Things I Didn’t Know.

Hello, Great Morning To Everybody. Hope You All Slept Well, And Are Refreshed For This New Day.

I Was Reading Over Some Weird And Crazy Facts About Things Most Of Us May Not Know.

And Not Sure If I Believe Them All. Lol. But Here They Are.

-Human Life Expectancy Has Increased More In The Last 50 Years Than In The Previous.

-The Average Human Will Yawn Around 250,000 Times In Their Life.

-Women Seems To Like Light And Frequent Kisses.

-Every time You Lick A Stamp. You’re Consuming 1/10 Of A Calorie.

-Your Eyes Are Always The Same Size From Birth.

-The Average Person Falls Asleep In Seven Seconds.

-A Single Cloud Can Weight More Than One Million Pounds.

-While You’re Asleep A Human Will Eat 70 Assorted Insects And Spiders While Sleeping. Small One’s Of Course.

-Coca-Cola Would Be Green If Coloring Wasn’t Added To It.

Very Interesting. But Also Funny. Wow!! “Things I Didn’t Know”


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