Happiness Or Sadness.

Good Early Morning Everyone. I Haven’t Written Anything In Awhile. Sorry For My Absents.

But I’m Back And Ready. I’ve Missed Reading Everyone’s Comments And Viewing Your Likes. I Truly Appreciate Them.  You Guys And Gals Are Awesome.

Let’s Talk Shortly About Two Emotions, We Deal With On A Daily.  “Happiness And Sadness”

Emotions Are Apart Of Being Human. Now The Question Is, What Type Of Emotion Do You Want To Have? “Happiness Or Sadness?’ Do You Want Your Emotions To Be Pleasant Or Unpleasant?

But Most Times, We Become Confused, Because We Don’t Know How To Manage Our Thoughts And Emotions. Then We’re Usually All Over The Place With Our Feelings. We Are Unhappy Because Things Aren’t Going Our Way. Then We’re Happy Because Things Are Going Our Way.

We’re Letting Things Determine Our Happiness. Its Like A Light Switch. This Makes Me Happy When It’s On, This Makes Me Sad, When It’s Off. We Have To Stop Letting Situations Controls Our Emotions.

Be Happy Because It’s A New Day, You Have Life, Your Family And Children Are Alive. Be Happy Just Because.

In This World Today, People Tend To Become Sad More Often. Due To Stress, Depression, Things We Don’t Have. Sometimes Stress Comes Up For No Apparent Reason, We Think. It Leads To Crying, Or Just Feeling Down.

Being Sad For A Long Period Of Time, Really Makes Life Hard. I Can Remember A Time In My Life, When I Was Always Sad. That’s A Place I Never Want To Be Again. We Deserve To Be Happy And Have Nothing Less Than That.

But It’s All Up To You. And How You Value Life. Determines Your “Happiness Or Sadness” While Your Here.

Sign That Sadness Has Taking Over Your Life.

-You’ve Stopped Seeing Your Family And Friends.

-You Become Angry Easily.

-You Get Emotional And Cry For No Reason.

-You’ve Stopped Caring About Stuff, That Used To Interest You.

-You’re Sleeping More Or Less Than You Use To.

-You’re Eating Less Or More Than You Use To.

-You’re Finding It Hard, To Do House Work Or Going To Work.

Ways That We Can Become Happier.

-Not Letting Situation Change Our Emotions.

-Give Yourself A Confidence Boost.

-Learn How To Feel Better About Yourself.

-Create Balance And Over Come Burnouts.

-Make Positive Memories.

-Take Breaks From Social Media.

-Slowly Remove Negative Thoughts And Patterns.

-Find Clarity.

-Pay Attention To The Good.

-Be Yourself, Never Pretend.

I Hope This Will Help Someone. There Are So Many Unhappy People. We All Deserve To Be Happy.


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