Awesome Morning.

“Awesome Morning” Everybody.

Hope Your Doing Wonderful On This Day. If Anything Is Stressing You. Remember, If You Can’t Fix It, Let It Go.

Your Mind Deserve To Be Stress Free. We’ve Been Stressing To Long As Is.

Let’s Begin To Transform Our Minds, To Only See The Good And Positive Things.

You May Say Nita, How Do We Do That? My Little Secret To You. Even In Stressful And Everyday Life Experiences. Find The Good In Everything.

Because Things Could Be A Little Worse. Be Grateful For Where You Are Now. Be Kind To Yourself, Motivate Yourself, Love Yourself, And Most Of All Be Yourself.

Changing Our Old Mindsets, Will Be Challenging. But We Can Do It. Training Takes Time. So Everyday Feed Your Mind Positive Things.

Because The Brain Is Willing To Learn Anything New That You Are Willing To Teach It.

Alright Guys And Gals. Have A Wonderful Day.


My Daddy.

Good Afternoon Everyone.

July 20th 1956. The Day My Daddy Was Born.

January 4th 2017th. The Day He Passed Away.

January 1st 2017th. Planning My Mom A Huge Birthday Party. Her Birthday Was January 13th.

Getting Decorations, Picking Out The Cakes, The Place To Have It. And Getting Her Gifts.

I Was So Excited. I Love Decorating. Putting Things Together. I Love Seeing Her Face When She’s Surprised.

The Last Time I Had A Surprise Party For Her Was Two Years Before This One.

So January 2nd Came. I Had Been Feeling Out Of Place. Like Some Wasn’t Right. So I Kept On With My Planning.

Everyday Up Until January 4th. The Same Feeling. At 1:31p.m. Mom’s Phone Ring. She Answers, I’m Not Standing To Far From Her. I Hear Loud Talking. Darrow, Darrow. That’s My Dad’s Name. So Now I’m Like, Mom What? What? Who Is That?

Her Face, I’ve Never Seen This Look From My Mom. She Sits Down. I’m Grabbing The Phone.

I Hear Crying. I Knew My Dad Was Gone Instantly.

My Cousin, My Dad’s Nephew. Nita Get To The Hospital. The Ambulance Brought Your Dad In.

I Scream. Tell Me He’s Okay. No Answer. I’m Walking Around The House. I’m So Nervous. Jeff Is My Daddy Okay? Three Seconds Later. Nita, He Died In The Ambulance.

I Can’tĀ  Really Remember Anything Else. Just Crying, Getting My Mom, Jumped In The Car. Headed To The Hospital.

I Remember There Was So Much Traffic On The Highway. Seems Like It Took Hours.

Get There. Nurse Takes Me And My Mom To The Room. I Opened The Door, Saw My Daddy Laying There, His Eye’s Slightly Opened. And A Tube Hanging Out His Mouth.

My Purse Fell From My Shoulder. I Rushed To Him. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. No Hey Baby Girl. No Hey Neat. No Response. I Was Waiting To Hear His Voice. Laid On His Chest And Cried And Cried.

I’m Sorry Y’all. My Heart Is Beating So Fast Right Now. As I Relive This. Can’t See This Screen For Tears. Let Me Get Myself Together.

Okay. I’m Back. Don’t Want To Go On. To Painful. I’m Still Not Over His Death. It’s Been Two Years. I Still Have Troubles With It. But I’m Much Better Than When He First Passed Away. I Can Say That.

But Fast Forwarded.

Instead Of Planning This Huge Party For Mom. I Had To Plan Daddy’s Funeral.

Next Day, Funeral Home, To Make Arrangements. I Was All Over The Place. I’ve Never Felt So Out Of Place In My Life. My Mom Was No Better.

The Guy At The Funeral Home Was So Helpful. He Didn’t Rush Me, He Comfort Me. Let Me Take My Time.

I Saw All These Coffins. Different Colors. All These Beautiful Flowers To Choose From.

I Broke Down So Many Times, Trying To Choose The Best For Daddy. So I Finally Went With The Bronze Coffin And Light Brown And White Flowers.

I Rather Been Picking Out The Purple And White Cake For Mom’s Party.

So It’s Time To Pick Out His Clothes. Got His Black Suit. With His Black Tie And A Pair Of White Socks And His Dentures.

Came Back On Wednesday To Make Sure I Liked How He Looked. This Was So Much Pain To Deal With.

My Daddy Just Look Like He Was Sleeping. Like He Was At Peace. No More Pain, No More Sickness. Just Free.

I Begin To Feel Calmness. Like He Was Right There With Me. My Tears Stop. I Touched His Hands, Told Him I Love Him Always, I Will Never Forget Him.

Just Talking About All The Laughs We Had. The Foods We Liked. Both Of Us Loved Hot Dogs And Yoo-hoos. Lol. I Talked About All The Happy Times.

We Had Our Rough Times Too. But He Still Is My Daddy And I’m Still His Daughter.

Oh And Did I Tell You. We Look Just Alike. Lol.

But To End This. We Had His Viewing On My Mom’s Birthday, January 13th 2017. And His Funeral Was The Next Day. At 11:00 a.m.

My Mom And I Was At The Church At 9:00 a.m.

I Have To Stop Here.

Love Your Family While Their Here. Call Them. Show Them Love. Stop Fighting With People You Love.

Because When Their Gone. Their Gone.

R.I.P Daddy. Love You.



Awesome Morning.

Good Morning Awesome People.

I Just Wanted To Say Good Morning Or Good Afternoon To Wherever You Are In The World Today

Hope You All Have A Wonderful And Most Definitely A Positive Day.

Be Good To Yourself, Show Appreciation To You, Speak Great Things Into Your Life And Understand That You Always Deserve The (((BEST)))

Have A Wonderful Day Family.


A Negative. Turned Into A Positive.

Awesome Morning Everybody Out There. How Are You? I Hope Well. And I Hope You’re Staying Positive.

Its A New Day, New Opportunities, And We Can Start New Ways Of Thinking.

I Was At CVS. Heard A Lady Complaining About Tissue Paper. She Was Really Upset Y’all.

Maybe Something Else Was Wrong. Because She Begin To Scream At The Cashier About It.

People Started Getting Aggravated And Taking Deep Breath’s Who Were In Line.

The Manager Came Out. Trying To Calm Her Down. Nothing He Said Worked.

So At This Point. I’m Like, Okay Nita Just Come Back, I Had Been Standing In Line For About Eight Minutes Now.

Leaving The Line To Put My Items Back. I Heard A Man In A Soft Spoken Voice Say.

Ma’am, Is This Really Necessary To Be Carrying On About Butt Paper? I Turned Around. Thinking To Myself, Did He Just Say Butt Paper?

We All Begin To Laugh. Even The Complainer Of Butt Paper, Couldn’t Stop From Laughing.

She Realize How Upset She Was And Apologized To Everyone.

And The Thing About It. I Couldn’t Even Remember Why She Was So Upset. Because She Carried On For So Long.

Even Though It Was The Craziest Longest 8 Minutes Of My Life. It Turned Into A Smile.

Negative Things Can Be Turned Into Positive One’s.

You All Have A Awesome Day.



Appreciate People.

Hey Hey You Awesome Boys And Gals. That Reminded Me Of Mrs. Lash In Fifth Grade.

She Would Say This Every Morning To The Class. And We All Would Just Laugh. She Was So Country, But She Was A Very Sweet Woman.

I Wanted To Share With Everyone. Some News About A Friend Of Mine. His Name Was Torey. And He Passed Away On Last Saturday.

We Had Been Friends For 23 Years. This Was A Huge Shock For Me. And It Really Shows Me How Short Life Is.

Let’s Appreciate People While Their Here. I’m Really Beginning To Learn That. Because It Truly Is True. One Minute You’re Here, The Next You’re Gone.

Over The Last Two Years. I’ve Lost Some Really Good Friends. I Thought To Myself The Other Day. Seems Like Everyone Around Me Is Passing Away.

Then I Had To Rethink That. I Still Have People That Love And Care For Me. That Are Still Here. I Had To Reverse That Negative And Then Think Of The Positive Side Of Things.

We All Will Leave This Earth. But While I’m Here. I’m Will Enjoy It.

Enjoy Everybody.






Battling With Things.

Hello World. So Many People Out Here, Never Knows And Understand The Things Everyone Battle’s With Daily.

We Try So Hard To Become BetterĀ  And Improve Our Lives. It Gets Pretty Hard To Change Us And The Things We Do.

Lots Of People All Over The World Have Issue With Trying To Lose Weight, Staying Healthy, Trying To Stop Smoking Or Drinking, Dealing With Depressing And Anxiety, Anger, Heart Break, Approval Of Self, Money, Unfaithful Spouse, Jobs And The List Goes On.

Just Know. That We’re Not Perfect. And It’s Hard To Deal With A lot Of Different Things. Our Strength May Not Be Strong Enough To Change Things Just Yet. But Never Give Up.

Sometimes It Takes Us Having To Go Through Some Things In Order To Change Some Stuff.

It Was So Hard For Me, To Stop Eating Meat. But When My Health Start To Decline, I Was Afraid What Was Going To Happen To Me. I Wasn’t Strong Enough To Stop On My Own. The Scare Is What Changed Me.

And It’s Sad That It Had To Happen That Way, In Order For Me To Become Healthier.

I Had A Uncle That Was A Alcohol. The Doctors Told Him, If He Didn’t Stop Drinking. It Was Going To Kill Him.

Guess What. He Didn’t Stop. We Buried Him Six Month Ago. He Had Children And Grandkids That Loved Him. But He Didn’t Have The Strength And Power To Stop Drinking, And Death Didn’t Scare Him.

I Also Knew A Young Lady. That Took Her Life Because Of A Man. She Thought She Couldn’t Live Without Him. But She Also Had Three Children That She Left In Pain.

We Truly Want Ever Understand Why People Do Things. It’s Not Our Place Too. Because What You May Do. Someone Else May Not. We Have To Remember We’re Not That Person, We Don’t Think Like This Person, We Didn’t Experience People’s

Past. So It Hard To Understand Others, When They Do Unexplainable Things.

Let’s Just Keep Working On Us. Because We Truly Don’t Have It All Together.

Whatever You’re Going Through. Keep Fighting To Make It Better. It Doesn’t Matter If You Failed 10 Times, Get Up And Start Again.

Have A Wonderful Day Family.





Start Now.

Hello Everyone. It’s A Saturday Night Here. Hope You All Had A Wonderful Day.

I’ve Been Home Writing A Speech For Tomorrow’s Show. Last Week Show Was So Amazing. Everything Went Well. I Really Enjoyed Myself.

I Was Invited To Come Back On Tomorrow. So I’ve Just Been Getting Prepared.

I Would Like To Thank Javerick Boyce. For Even Thinking Of Me To Be Apart Of The Show. I Truly Appreciate Him.

Whatever Idea You Have, Or If You Have A Goal. But You May Not Know Exactly Where To Start.

You Have To Begin Somewhere. Work On It Everyday, Prepare Yourself. Once You Get Started Ideas Will Find You.

And You Will Find That. You Only Had To Start First, To Get To That Beginning.

We Have To Stop Doubting Ourselves And Speaking Negative Things Into Our World. We Are Strong, We Are Great And Most Of All Completely Amazing.

Speak Only The Best Things About Yourself. Improve What You Don’t Like And Stay Positive Always. I Know It’s Hard. But We Have To Train Our Minds Only To See Those Good And Positive Things.

Because We Truly Do Deserve The Best. You All Have A Wonderful Night And Dream Of Positivity.



Personal Life.

Afternoon World. Sitting Home Watching Movies Today. Thinking About How Everything That Has Happened With Me.

I’ve Had A Long Stressful Two Weeks. Been Thinking About Things More Than I Really Wanted Too.

Trying To Stay Positive About Everything. But Confused About A Lot.

The Things I’m Going Through, I Caused Them. And I Know That I Did. So Now I Have To Fix Them.

I Do Blame Myself. And It’s My Fault. But I Have Forgiving Me. And Learned From This.

When We Make Mistakes, We Tend To Drag Ourselves Down And It Isn’t Okay To Do This. We’re Not Perfect, And It’s Okay If We Mess Up.

Just Make Sure We Learn From It. Your Not Going To Do Things Right Always. Believe Me I Know. Lol.

I Want To Say Happy Father’s Day. To All The Father’s Around The World.

You All Have A Amazing Day.


Good Morning Everybody. Haven’t Been On In Awhile.

But I’m Back To Share Some Exciting News.

I Will Be Speaking On BlakCrownRadio Today, About Positive Thinking And How It Can Change Your Life.

If You Know You Want Change And Just Not Sure How To Start The Process.

You May Want To Change. Your Attitude, Health, Eating Habits, Even Just Simple Exercising Habits.

Everything Truly Does Start With The Way You Think. In Order To Get What You Want.

So Feel Free To Tune In Today At 2:30 Eastern Time. I Will Put The Link Down Below.

And Thanks Everybody. Enjoy Your Day.

Your Emotions.

Great Morning To You. It’s Nothing Like A New Day Of Life. Another Opportunity To Learn And Gain More Knowledge And Learning From Our Mistakes.

Let’s Talk Shortly About These Emotions Of Ours.

They Control Our Whole Mindset. And If We’re Not Careful With Them .They Can Control Our Lives.

We Can Get Really Sensitive About A lot Of Things. Our Minds Can Start To Wonder, And We Can Even Make Ourselves Upset Just From A Thought.

We Can Sit And Think About Things From Our Past And Begin To Cry, Because We Remember How Someone May Have Treated Us.

We Can Allow People To Upset Us. They Can Piss Us Off Whenever They Like And We Allow This To Happen All The Time.

It’s Truly About Controlling Your Thoughts And Emotions. Not Allowing People To Switch Us Off And On Whenever They Like.

Start Training Your Mind To Let Things Go And Not Be Bothered By Things.

If You’re In Your Emotions All The Time. That Means Anything Can Control You And How You Feel.

Break Through. Become Stronger In The Mind. So People Want Be Able To Control Your Emotions At Any Giving Time.

Alright Everybody Have An Amazing Day.