The Importance Of Life.

Good Morning. We Made It Another Day.

What A Wonderful Experience. So Grateful And Thankful. For This Life That We Weren’t Promised.

The Importance Of Life For Me Is. Having My Family And Friends Still Here With Me To Experience It.

To Show My Love And Understanding And Most Of All. My Compassion To Others As Well As Unto Myself.

To Appreciate The Small Things. The Air We Breath, Food To Eat, Rain To Replenish The Earth, Flowers That Bloom In The Spring, The Leaves That The Trees Bring, The Streams Of Waters The Most Never Seen, The Sun And What A Powerful Beam It Brings.

I Never Had Paid Attention To The Small Things. Until I Lost One Big Thing. My Dad.

His Death Opened My Eyes To Life. What A Wonderful Surprise That I’ve Been Missing For So Long.

I Hate That It Took Him To Leave. So That I Could Finally See.

So Let’s Begin To Appreciate All These Small Things. Because They Truly Do Matter.

Have A Wonderful Day Everybody. Tell Someone How Much You Care Today. Because They May Not Be Sure How You Feel About Them.




Not Feeling Well.

Good Morning Everybody. Hope Everyone Is Staying Positive And Enjoying Your Days.

As For Me. Not Been Feeling So Well For About A Week. Today Still Not Feeling As Good As I Like. But I’m Here And I Still Alive.

Went To See My Doctor On Yesterday. He Did Some Blood Work And Urine Sample. I Get Those Results Next Week.

I’ve Been Feeling Weak, Dizzy, Cold And Stomach Feels Like It’s Shaking.

I Usually Don’t Get Sick. So This Feels So Weird For Me. All I Want To Do Is Lay Around.

So I’m Looking For My Old Me To Come Back Soon. I’m Not A Home Body Person. I’m Usually Up And Gone.

But Okay Everybody. I’m Going To Lay Back Down. You All Have A Awesome Day.

Dinner Time.

Hey Guys. Hope You All Enjoyed Your Day. I Did. But I’m Well Done Tired. Lol.

What A Day . But I Can Truly Say I Got Alot Of Things Done. I Will Save The Rest For Friday.

But I Was Totally Hungry. So I Made Vegan Lasagna. Loads Of Onion, Spinach, Mushrooms And Chunks Of Tomatoes. Homemade Ricotta Cheese And Tons Of Nutritional Yeast.


Romaine Salad And A Huge Glass Of Fresh Lemon Water.

Oh Was I In Heaven. Yesssss. Lol.

What Did You All Have For Dinner?

Keep Doing Your Best.

Wow!! It’s Another Morning We Lived To See. Most Definitely I’m Thankful.

This Life We Live Can Be Tough. And Pretty Rough At Times.

The Support We Need. Doesn’t Come From The People That We Thought Would Be There.

The People We’ve Counted On, Becomes Distanced. And Not Really Caring Anymore.

They Feel If You Haven’t Improved By Now. What Else Can They Do.

It’s Really A Hard Situation To Face When Your Love Ones And Friends Doesn’t Support You Anymore.

No Encouragement, No Faith In You, No Sweet And Kinds Words Anymore. It Just Makes You Feel Hopeless.

But In These Trying Times Like These. It’s Time To Have Your Own Back. It’s Time That You Up Lift Yourself. Encourage You, Depend On You, And Most Of All Believe In You.

We Get So Use To People Being There. That We Stop Being There For Ourselves. We Forget How Strong We Are, And How Powerful We Can Be.

So We Become The Weak, The Powerless, The Crying Type.

But Today Is A Reminder. No Matter Who Has Given Up On You. You Keep Fighting For Yourself Until You Come Out That Winner.

You Start Encouraging Yourself. Speak Life Into You. Speak Hope, Speak Strength. These Are The Things That Will Carry You Through.

I Have Faith In You. That You Will Make It. I’m Fighting For Myself As Well. So Let’s Fight Together. Let’s Get There And Win.

I Just Got A Burst Of Positive Energy. I Motivated Myself. I Will Keep Pushing.

You All Have A Wonderful Day.


Saturday Afternoon.

My Niece’s 19th Birthday Celebration. Started Off Great.

Headed To Dillard’s To Do Some Shopping. Then Dinner At Her Favorite Restaurant.

Two Days Just Aren’t Long Enough. I Miss That Young Lady So Much When She’s Not Here.

My Niece And I Have Always Hung Out Since She Was A Little Girl. Movies, Having Sleep Overs At My House, Going To the Fair, Six Flags, Shopping, Museums, We’ve Done It All.

When She Left For College Last Year. My Whole World Changed.

See I Don’t Have Any Children. But I’ve Always Wanted Them. Just Haven’t Happened For Me Yet.

I’ve Always Had Everybody Else Children From Close Friends To Relatives Children. Spending Time With Them, Teaching Them Things And Most Of All Just Listening To Them.

So When My Niece Left. A Lot Of Activities Stop For Me. I Try Not To Call Her So Much. She’s Working Now And Hanging Out With Friends. I Totally Just Miss Her. And Not Being Able To See Her Is Tough.

We Had A Conversation Last Night About The Stress Of College Students. I Want To Write A Speech About What They Go Through.

The Things She Told Me. Really Shocked Me. All I Could Think About Was My Baby Is Going Through Theses Things As Well.

Even Though She Didn’t Say She Was Going Through These Things. I Could Tell In Her Eyes She Was.

I Saw Hurt And Stress. So I Talked With Her About What She Was Going Through.

I Told Her. It Hurts Me Because I Can’ t Protect Her From Everything. So Badly I Wish I Could.

I Encouraged Her And Put All My Love And Compassion In Each Word. She Knows How Much I Love Her. And How Much I Want The Best For Her.

She Knows Everything She Wants To Become, That She Has To Work Hard For. I Send Her Encourage Text While Shes At School. To Let Her Know Shes Strong And Powerful And She Will Achieve Her Goals .

I Support Her In Every Decision She Makes. I’m Not Here To Badger Her Or Put Her Down.

She’s Thinking About Changing Her Major And College Location. She’s Trying To Find Herself And She Wants To Make The Right Decision.

I Give My Advise. And Let Her To Know To Weigh All Options And To Have A Clear Mind When Making Any Decisions.

She’s Going To Be Fine. She Just Has A Lot More Living To Do.

Make Sure We’re Supporting Our Children And Most Of All Listening To Them. They Truly Need Us.

Lets Stop Putting Them Down And Calling Them Names. Uplift Them. Tell Them How Amazing They Are, How Smart, Funny, Talented They Are Just Support Them.

Alright Guys And Gals Enjoy The Rest Of Your Saturday Evening.


Good Saturday Morning ðŸŒžðŸŒžðŸŒžðŸŒž

Good Morning Everyone. Hope You All Enjoy Your Day. Make Sure You Have Some Fun Today

Spend Some Time With The Family. And Laugh Until You Cry Lol.

Catch A Movie, Go Bowling, Take The Kids Skating Or To The Park.

Make The Day A Little Different.

I Will Be Spending My Day With My Family. My Niece Birthday Was February 27.

She Turned 19. I’m Still So Shocked, How Fast She Grew Up. Just Making Me Old lol.

Had To Wait To Celebrate. She’s In College, So She Came Home For The Weekend. So We Could Have A Blast Today.

You All Have Some Fun As Well You Deserve It.



Slowing Down.

Here It Is. The Last Day Of The Month.  How Time Always Seems To Dash By Us.

That Let’s Us Know. Time Waits On No Man.

24 Hours Are In A Day. What Do We Do In 24 Hours Everyday For 365 Days In A Year?

When You Think About It. That’s A Lot Of Time. But We Feel Were Doing So Much And We’re So Tired, Stressed And Burden Down With Everything.

Who Said That We Have To Do Everything In One Day. We Have Seven Days To Accomplish Things In Our Lives.

So We Don’t Have To Cram Everything In One Day. I Know We Have 24 Hours In A Day. But That Doesn’t Mean Overload Yourself. Then Get Stressed Out.

There Are Different Ways To Get Things Done.

Make A List. Do Different Things Everyday Of The Week. Spread Things Out.

Find You A Day To Rest And To Recuperate.

When You Feel Overwhelmed. Take A Break, Take Some Slow Deep Breaths.

Make Sure You’re Eating. It Doesn’t Have To Be A Full Meal. Eat Your Favorite Fruit. For Rejuvenation.

Drink Plenty Of Clean Water. Not Tap Water. To Many Chemicals In It.

Even Add Fresh Lemon Juice To That Water To Boost Your Energy Level.

It’s All About Learning Your Paste. And Being Able To Take A Break When It’s Needed.

Don’t Over Work Yourself. This Is Where Stress Introduced Itself To You.

We Have To Slow Down And Enjoy The Moments We’re In. It’s Okay To Take A Break And Get Some Rest. You’re Not A Machine You Know .

Let’s Remove This Stress. We’ve Been Stressing Long Enough. Let’s Enjoy This Life We Have. Not Stress Over It.

Have A Wonderful Day Guys.


You’re Still That Shine.

Good Morning Everyone. Hope You Woke With Energy And A Smile.

Sometimes It Hard To Do That. We Deal With So Many Things On A Daily. So Much Stress And Being Burden Down.

Worrying About Our Kids, Work, School, Relationships, Marriages And Anything Else That Can Be Worried About.

We Don’t Always Feel Our Best Or Feel Like Being Happy. Sometimes We’re Just Here. Minds Become Blank And We Become To Stand Still.

I’m Here To Inform You. That No Matter How You Feel Some Mornings. How Unmotivated You Become. You’re Still A Star, You’re Still Worth Everything Your Trying To Achieve.

We All Battle With Things. But We Truly Are Strong Enough To Get Through Them. Never Give Up. Keep Fighting. Because No One Else Will Fight For You.

The Way You View Your Life. Is What Your Life Becomes. So See Everything As The Good And Positive Things. So You Can Start Experiencing Those Good And Positive Things.

Have A Great Day Everybody.


Keep Fighting.

Another Sunday Morning. What A Wonderful Day. Every Problem Or Issues You’re Having Today.

If You Can’t Fix The Problem. Find Something Positive And Good  To Replace The Hurt, The Pain, Loneliness, Depressing.

It’s Truly About What Your Going To Do, While You’re Going Through These Things.

You May Feel You Can’t Go On. The Pressure Is Just To Much. Believe Me I Understand. We All Have Been In The Same Position.

But Look At All Of Us Now. Look Where We Are. That Means We Didn’t Give Up. We Kept Fighting. We Had More Strength And Power Than We Knew.

We Got Through All Those Things. And We Shall Get Through All These Things.

Never Give Up On Yourself. You’re All You Have. “Keep Fighting”. Because You Were Born A Fighter.

Don’t Look For Others To Save You. You Have The Power To Save Yourself. You Just Don’t Know It Yet.

You Are That Amazing Person. There Are People Who Love And Care About You. Never Forget That. Have A Awesome Sunday Everybody.

And If No One Has Told You Today. Let Me Be The First. Nita Loves You. I’m Able To Love You, Because I Love And Appreciate Myself.

Love And Compassion Are

Truly Always Needed.