The Mind.

Hello To Everyone. Good Afternoon To You. Hope You All Started Your Day Off With Positive Thoughts. If Not, It’s Not to Late.

I’ve Been Sitting And Thinking About How Our Minds Work. Even Did Some Research On The Mine And Brain.

Read A Lot Of Interesting Things. But Still Not To Clear About How It Works. But What I Did Read About.

The Mind Is Of Consciousness, Perception, Thinking, Judgement, Language And Memory.

When You First Open Your Eye’s, And You Hear The Birds Chirping Or Feeling The Fresh Morning Air On Your Face, All It Means Is Your Conscious, You’re Aware What’s Happening.

When We’re Conscious Like This, We Understand What’s Going On.

That’s Why We Live In The Past So Much. Our Memory Is To Thank For That.Everything We Learn It’s From Reading Or Hearing. The Mind Is Like A Huge Recorder.

Have You Ever Wonder Why, You Can’t Stay Focused On One Thing. Your Sitting In A Class Or A Meeting, And The Mind Is Wondering All Over The Place.In The Past In The Future. It Just Want Sit Still.

Just Think For A Minute, Out Of An 8 Hour Work Day. How Many Hours Do You Really Work? And How Many Hours, You’re Thinking About Something Else. The Mind Will Work, Even If You Don’t Want It To.

You May Be Wondering What’s The Difference Between The Mind And The Brain. I Know I Did.

Well It’s Stated That The Mind Is Part Of the Invisible Transcendent World. Which Is Of Thought, Feelings, Attitude, Belief And Imagination.

And The Brain Is The Physical Organ Most Associated With Mind And Consciousness. But The Mind Is Not Confined To The Brain.

Guess I Will Be Checking Out Some Book On The Mind And Brain. To Get A Better Understanding.

But If Someone Else, Can Explain It More To Me. I Would Love To Hear More About It. And Thank In Advanced.



2 thoughts on “The Mind.

  1. heatherpfeifle says:

    Very good point, about how so much of our time is spent in our thoughts. i suppose that’s why it is so important to be careful of what we dwell on in our thoughts because it can lead us down a positive or negative path. The mind is definitely a powerful thing!

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