“Take The Time”

Early Afternoon Everybody🌺

I Hope That You Have Taking The Time, To Smile Today. If You Haven’t, Go Ahead, Smile😁

There Is One Thing You Can Smile About. You’re Here Amongst The Living.

You Have Another Opportunity To Make Things Better. To Make Someone Else Smile.

To Give A Compliment, To Forgive, To Hug, To Say I Love You!

“Take The Time” Today To Experience Something New.

Not Be Angry, Not Lose Control Of Yourself, Not To Abuse Anyone, Not To Hurt Someone Feelings.

Try Doing Something Different. You Are Aware Of What Your Doing To Others. So Correct It. Feel Another Emotion. Which Is Love And Compassion Unto Others. Instead Of Frustration, Anger And Out Of Controlness.

Remember You Are Better Than This. So Start Today And Make A Change.

Have A Wonderful! ❤️

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