Morning To You.

Good Morning. New Day.

If You’re Reading This, We Lived To See A New Day. What A Wonderful Blessing.

Woke Up To Rain Hitting My Window At 4a.m. Got Up, Made Myself Some Pineapple Tea With A Little Honey.

For Some Reason, Start Thinking About All My Family And Friends That Aren’t Here With Us Anymore.

How Most Of Them Didn’t Live Pass 50 Years Old. But Each One Of Them I Remember So Well, Their Character, Their Funniest, Braveness, Their Love And Kind Ways. I Will Never Forget.

A Friend Of Mine Passed Away Last Year. In The Middle Of His Conversation. So Quickly. I’m Still Shocked. Seabrooks Was 45.

The Most Loving Person I Have Every Meet. He Would Buy Roses And Just Give Them Out To Different Women.

He Did That For As Long As I Could Remember. He Helped Everybody, Very Loving Man. I Miss My Friend.

But He Was Very Sick. And I Tried Ever Chance I Got, I Told Him, Seabrooks You Have To Take Care Of Yourself. Because No One Else Will.

He Always Said, God Take Care Of Me Nita. And I Would Always Say. You Have To Do Your Part As Well.

Threw All His Sickness. He Still Smiled. One Thing He Taught Me. If You Can Help Someone, Do It.

His Mother And I Still Have Lunch Dates. And Go Shopping. She Really Misses Her Baby.

Your Energy Lives On My Friend.

Remember Your Love Ones And Friends. And Remember All The Great Things About Them Today.




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