Wasting Food.

Hello Good Sunday Afternoon To You.

I’m Not Sure How Many People, Knows How Much Food Is Being Wasted In The United States Per Year.

The Food Supply USDA Economic Research Service Of 31% Food Loss At The Retail And Consumer Levels. Corresponded To Approximately 133 Billion Pounds And 161 Billion Worth Of Food In 2010.

I Was So Shocked To Read About This. All The People That Has Ran Through My Mind, Who Live In My City. That My Mother,Brother And I Was Trying To Feed. With That Much Wasted Food, They Wouldn’t Go Hungry Ever Again.

It Also Stayed That Over 240 Million Slices Of Bread Was Wasted.

5.9 Million Of Glass Of Milk Poured Down The Sinks Every Year.

-Potatoes, Cheese, And Apples Were Wasted The Most.

Now Is Truly The Time To Care About Others. Not Just Around Holiday’s. People Are Hungry Year Round. People That Have Places To Stay, Are Hungry As Well. We Think We Know People’s Situations, And We know Nothing.

Your Neighbor Or The Old Lady Down The Street Could Be Hungry.

I Remember My Daddy Telling Me A Story About An Elderly Women, Who Everyone Thought Had So Much Money In The Neighbor Hood After Her Husband Passed Away.

Come To Find Out She Wasn’t So Rich. Her Husband Over The Years, Gambled The Money Away. She Only Had Enough To Bury Him. Someone Saw Her In The Grocery Store Buying A lot Of Cat Food.

This Happened On Several Different Times. So People Start Wondering What Was Going On. Her Son Never Came Over Often, So Someone Went Over And Talked With Her. Come To Find Out She Was Eating The Cat Food.

That Let’s You Know, What You Think, Isn’t The Case Most Times. So Whatever Food You Have Left Over, Think About Someone Before Throwing It Out. Find A Shelter To Donate Can Foods To. Or If You See A Homeless Person. Give It To Them.

I Remember When I Was In My 20s. There Was Always A Homeless Man That Lived Near The Ramp, I Got Off Of To Go Home After Work.

He Would Be Standing There With His Sign. So Finally One Day, I Rolled Down My Window and Start Talking To Him.He Was The Sweetest Person I Ever Meet.

I Told Him I Was Going Home To Cook And That I Would Bring Him Some Back,I Could See In His Eye’s,He Didn’t Believe Me.

When I Came Back, He Started Crying, He Told Me He Hadn’t Eating In Three Days. All I Could Remember Was How Many Times I Drove Past This Man Day After Day. I Was So Sorry To Have Done That.

So For A Year, What I Ate Mr. Eddie Ate. He Had Gallons Of Water And Soap And Towels. And He Loved Socks. Lol.

One Day I Stop By With Some Things To Give Him. He Wasn’t Their, The Next Day And The Next Day. I Start To Worry. So I Got Off The Ramp To Head Home And I Saw A Friend Of He’s And Asked Him About Mr.Eddie. He Informed Me, He Passed Away A Couple Days Ago.

I Just Couldn’t Believe It. I Had To Pull Over And I Cried My Eye’s Out. I Wanted To Attend Any Services They May Have Had For Him. But No One Knew Anything. Or Even His Last Name,So It Was Impossible To Find Any Information On Him.

That Was Eight Years Ago. But I Still Think About Him. Rest On My Friend.

Show Some Compassion And Love Sometimes. People Truly Needs It.




4 thoughts on “Wasting Food.

  1. Kamil Gerald says:

    Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing. Helping those who are homeless and less fortunate has always been dear to my heart. No one knows what it’s like to be homeless unless you’ve been in their shoes. I understood because I’ve been there by no fault of my own. I give back to the community. I teach my children not to waste food because there is always someone who doesn’t have food. If people understood what it’s like to be homeless or to see a close friend or family member struggle with making ends meet then it wouldn’t be so much food wasted. America is just spoiled and take things for granted. One day they will soon realize that everything is not to be taken for granted. Continue writing sis.

    Liked by 1 person

    • justnitablog says:

      Thank You So Much For Reading. Yes!!!!! You’re So Right About That. I’ve Never Been In That Position Of Being Homeless. But My Heart Truly Goes Out To The Many Of People Who Are. I Wish I Could Help All. I Know, To Many Take Things For Granted. I Sure Will. Hope You And Your Family Enjoy The Holiday’s.

      Liked by 1 person

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