Christmas Eve Fun.

Guess What? It’s Christmas Eve. Laughing To Myself, I Called Someone This Morning They Had No Clue What Today Was.

The Person Was Feeling Down, I Totally Understood. We Both Lost Our Daddy’s Around The Same Time Last Year. I Started Feeling Sad A Weeks Ago. But I Knew My Daddy, He Wouldn’t Want Me To Be Like This, This Year.

Last Year I Did Nothing. Stayed Home In Bed Crying. Didn’t Answer The Phone, Just Told My Mom I Didn’t Want To Be Bother. She Understood.

But Not This Year. I Will Go And Be With My Family. When We Get Together We Have Fun, We Eat, Sing, Talk, Listen To Christmas Music.

So Here Are Some Fun Ways To Spend Christmas Eve With Your Family And Have Fun This Year.

-Have A Cookie Bake Off.

-Have A Christmas Treasure Hunt.

-Play Board Games.

-Play Christmas Music And Dance.

-Pin The Nose On Rudolph.

-Go Ice Skating If Your In New York.

-Go To The Mall , Let The Kids Visit Santa.

-Watch A Movie Together With The Family.

-Sing Christmas Songs.

-Tour The Christmas Lights In The Neighbor Hood.

-Hang Christmas Stocking.

-Open One Gift.

-Drink Hot Chocolate.

-Make A Gingerbread House.

-Try To Guess Your Christmas Present.

-Eat Finger Foods.

-Run Around Being Excited.

-Play In The Snow, If You Have Snow In Your Area.

-Kiss Someone Under The Mistletoe.

-Drink Plenty Of Egg Nog. (((That’s My Favorite.

-Tell Christmas Stories.

-Eat Candy Canes.







4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Fun.

  1. wiseassvegan says:

    Thank you for sharing.I am so glad your family is a sourve of true support and love, especially during the holidays – which can definitely be stressful emotionally
    I am glad you decided to join everyone this year and that you know that your father would have wanted you to be surrounded by loving happy people.this is a good way to remember him .have a great holiday and a happy new year!

    Liked by 2 people

    • justnitablog says:

      You’re So Welcome. And You’re Right. My Dad Always Had A Huge Smile On His Face. He Would Never Want Me Depressed And Struggling Like I Was Last Year. I Truly Appreciate Your Words Of Kindness. They Meant A Lot. May You And Your Family Have A Blissful Christmas And Happy New Year’s.


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