Every Four Month Detox.

Hey Guys And Gals. Hope This Sunday Afternoon Is Going Well For You. And If It’s Not, Let’s Work On Turning Things Around.

The Good Thing About Positive Thinking. You Can Take Something Bad Or Upsetting And Turn It Into Something More Pleasant.

I Wanted To Talk Shortly About Detoxing The Body.

Well It’s My “Every Four Months Detox” Cleans. I Eat No Cooked Food For Two Weeks. Completely Raw.

Drink Plenty Of Lime Water And Lemon Water And Herbal Teas. Tons Of Fruits And Salads. And Hitting The Gym.

Also Taking My Ulimate Cleans Herbal Capsules. Along With Blake Walnut Hulls, Activated Charcoal For A Deeper Cleans. We Usually Just Empty The Large Intestines. No One Focus On The Small Intestines. Where Most Of The Old Fecal Matter, Toxins, Completely Just Backed Up Waste And Chemicals Are Stored.

You May Wonder Why You’re So Constipated Or Have Excessive Gas Or Even Just One Bowel Movement A Day Or Once A Week.

The Digestive System Isn’t Working Correctly. So This Is Why We’re So Tired And Groggy, No Energy.

Detoxing Is A Must. And Eating Well Is To. Lets Learn Our Bodies. Gain As Much Knowledge As We Can. Our Organs Are Important And They Play A Huge Part Of Us Living Our Lives.

Eating Well To Live A Healthier Long Life.

We Have To Change How We Think. In Order To Change Our Lives. Have A Wonderful Day Everybody.


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