Making The Same Mistakes.

Good Afternoon Everyone. Hope Your Enjoying This Day.

Do You Ever Wonder Why, You Keep Making The Same Mistakes? I Know I Have, Plenty Of Times. I Think, That I Was Afraid To Changing My Behavior, Because I Didn’t Know, The Importances Of It.

For Example, I Would Get Out Of The Relationship, With My Boyfriend. Then A Few Months Later, Go Right Back To Him. That Also, Had A Lot To Do, With Me Not Knowing My Value And Worth As A Woman.

In Order To Realize Things, It Takes, Reflections And Honesty, To Understand Them. And People Are Not Willing To Change Their Behavior, Which Can Be Pretty Terrifying. When They’re Use To, Things Being The Way, They Have Always Been.

In Order To Stop, Making The Same Mistakes Over And Over Again. You First Have To, Notice The Mistakes And Understand  Them.

Do Not Fear Mistakes, Because You Cannot, Avoid Making Them. But You Can, Learn From Them. Ways To Improve, Your Mistakes.

Focus On, What You Are Doing Right. Start Correcting The Mistakes, Stay Focused On Improving Them, Practice Everyday, To Make Them Right, List The Behaviors, You Want To Change. Also Find Out, What Triggers Your Behavior.

If You Have A Habit Of Eating Junk Food, And You Want To Stop, Replace That Junk Food With A Health Snacks, Celery, Carrots, Cucumber Etc.

If You Know, You Get Upset Easily. Try Making A New Habit, With Taking Deep Breaths, Before You Allow Angry, To Get The Best Of You.

Bringing On Change, Takes Awhile, So Don’t Be In A Big Rush. When Teaching Your Brain Something New, It Takes 15 To 254 Days, Depending On Your Motivation, Replacement Behavior And Amount Of Repetition.

It Takes At Least Two Weeks, For Your Brain, To Adjust To New Information. So If You Truly Want Change, You Can, Only Bring It.

I Believe In You, You Can, Do It. I Have Some Things, I Have To Work On As Well. So Lets Go On This Journey Together. Stay Positive, And Have A Amazing Day. You Rock.



2 thoughts on “Making The Same Mistakes.

  1. Tracy says:

    That is so so very true I’ll take this journey with you I want to lose weight so I’ll stop eating so much candy n cookies I don’t eat right as it is but that not helping me out at all Keep up the Great Work 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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