Signs Of Kidney Disease.

Good Morning. Positive Thinking Can Be Apart Of Your Life. You Have To Want It.

When I Was A Child, I Think I Was About 10 Years Old. When I Found Out My Mom Was Having Kidney Problems. Really Didn’t Understand, Just Knew My Sister, Brother And I Was Visiting Her A Lot In The Hospital.

I Remember Our First Visit. We Were Was Scared. My Mom Was Laying There In That Hospital Bed Not Looking Like Our Mom. We Stood At The Door For Awhile Before We Went In The Room.

When We Finally Came In. She Was Holding Us, Telling Us She Was Fine And Everything Was Going To Be Okay. But Everything Wasn’t Okay. My Mom Had To Go On Dialysis.

She Had To Go Get Treatment Every Three Days, Monday, Wednesday And Fridays. Years And Years Went By.

By This Time I Was 15. Start Finding Out More About My Mom Sickness. I Can Remember When She Would Come Home From Dialysis. She Would Be So Tired, Couldn’t Do Anything But Sleep.

I Went To Dialysis With My Mom For The First Time. I Thought I Would Just Be Sitting In The Waiting Area. A Lady Came To The Door. Asked Me To Come Back There. I Didn’t Want To. I Didn’t Know What To Expect.

I Walked In, Saw All These People Connected To These Huge Machines. Saw The Blood Going Threw The Tubes. It Freaked Me Out, While Walking Through, The Lady Said I Wanted You To See What Your Mom, Goes Through Three Times A Week.

We Reach My Mom’s Chair. She Was Sitting There, I Can Remember Seeing Some Blood On Her Shirt. And This Long Tube Running From Here Arm To That Huge Machine. Her Blood Was Going Around And Around In Small Window On The Machine.

I Would Look At My Mom, Then The Machine, I Trying To Figure Out What Was Happening. Then The Nurse Explained Everything To Me And Why My Mom Had To Been Dialyze Three Times A Week. I Broke Down Crying, I Couldn’t Take It. I Left Out.

That Memory Has Stayed With Me For Years. My Mom Continued On Dialysis For A Total Of 23 Years. I Begin To See, It Was Just Becoming To Be To Much For Her, As She Got Older. I Saw She Was Giving Up.

Then On July 25, 2012. I Got A Phone Call. It Was Mom, Screaming To The Top Of Her Lungs. Nita, They Found Me A Kidney. I Stood Up From My Chair, I Said  Mom Are You Serious? She Said Yes.

Now Get Your Butt Up Here. We Have To Be At The Hospital Today. I Lived A Few Hours Away. I Packed My Clothes, And Hit The Road.

Got Mom To The Hospital And Seven Hours Later, She Had Her Kidney. Everything Worked Out Great. Mom Has Had Her Kidney For 6 Years Now.

We Took Our First Trip Three Months After Mom Got Her Kidney. As Before We Couldn’t Go Anywhere Due To Her Having To Take Dialysis Three Times A Week, And Being Exhausted.

My Mom Has Truly Been Through A Lot, She’s So Strong, Standing At 4″11, 122 lb.  I’ve Learned So Much From Her, My Strength Comes From Seeing Her Push So Much. But I’m So Thankful And Grateful For Her For Never Stopping. Thank You Momma. I Love You.

Road Trip Sunday. We Gone Lol.

Wanting To Let Everyone Know, How Important It Is To Take Care Of Ourselves.

So Here Are 10 Sign, If You Think You Are Having Some Kidney Issues.

-If You Have Less Energy.

-If You’re More Tired.

-If You Have Dry And Itching Skin.

-If You Feel The Need To Urination More Often.

-If Your Urine Is Foamy.

-If You’re Experiencing Persistent Puffiness Around The Eye’s.

-If Your Ankles And Feet Are Swollen.

The Best Thing To Drink For Your Kidneys Is Water.

(((You Can Also Detox Your Kidneys.))) By.

-Drinking A High Intake Of Natural Clean Water.

-Eat A Lot Of Fruit.

Avoid Eating Meat And Dairy.

-Keep Away From Alcohol, Caffeine And Chocolate.

And Most Of All, Listen To Your Body. Learn Yourself.

Stay Positive, Know That The Impossible, Can Be Possible.






2 thoughts on “Signs Of Kidney Disease.

  1. SonniQ says:

    That is wonderful. I understand. I knew in 1998 I had liver disease. I did EVERYTHING I could to keep my liver working. I needed time. I was in denial for a long time. I thought if I ate right I could hold it off, but slowly it overtook me. I filled with fluid. It turned to liver cancer. The treatments and medications made me very sick. I was on the transplant list waiting my turn. The cancer saved me. It moved me to the top of the list. When I was soon to die finally a liver was there. They rushed me in. There were many complications and infections. Very long recovery. You have been my blog about Jamie in prison. We encouraged each other. As I lay in bed is when I started writing about him. It is a positive attitude about life that kept me going. I’m glad it worked for your mother.

    Liked by 1 person

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