Well It’s 4:17a.m. I’m Up A Little Earlier Than Any Other Day.

Not Doing To Much. Feeling Pretty Hunger. But I Don’t Want To Eat Anything To Heavy.

May Just Grab An Orange Or Two. I’m Really Falling In Love With The Infused Fruit Waters. Cucumber Water And Lemon Water Are My Two Favorites.

I’ve Noticed I Put Out More Urine When Drinking Those Waters.


Way I Make The Waters. I Take One Whole Lemon. Soak It In Himalayan Salt For About Five Minutes. To Remove Any Dirt Or Another Living Thing That Maybe On It.

Okay Moving Along. Rinse Well. Sliced The Lemon In Thin Slices. Put Those In Whatever Size Glass Or Cup You Prefer.

Fill Glass Or Cup With Clean Water, No Tap Water. I Use Alkaline Water. You Can Use Distilled, Spring, Whatever Kind You Like. But No Sparkling Water.

You Can Let It Sit For 30minutes Before Using. Or Allow It To Sit Over Night In The Refrigerator. Drink First Thing In The Morning. On An Empty Stomach.

Your Body Will Thank You. You Feel More Refresh And Even Gain More Energy. But You Can Keep Using That Lemon For About Three Days.

The Longer You Allow It To Sit. It Becomes Stronger In Taste Even Bitter. But Those Are The Properties. Pulling From The Peels Of The Lemon.

Lemon Water Is Great For Digestion.

Whatever Fruit You Like Make Fruit Water. Strawberries, Blueberries, Watermelon, Blackberries. There All Good To Me. You Can Even Add Mint Or Cinnamon Sticks To The Water.

I Prepare The Cucumbers The Same Way.

YouTube Have Many Videos On Infused Fruit Waters. Check Them Out.

Hope You All Like The Ones You Choose. Enjoy.



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