

We Get So Busy With Stuff, Work, Hair Appointments, Dates, Cookouts Etc. We Tend To Forget That The Earth Gives Us The Food We Eat, The Rain That Nourish The Ground, The Oxygen We Breath, Fresh Water, Medicine, Natural Gas And More.

We Have To Start Caring Again. Appreciating The Planet As A Whole And That We’re One. Let’s Take Out Some Time, To Recognize The Most Awesome Gifts Is Life.

Here Are Some Ways, To Show The Earth That We Care Again.


-Be Kind To Yourself, And It Will Encourage Kindness To Others And The World.

-Put Your Phones Down And Look Up. To See How Good The Earth

Is Today.

-Appreciate All The Things, The Earth Does For Us.

-Walk Barefoot To Gain That Re-connection Every Once In a While.

-Plant A Tree, Watch It Grow.

-Challenge Yourself To A No Trash Week. Throwing Nothing On The Ground Or Out Your Window While Driving.

-Open Your Windows On A Breezy Day.

-Grow Your Own Herbs.

-Plant A Fruit Bearing Tree, You’ll Get Free Produce.

-Organize A Beach Or Park Clean Up.

-Take The Kids On A Nature Scavenger Hunt, They Will Love It.

-Meditate Outside. Close Your Eyes And Seeing What You Notice Helps Develop Thoughtfulness For The Earth.

Most Of All, Be thankful For Everything. And Complain About Nothing.






Importance Of Sleep.

Good Morning Awesome People. I Know Your Day Is Going Well, Right? Okay. If It’s Not, Let’s Transform The Mind To Think Of Only Positive Things. It Doesn’t Take That Long.

Now Restart Your Day. With A Smile.

I Want To Chat About The “Importance Of Sleep” So Many Of Us Do Not Get Enough Sleep. This Goes On For Years And Years, Until People Think It’s Normal.

This Is Actually Ongoing Sleep Deficiency. Its Also Linked To An Increased Of Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes And Strokes.

When The Body Is Deprived Of Sleep, It Is Unable To Rebuild And Recharge Itself Adequately. Your Body Does Require Rest.

Resting Is Just As Important As Working Out, Because It’s A Equal Part Of The Total Processed, Required To Build Strength Endurance And Muscle.

Sleep Plays An Important Role In Your Physical Health. Sleep Is Involved In Healing And Repairing Of Your Heart And Blood Vessels.

Sleep Is Also Important, To A Number Of Brain Functions Including How Nerve Cells Communication With Each Other.

Your Brain and Body Stays Remarkably Active While You Sleep. Most Health Adults Needs Between 7 To 9 Hours Of Sleep Per Night To Function At Their Best.

Here Are A Few Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea.

-Loud Or Frequent Snoring.

-Silent Pauses In Breathing.

-Choking Or Gasping Sounds.

-Daytime Sleepiness Or Fatigue.


-Morning Headache.

-Waking Several Times A Night To Go To The Restroom.

Let’s Get The Rest We Need. It’s So Important.

It’s Just Something About Compassion.

Good A.M. World. Hope You All Are Doing Well. Most Of All Building Your Positive Life With Positive Thinking And Living.

 Let’s Just Jump Right Into This. This Is A Word That I Really Love, I Express It Everywhere I’am. This Word Is A Daily Part Of My Life.

I Think I Love It So Much, Due To The Hurt And Stress I Went Through While I Was Married. I Never Knew How It Felt To Be Comfort Or Shown That Someone Cared.

Even With My Parents. They Never Were The Parents To Express Their Love To Me Verbally Or Gives Hugs. I Got My First Huge From My Mom Three Months Ago. I’m 38 Years Old.

Can You Image Not Being Hugged Or Shown Affection, I Was So Shocked. But It Was Just What I Needed At That Moment.

So I Know What It Feels Like To Need, Those Sweet Words, Or Just Some Love, Even That Huge. Those Things Truly Do Go A Long Way.

Compassion. It’s A Must With Me, I’ve Seen How It Has Changed Me And Gave Me A New Viewing About Life, People And Even Myself.

The Key Was It Started With Me. I Had To Recognize The Love And Understanding The Love I Had Inside. See Love Is Already Inside Of Us.  People Just Help Bring It Forward.

They Can Show You Different Things About Love. That’s The Awesome Thing About People That I Love. We All Know Different Levels Of Love When Becoming Older.

All Compassion Is, Is Showing Kindness, Care, And Giving Support. Its Something You Can Practice Everyday To Enhance It.

Compassion Reduces Suffering And Contributes To The Well Being Of The Whole Making The World A Better Place.

Compassion Opens Your Heart, It Enlarges Your Perspective And Identity, It Increasing Your Happiness. It Enables You To Understand Yourself, And Others More.

It Increases Peace From Within. Now This Is What I Love Most. Its Contagious And Spreads Outward. It Truly Can Motivate Others.

So Lets Get In The Habit Of Showing Compassion. That’s What Its All About.

My First Love And Compassion Goes Out To Everyone Here On The Internet. When You Need A Huge, I’m Here, When You Need To Talk, I’m Here.

I Understand We All Go Through Things And It Seem Like Life Is Just To Hard, We Get To Where We Want To Give Up. You Can’t. You’ve Been Fighting To Long, Give Me Your Hand And Lets Fight Just A Little While Longer.

Have A Amazing Day Everyone.