Recognizing Things.

Good Morning Everyone. Hope We All

Woke Up With A Smile On Our Faces And Gratefulness In Our Hearts, To See Another Day.

Millions Of People Didn’t Get This Opportunity This Morning. They Didn’t Get To See Their Love Ones Faces. But We Woke Up To Experience Them Once Again .

When I Heard The Birds Chirping. It Reminded Me, That I’m Alive. Tears Ran Down My Face. I Stared Out Into The Woods Behind My House. Saw All The Beauty That Nature Gives That We  Tend To Forget About.

The Trees, The Streams, The Grass. How Can We Forget All The Glorious Things That Makes Up This Earth.

I Don’t Know About You. But Ive Learn To Love Everything. When I Went Blind Some Years Back. I Prayed And Prayed To Gain My Vision Back. This Is Something You Will Never Understand Unless You’ve Been Blind Better.

I Was At My Lowest Point In My Life. Couldn’t See My Way Out Of It. I Sat In Darkness 16 Months. My Mind Stop Working, I Became Silent, I Remember My Mom Telling Me. If You Want To Speak To Me, You Had To Touch Me In Order To Get My Attention. I’m Sorry Tears Flowing Right Now. My Heart Is Racing. I Remember Those Times Y’all.

I Remember Not Being Able To Get Any Sleep. My Mind Was Moving 100 Miles Per Hours. All I Wanted Was A Little Rest.

I Remember The Enemy Crypt Into My Mind. Telling Me It Was Okay To Rest And Showing Me The Wrong Way To Do.

I  Succumb To These Words. I Was Ending This, I Couldn’t Take Anymore, All Hope, Faith, Beliefs Were Gone. And So Was I.

Sitting In My Room. I’m Ready. No Second Guesses. Took Me Hours To Find What I Need To End My Life.

Have It In My Hand. I Hear A Tap On The Door. It’s My Mother. I Hear The Door Open. She Said, I Love You, And Begin To Encourage And Reassure Me That Everything Is Going To Be Okay.

I Begin To Scream And Cry. I Couldn’t Do It. I Couldn’t Take My Life After My Mother Words.

So This Is Why I’m Grateful For Life And Everything In It. I’m Able To See Now. I Wake Up Every Morning Looking To My Window To See Daylight. It Means So Much To Me Now. They Say You Don’t Miss Something Until It’s Gone. It’s True Y’all. You Don’t.

Be Thankful For What You Have. Everything Is A Blessing In My Eyes.

Have Awesome Day Everybody. Love You. Sending My Love And Compassion Unto You.




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