The Power Of Visualizing.

Here’s Another Day, What A Great Time,To Be Live. To All My Followers, And Friends, The Near And Far One’s. Just Want To Let You All Know. You All Are Some Amazing People. And I Truly Appreciate You. You’re Important To Me. And You Do Matter.

Let Me Know, What You Think About, Visualizing? Its Very Important To Me, I’ve Learned Many Things, About The Subconscious, That I Wasn’t Aware Of.  No Matter, How Old You Are, Never Put A Limit, On Learning New Things.

A Little Secret I Found Out. We Don’t Attract What We Want, We Always, Attract What We Are. So Changing Your Mindset, And Visualizing Only The Positive Things, Is A Awesome Bonus For You.

In Order To Understand, The Universe. Think In Terms Of Vibrations, Energy, And Frequency. So Words Are Vibrations, So Speak What You Want Into Existence.

Stop Saying,(You Want). And Start Saying (I Have). Even If You Don’t Have It, Act As If You Do. Your Subconscious Is Running The Show. The Subconscious Mind, Doesn’t Understand Words. It Only Understands, Imagery.

Its Not About, What You’re Speaking And Talking Of. Its About

Visualizing. You Have To Visualize Everything First. Never Talk About, What You Don’t Want. Your Subconscious Can’t Tell The Difference.

If You Keep Saying, I Hate This, And I Hate That. Even Though, You Don’t Want To Attract It. You Are Subconsciously Attracting it. Because Your Talking About It.

You Have To Visualize Your Desires. Never Say(I Will Try). Do It, Or Don’t Do It, Never Say In The Future, Or If I Only Had,Or I Should Have.

Lets Work On Our Words. There Very Important. Don’t You, Think So?




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