Unhealthy Colons.

Good Afternoon Great People. Your Life Is Your Reality. Is That A Happy Healthy Life Or A Sad Unhealthy Life? Only You Would Know That.

Wanted To Talk Shortly About The Importance Of Our Health. I’ve Been Learning So Much About My Body, My Organs, My Digestive System And Still Learning.

I’ve Had Years Of An Unhealthy Body And Organs. It Started Taking Over Me. High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes.

I Went Blind Some Years Back. But I’ve Had Several Surgeries To Correct My Vision With Both Of My Eye’s. But I’m Still Blind In My Left Eye. That  Was A Long Journey For Me.

But Now When I Look Back Over My Life. I Blame Myself. I Caused My Own Problems And Issues, By Not Eating Correctly And Taking My Medications. Only If I Would Have, I Wouldn’t Have Went Through That Devastation.

We Have To Start Taking Care Of Ourselves. Who Do We Think Is Going To Do It?

So Many People Have Health Issues. And It’s Due To The Way We’re Eating. Our Colons Just Can’t Take All The Poisoning Foods Anymore. That’s Why It’s Important To Eat Good Clean Foods. What I Mean When I Say That Is, Fruit And Vegetables And Plenty Of Water.

We”re Eating Everything Unhealthy That Passes By Us. Pizza, Ice Cream, Pies, Cakes, Chips, Sodas And You Know The Rest. How Do You Expect To Feel Good And Have Tons Of Junk Foods, Meats, Cheese Piled Up In Your Colons.

Most People Aren’t Even Pooping Enough. To Evacuate The Waste From The Body. I Know No Wants To Talk About Poop. But It’s Very Important.

If Your Eating Three Times A Day. And Only Pooping Once A Day. That Means You Still Have Two Meals Left In Your Stomach That’s Just Sitting There. Then The Next Day Three Meals. One Pop. Two Still There. So Now You Have Four Meals Left In The Stomach.

And This Goes On The Whole Month. The Body Can’t Digest The Food. And We Wonder Why We’re Having Health Problems. The Waste Is Sitting There Toooo Lonnngggg. Now Its Causing Cancers, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Over Weight.

You Can Always Tell When A Person, Has Waste Sitting In Their Colons. Their Bellies Poke Out. It’s Being Filled And Filled, But Nothings Coming Out.

Have You Ever Wondered, Why Your Poop Smells So Bad Like Swamp Water? It’s Because It’s Just Sitting In The Colon Rotting. Can’t Come Out Because Most People Are Constipated. Your Having Digestion Issues. Weight Equals Waste.

But There Is A Solution. Changing The Way We Eat. So We Can Improve Our Health.

We Have To Start With A Cleans First. Only Fruit And Water. I Know It Will Be Hard, I Had To Do It. I First Started Out Not Eating No Meat Or Dairy Or Bread And I Loved Myself Some Cheese Eggs.

But I’ve Been Eating This Way For 9 Months Now. I Have No Desire To Return Back. My Health Has Turned Around, I’ve Lost 30lbs. I Feel Great.

So This Fruit And Water I Was Talking About. If You Can Do It For 10 To 21 Days That Would Do A Great Deal On Your Colon. Because You Have To Get It Cleaned Out.

No I’m Not A Doctor. I’m Just Speaking About What I Did To Improve My Health. I Don’t Know Your Condition Or Your Problems. Do Your Own Research And Listen To Your Body. You Already Know What’s Right Anyway.

If You’ve Been Eating This Unhealthy Diet, And There Is Nothing But Sickness That’s Keep Developing In Your Body. What Other Sign Do You Need, To Let You Know Its How You Eat.

We’re On Our Phones With Everything Else, Take Out Some Time To Research Your Body And The Causes That Unhealthy Foods Does To It. We Live With This Same Body Day After Day, And Know Nothing About It.

We’re Expecting This Body To Carry Us, Into Old Age. And We’re Not Taking Care Of It. That’s Insane.

So Lets Turn This Bodies Around For The Good. We Can Do It. Just Believe And Do The Work. We Take Our Jobs So Serious. We Put In Good Long Work Hours. Then Give Our Bodies Less Work.

Stay Positive About What Your Doing And You Will Get Your Results.






2 thoughts on “Unhealthy Colons.

  1. SonniQ says:

    You are so so so right. I have enough to say about it I could fill pages and pages. Unfortunately, not even bad health can wake up some people. Like you I had a crisis and almost died waiting for a liver transplant. I cleaned up my eating because If I didn’t I’d be dead. Do I slip? Sure, but I know that you are what you eat. You are what you think.

    My mother was diagnosed with diabetes 12 years ago. I studied the disease and what to eat to hopefully reverse it. I bought her books ( which she read) and CDs to watch (she did) but when all was said and done she didn’t change what she ate. Oh, a little here and there but she thought insulin shots would regulate it. I cared more about her disease than she did. But the disease keeps destroying even with insulin. 2 years ago at age 83 she had a diabetic stroke. She went from being active – to a wheel chair. The stroke took her left side. Now she can’t dress herself or get to the toilet or pull up her depends – or do anything she used to. Sometimes I’m angry because I don’t think it had to be that way and now others have to take care of her 24/7. She still has a good life around family. She mostly lives with my sister (who is beginning to resent it) She comes to my house for a week when I’m home. She lost her place. She knew she wasn’t respecting herself, her illness. Now it is too late. I think many have the same attitude. They wait until it is too late. I enjoy living. I want to do all I can to live as well as I can. Good post.

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