Don’t Cause Your Own Problems.

Hello And Good Morning To Some Amazing People.

What A Blessing It Is To See A New Day. I’m Grateful For Another Day Of Life,That Wasn’t Promised To Any Of Us.

I Had A Conversation With A Friend Of Mine About. Causing Your Own Problems. She Really Wasn’t Sure About What I Was Talking About.

The Example I Gave Her Was.

Getting So Upset That You Say Things You Regret Later. And How You Hurt People With Your Words.

These Issues Causing Problems In Your Relationship And Friendships. And With You Losing Control And Your Emotions Taking Over.

You Hurt Your Loves Ones. And They Remember How You Made Them Feel. So It Makes Them Want To Detach From You Or Only Deal With You When Have Too.

You All May Have Had A Good Relationship. But Because Of You Not Having Your Emotions Under Control. It Can Cause Things Between You All To Be Different.

This Goes For Marriage’s, Friendship’s, Daughter’s, Mother’s, Son’s, Coworker’s Relationship’s.

Slow Down And Think Before You Speak. So You Don’t Cause Your Own Problems. Then Have To Fight Them, To Make Them Right.

Most Time The Damage Is Already Done. And Most People Want Look At You The Same Or Respect You.

I’ve Had My Share In Messing Up Things. Because Of My Mouth In The Past.

I Said Whatever Came To My Mind. And That Was A Horrible Thing To Do. But I’ve Learned My Lesson. I’ve Got My Emotions And Feeling Under Control.

That It Self. Changed My Life. Only If We As People, Could Tone Our Talking Down By 50%. We Truly Would Stop A Lot Of Issues And Problem Causes Down In Our Lives.

But People Just Don’t Know How To Be Quite. We Always Have To Make A Point, We Have To Prove We’re Right, We Want People To Know,That We Know What We’re Talking About.

Its Really All Pointless. It Causes Arguments And Disappointment. Because We’re Fighting For What We Believe In Or What We Think Is Right.

We’re All Different. And Have Different Opinions. It Doesn’t Mean They All Have To Be Discussed Amongst Each Other.

What You Believe And Feel. Its For You. This Is A Reason Why I Never Discuss Religion With People. It Totally Gets Blown Out Of Hand. We’re All Trying To Defend What We Believe.

We Have To Become Mature Enough To Realize Everyone Will Never Agree With You Totally About Everything. That’s Why We’re All Different.

Can You Image What The World Would Be Like If We All Thought The Same, Felt The Same. Lol. Crazy Right.

But Let’s Just Be More Mindful About What We Say To Others. Because Words Do Hurt.

Whoever Said Sticks And Stone Will Break Your Body’s, But Words Will Never Hurt You. Couldn’t Have Been A Human Being.

Just My Opinion. Lol. I’ve Cried Many Times Over What A Person Has Said To Me.

Let’s Not Cause Our Own Problems. Because Of Us Not Knowing How To Be Quite.

Have A Great Everybody.






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