No Meat Or Dairy.

Hey Hey Everybody. Good A.M. To You. Hope You’re Enjoying Your Morning.

I’m Home Drinking Some Warm Green Tea On This Cold But Beautiful Morning.

Wanted To Chat About My Journey Without Meat Or Dairy For A Year. My Year Was January 20th 2019. The Best Decision I’ve Made To Improve My Health.

I’ve Had Digestive Issues Since I Was 24. I Was Unable To Have A Bowel Movement On My Own. Ive Always Had To Take Stool Softener.

I Know Many That Don’t Like To Touch On Subjects Like This. But This Is Real Life And There Are Others Out There That Were Just Like Me.

It’s A Serious Matter And So Uncomfortable. The Pain Is Endless, Night And Day. I Couldn’t Stand To Smell Food Cooking, Perfumes Or Air Freshners.

It Would Make Me So Sick At The Stomack. Wanting To Vomit. Not A Good Feeling. Couldn’t Bend Over, Couldn’t Walk To Long The Pain Was Just To Bad.

So I Finally Had To Go To The Hospital Nothing Was Working For Me. So Embrassing. He Pushed Around In My Stomach, Can’t Remember If I Got An Xray Or Not. But He Said My Colon Was Expanding. So He Order Some Liquid Medication. I Drunk It. In Less Than Five Minutes. I Ran Down The Hall To The Restroom.

I Truly Felt Like I Won The Lottery Lol.

But I’m Saying All This To Say. Whatever Your Putting In This Body Unhealthy And Not Eating Correctly There Are Consequences.

Your Colon Plays A Huge Roll In Your Life. We’re Eating Foods And There Just Sitting In Our Colons And Rotting.

We’re Not Having Enough Bowel Movements A Day. Youre Suppose To Be Going At Least Two To Three Times A Day. We’re Not Detoxing The Colon To Get Rid Of Old Waste And Toxins.

If Your Bowels Are Smelling Like Green Swamp Water

. It’s Full Of Toxins And Old Waste. In Other Words. Old Poop That’s Just Been Sitting There From Food That Can’t Pass.

Being Constipated Is A Sign Of Clogged Colon. Your Colon Is Over 20 Feet Long. And Everything Isn’t Coming Out Of You. The Only Thing Moving Is The Large Intestines. The Small Intestines Aren’t Being Cleans Deeply.

This Is Where Detoxing Can Improve That. Eating Only Fruits And Drinking Water For 21 Days And Adding In Some Herbs. Even Adding Lemon To The Water Helps Alot.

The Colon Is Where All Diseases Form. If Your Eating Unhealthy. You Can Form Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Cancers, Heart Problems, Inflammation And Much More.

Many People Think That Sickness Just Come To Us From Family Members And It’s Passed Down. We All Ate The Same Way That Why We All Have The Same Diseases.

It’s Time To Wake Up And Become Conscious And Aware Of What’s Going On. We’re Losing To Many Family Members And Friends From Sicknesses.

So I Made A Decision Last Year. To Change My Life. I Woke Up. I Said This Is It, I Can’t Take This Pain Anymore. Took All My Meats And Dairy Products And Gave Them Away. No Chicken, Beef, Ham, Seafood, Pork. Nothing That Has Eyes And Bleeds. No Ice Cream, Cheese, Sour Cream, Eggs. Nothing. I Made This Change. It Changed My Life. I Feel So Much Better. No More Stomach Pain, No Vomiting. Lost 43lb. Without Exercise. I’ve Come Off Three Of My Medications. And Working On This Last One. This Insulin. I Have A Long Way To Go. But I’ve Come So Far, There Is No Turning Around.

Let’s Take Care Of Ourselves. Because No One Else Will. More Fruits And Vegetables. Less Meat And Dairy And Processed Food.


6 thoughts on “No Meat Or Dairy.

  1. Cadie Mclendon says:

    I’m glad you feel better. I really need to change my diet. I have a sensitive stomach after years of eating things that are bad for me. I’m thinking about starting with a cleanse then little by little start eliminating things that are bad.

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  2. Kamil Gerald says:

    I’ve been on and off with my diet. I was only able to get two months in from eating fruits and veggies as well as drinking plenty of water. That was last year summer. I worked out as well. I felt so good. However I had a hard time struggling with just eating raw for the first 30 days to get the maximum benefits to clean and detox my colon. Now fast forward to winter where I’ve been pretty depressed that I reverted back to my eating habits but not as much meat. I did a lot of fish and turkey. Now that I’ve been uplifted from my depression I’m back at eating my fruits and veggies. But this time I’m aiming to go raw for the first 30 days. I know I can do it. I just have to be discipline and stay grounded in the word. I drink a lot of tea because I would get bored with plain water.

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  3. Joshua Dyer says:

    Wonderful Nita! Thank you for sharing. Our little family are “Whole-food, Plant-based” too and couldn’t be happier. Keep up the good vibes!
    As a request, do you think you could share some of your links and resources that you found most helpful and motivating? I would appreciate it. I’m always eager to have more information to share with those I care for to encourage them to clean up their diet and lifestyle.

    Again, thank you for sharing and good luck in the future.

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    • justnitablog says:

      Thank You For Reading. I Appreciate You. I Don’t Have Any Links. I Mainly Just Did Some Research On Animals And How They Are Treated And Feed. And The Affects Of Meat And Dairy When Consuming Them. And How It’s Damaging The People Health. All The Meals I Cook. I Used A lot From YouTube. And Kind Of Made Up My Own. I Get Excited To Hear When Families Are Eating Plant Based. That’s Awesome!! Hope That Helped. Have An Amazing Day.


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